Garabatiy Petr



  1. As it was previously mentioned,Petr Garabaty headed one of the sub-brigades of Kudin.Garabatykh had conflict with local criminal gangs of Sofia because of the car hijacking. As a result,Garanatykh and. His people had to escape to Ukraine.During the conflict 3 of his people were killed.Slava Mogila and Vitya Arkhangelsky were injured181

1) Garabaty is probably Petr Felixovich Garabatykh Born 17 October 1960 in Podolsk.He was a bodyguard of Mikhailov and also was one of the leaders of Solntsevo gang.He has an apartment in Moscow:59/а,40 Vernacskogo pr, but he lives in Prague.182


Kazakov Yuri





  1. Kazakov or Kozakov Yuri, also "Yura", was the member of Kudin's brigade. He was responsible for funds of Solntsevo criminal group183. As it is known he manages the brigade of 5 people. According to the information he ordered to burn the cafeteria the owner of which refused paying debt. As a result 12 people died.184


According to another source of information, 185 Kudin's brigade controls 7more gangs such as:

1. Stolyarov Sergey’s brigade


This brigade includes 20 people. Stolyarov also controls independent "Saint-Petersburg" organization.


Stolyarov Sergey




  1. Stolyarov Sergey ,also nicknamed "Stolyar",born 13.October 1963,is the leader of brigade of Solntsevo gang.He traveled to the USA using the fake passport. This trip was organized by  the "United States Trade an information Center”.186

  2. 2. Yuri Andreev’s brigade

His brigade consists of 15 people,It is managed by Andreev Yuri,nicknamed “Чернослив”, born 9June 1963 который also controls 3 other groups,such as:


a.​ a group consisting of 5people which is managed by Yegorichev Vladimir,nicknamed "Egor",born 7 March 1963.


b​. A group of 5 people headed by Tyazhkov Igor,also called "Tyazhik",born 1 October 1963.


c​ .Group of 5-7 people managed by Bondar Vladimir ,"Marikel",born 14 November 1964.


  1. Alexander Novikov' s brigade


This brigade consists of 10 people and headed by Novikov Alexander nicknamed "Nikon", born June 3, 1960. Novikov is the former FSB employee. He worked for the department which Novikov deals recording of telephone conversations. At the trial of MIKHAILOVA Novikov testified in his favor. He shared business with Igor Dobichin (casino "University") and Kudin's wife (furniture store "Leninsky 101"). In 2002 he became more significant person in Solntsevo gang.Po available information Novikov collects all "criminal tax" paid by the organization, and is a director of all the "soldiers", acting as a "tax collector" on behalf of the organization.187

4.Mikhail Semyonov’s brigade

Consisting of 5people,this group is headed by Semyonov's Mikhail,or "Semyon", born 16 May1957

5. Alexey Kachaev’s brigade

Consisting of 35 people, which is led by Kachaev's Alexey , nicknamed “Cyclope”, born. 2 July 1963 г. He also controls:


a.​ The gang of Evgeny Antonenko,nicknamed "Red",born17 January 1960 г., it includes 20 people .


b​ . “Matveevskaya”, gang,including 25-30 people, headed by Pateev Igor nicknamed “Big eared”.


c​. With "Ochakovo" gang, consisting of 15-20 people.

6. Mikhail Tikhonov’s brigade


Consists of 10 people, managed by Tikhonov Mikhail nicknamed "Devil ,born 14 June 1963 г.

7.Yuri Sergunov’s brigade



Group of 10 , headed by Sergunov Sergey, also called “Semyon”,born 9 February 1962 . Segunov is still the head of the group,but it is not a brigade anymore,despite of the presence of "soldiers".According to the information he continues working for the Solntsevo criminal group living in Germany.188



II – Arnold Tamm’s brigade


See scheme Tamm’s brigade


Tamm Arnold

Tamm Arnold Anatolyevich, born July 7, 1967, one of the leaders of Solntsevo criminal group. His main-office is on the Solntsevsky Prospect, Moscow 189. Also known as Spivakovski. Controlled banking activities (creation, participation, deal). Also was engaged in racketeering of artists 190.

According to the NCB of Interpol in Washington he controls the heads of the brigades.In September 1996 Tamm was the help mate of Mikhailov in Moscow. It is considered that he came to Geneva,Switzerland,after Mikhailov was arrested by the Swiss authorities in October 1996 to help the leaders of the organization.He used the office of Mogilevich in Budapest together with Averin to make the operations of Solntsevo criminal gang. 44.

According to the NCB of Interpol in Jerusalem Tamm nicknamed Arnoshka immigrated to Israel 27/02/1995. He has Israeli passport № 31368446-6, his address: Ben Yehuda 36, Netanya or Rehov Korzim 7, Tel Aviv или Harav Kook 3, Hadera. He has apartments in Moscow and Vienna.His Russian passport - № 43 0861595. his name is related to crimes committed in Russia but that time Israeli police did not have information about his criminal business.In the past he actively participated in criminal business in France.He got the Israeli citizenship thanks to probable bogus marriage with Jewish. In 1990s managed the branches of Solnsevo in Israel together with Mikhailov and Averin. 45

It was reported that under the name of Spivakovski Arnold, born 7 July1967, Tamm Arnold was the advisor of Borodin who was the director of financial adviser of financial department 46.

He also participated in the meeting of criminal authorities in Prague in 1995,185 He visited Croatia in August 1997. 47 He visited Croatia in August 1997.48 It is reported that he was denied the entry into several countries 49.

It is reported that he was arrested in April 2002 in Moscow for cocaine trafficking and organization of murders 50.

* Analyst's remark: In June 2002 the NCB of Interpol in Moscow got the request for conformation of this information.

Tamm's brigade consists of 10 people and connected with Scotch Andrey.

Andrey Scotch brigade


Andrey Scotch is the leader of criminal gang consisting of 15 people. He is the holder of passport № 00861595189 51. It is reported that he was the member of the State Duma, and a Chairman of the Committee on coal iron and steel industry 52.

Scotch is probably the same person as Scotch Andrey born 30 January 1996 in Israel 53.

Tamm controlled 8 more gangs with the following leaders:

1. Igor Sorokin brigade


Sorokin Igor nicknamed "Soroka",born 16 February 1968,the leader of the brigade of 10 people 54. He also was arrested by the Czech police in May 1995 in Prague in the restaurant "v Holubu"55.

He controls the following organizations,groups:

а)criminal gang Belyaevsky guys,consisting of 25 people.

б) б) criminal gang of 25 people headed by Pishchik Mikhail,nicknamed "Monya"

born in 1962.

2. Alexander Rodkin’s brigade


Rodkin Alexander, 3 July 1963 , - the leader of brigade of 10 people194. (No other information reported) 56.


3. Boris Baskin’s brigade


Baskin Boris nicknamed Borya-master,born 13 June1959,the head of brigade of 15-20 people195. (No other information reported) 57.

4. Mikhail Afanasyev’s bigade


Afanasyev Mikhail,nicknamed Afonya,Butcher,born in 1958,the leader of the brigade of 25 people. (No other information reported) 58.

5. Dmitry Baranovsky brigade


Baranovsky Dmitry,nickname-Beliy(white)born 1 October 1969 г. - leader of brigade of 5 people197. (No other information reported) 59.

6. Gennady Belan’s brigade


Belanger Gennady nicknamed fascist, born 29 January 1961 - the leader of

brigade of 5 people .

7. Zhdanov Vasily brigade


Zhdanov Vasily,nickname Zhdan,born 8 January 1970,leader of the brigade of 10 people 60.The holder of Russian passport 43№06608805.Was also arrested by Czech police in May 1995 in Prague in restaurant "v Holubu". Used the restaurant and club as a basis for his business 61.

8.Yuri Polkovnikov’s brigade


Polkovnikov Yuri,nickname Polkovnik(colonel)the leader of brigade of 10 people and the head of the following organization:

Latvian organization consisting of 20 people 62.

Polkovnikov is probably the same person as Polkovnikov Yuri,born 19 March 1961, who,according to the NCB of Interpol in Riga is the main representative of the interests of Russian criminal business in Latvia.As it is reported he is in jail now 63.


III - Organization of Shapovalov Gennady:

See scheme Shapovalov's brigade



Shapovalov Gennady


Shapovalov Gennady, Shapoval Gena, Shapoval Oleg Papchev, born 24 January 1963,the leader of the combat brigade in Moscow 64.Was also arrested by the Czech police in Prague in1995. 65

It is reported that Shapovalov was engaged in human trafficking.He had an agreement with the Chinese triada ("Fuzen").He created a basis for illegal immigration of people who arrived to Moscow without tickets. He was responsible for solving any problems with police officers and passport control in Moscow airports. Fake passports were made by triada in Czech Republic for illegal migrants . Petr Gorbatykh was responsible for the quality of passports 66.


Is the head of the gang consisting of 25 people. He is also a leader of following organizations/groups:






1. Voronin Nikolay brigade


Voronin Nikolay, nicknamed Vorona (raven), born 13 May 1960,the head of the brigade of 20 people. He also controls the following groups:


а) Criminal organization "Poshkino", headed by Kobzev Sergey, nicknamed “Rook”, born 23 September 1961.he leads the group of 20 people.


б) Criminal group of 5 people, headed by Fomenkov Oleg, nicknamed Foma, born 8 September 1969.


And 2 independent organizations:


в) independent organization of 10 people from Naro-Fominsk.


г) Independent organization of 25 people from Zelenograd headed by Burlachko Viktor, born 12 January 1959 г.


2. Chumakov Sergey brigade


This brigade of 5-7 people is headed by Chumakov Sergey nicknamed Malvin, born 4 November 1960 .




3. Pavlyukhin Vyacheslav brigade


Pavlukhin Vyacheslav, nicknamed Dushman, born 31 March 1963,is the leader of the gang of several criminals


4. Kudrin Valery brigade


Kudrin Valeri, nickname Candidate, is the leader of the group of 25 people

5. Mamedov Shakhin brigade


Mamedov Shakhin nicknamed Bek,born 22 August 1967.There are 5 people in his brigade.

6. Dadzhdamirov Igor brigade

Dadzhdamirov Igor heads the brigade of 5 people67.


Dadzhdamirov Igor


Dadzhdamirov Igor,born 21 December1966 г. He is also Dadzhdomirov, nickname Dadzhdomir, Dadzhdamir, Dushman is the holder of Russian passport 43 № 4964896. Mikhailov mentioned Datchdamirov Igor as a person who controls TV advertising in Moscow. It is proved by the NCB of Interpol in Washington,that he was the leader of the brigade which controlled mass-media in Moscow.Dachdamirov is considered to be the head of the criminal group "Dashdamirov" controlled by "Solntsevo" gang.His name is related to several killings committed in Moscow. NCB of Interpol in Washington reports that he is related to the murder of Vlad Listyev on 3 January 1995.It is considered that Solntsevo criminal group wanted to gain control over profit obtained from the TV advertising.Listyev did now allow it and was killed.It is reported that 23 August 1996 Dadzhdamirov was taken to Moscow prison on suspect of killing Listyev but soon was released. 68 He was also arrested in 1995 in Prague during the meeting in the restaurant "v Holubu"69.


7. Viktor Denga brigade


Den'ga Viktor


Den'ga Viktor nicknamed Den'ga,born 28 February 1961,is the leader of the brigade of 15 people.He also controls 5 criminal groups such as:


а) "Odintsovo" criminal group


б) Criminal group of 5-7 people headed by Kastrykin V.


в) The criminal group of 5 people headed by Abkhanyanov Abdul-Rashid,nicknamed Rashid.


г) The criminal group of 5 people headed by Pyryev Anatoly, nicknamed "white-haired" ,born 29 October 1947.

д) criminal group "Nemchinovka" consisting of 10 people, headed by Avdonin Andrey, born 30 January 1967 70.


Shapovalov Gennady also controls following independent organizations

8. Criminal group “Vidnoye”



This gang consists of 25 people and headed by following people:



Russian thief in law Vitali Izgilov (different transcription),born 10-11 October 1959, nickname Vitakik or Beast or Makhachkala, he's Izgil Vitaly Harsunovich or Charsunovich or K., Isgilov Vitaly Karsumovich - leader of the "Bratsk” gang . " The owner of Russian passports number 1267601 RP 21 (a suspected fake), RP 21, number 1216706, F 42 number 3856630, RP 40 number 4359660 and a Greek passport № RP M 167990 and the Greek identity S-067971, issued in 1996
In December 1993, he was arrested in Russia for possession of weapons. In 1995, Germany was under investigation on suspicion of his involvement in a criminal organization, blackmail, forgery, theft and trafficking in stolen goods. According to the Central Bureau of Interpol in Wiesbaden, in 1996, came to Greece, where he received a residence permit. March 19, 1997, Germany had made his photo and fingerprints taken on the case of forgery. In Germany, there was conducted an investigation into the money laundering. Since December 4, 1998 there was issued a warrant for his deportation from Germany, and he was wanted at the national level in Germany for subsequent deportation to his country. He is the owner of the property in Alicante, Spain, where a resident. Interpol in Moscow issued a green leaflet with the number S-6/1-2000 September 13, 1999 (information in a green sheet refers to people who may commit crimes affecting the interests of a few countries). He has connections with Hachidze Jamal, Kalashov Zahar and ESIN Yuri.71

2. KAYDIN ​​Gregory nickname Gypsy, born September 1, 1954.The Gypsy by his origin. Was involved into opium trade.72

9. “Krasnogorsk” criminal group


This criminal organization of 15-20 people is headed by Viktor FONICHKIN, nickname “Singer”, born January 29, 1942 15-20.

10. Criminal gang "Vietnam"


This criminal organization called "Vietnam" is located in Moscow and consists of 100 people. It is confirmed by the Interpol in Kiev, that Solntsevo group is associated with the Vietnamese organized crime group through SHAPOVALOV 73.


11. Criminal gang “Strogino”

There are 25 members in this gang.

12. “Khoroshevo” criminal gang


This criminal organization "Khoroshevo" (“Khoroshevskaya”) CHUVILEVYM headed Peter, nicknamed

Petyunya, born 1954, and consists of 15people.

13. "Tushino" criminal gang


This gang consists of 25 people


- IV. «Мops» or «Vnukovo» brigade


Rusyakov Sergey


Rusyakov Sergey “Mops”(pugdog) born 29 October 1956 г.) heads the brigade of 15 people. This brigade is also called “Vnukovo”(Vnukovskaya)


The brigade consists of 2 parts:



1. The brigade of Alexander Vachenko


Consists of 20 people74, headed by Vachenko Alexander.


Vachenko Alexander


Vachenko (Vatchenko, VASHCHENKO), also known as "Vatcha" (born December 6, 1963), also known as VASHENKO Alexander, born in 1963, lives, according to available data, in the center of Paris, where he bought a house for 500,000 U.S. dollars, around which the wall was built in $ 70,000. 75

Vachenko is known to Interpol by an attempt to Israeli citizenship with a fake marriage certificate in 1995. He made ​​another attempt to get citizenship in the Israeli Embassy in Kiev in 1996, presenting a fake Ukrainian passport. He went to Israel in February 1996.76

Vachenko owns Russian passport number 43 06626716, and fraudulently obtained a Greek citizenship - a passport number K699651/96. His Greek citizenship was revoked, and identity documents, declared void. 77

а). This group which consists of 7 people manages the activity of one more group, which is headed by Begunkov Alexander ( born 29 September 1960 г.)


2. Erokhin Yuri brigade


Consists of 5 people, headed by Yuri Erokhin,also known as “Erokha”,born in 1960.78


V. Nadir Miazitov’s gang


(see scheme Nadir Miazitov’s gang»)


MIAZITOV Nadir, nicknamed the "Tatar", "Nadir", "Big", born on January 13, 1961 in Gorki district, was arrested in August 1996 on charges of armed robbery. He was killed in 1999. 79
His organization was engaged in trafficking stolen motor vehicles, manufacture of false documents to them and armed robberies of trucks with goods in coordination with the Italian Mafia. 80
According to information from Interpol in Kiev, Solntsevo group linked to Kazan organized crime group by Miazitov’s brothers. 81

The organization is headed by two people:




Nadir Junior



There is no available information considering Nadir Jr. He heads an organization of 5 people, and manages the activities of the following organizations / groups:



1. Criminal organization "Tatars" (Moscow)


This organization is headed by the following organizations:
- Criminal organization "Kazan", which includes 35-50 people
- Criminal organization "Vahitovtsy" (Nizhnekamsk) of 10 people
- Criminal organization "Bashkortostan" of 10 people.



2.”Nagatinskaya” gang,


Consists of 50 people


3. “Chertanovo” gang


Consists of 20 people.





Kachalov Sergey


Sergey KACHALOV, also known as "Antoshka" (born February 20, 1965) heads an organization consisting of 10 people, as well as direct the activities of the following organizations / groups:

1. Criminal organization "Murmansk".
This independent criminal organization composed of 10 people.
- Criminal organization "Kazan", which includes 35-50 people
- Criminal organization "Vahitovtsy" (Nizhnekamsk) of 10 persons
- Criminal organization "Bashkortostan" of 10 people.

2. A team of Armen CHEHOYAN (CHEKOYAN)
Armen CHEHOYAN (born July 2, 1975) leads a criminal group of 5 people, as well as manage the following independent organizations:
- Criminal organization "Donetsk", with 5 members.
- Criminal organization "Dnepropetrovsk" consisting of 5 persons. 82

3. A team Vyacheslav USOV
Vyacheslav mustache, also known as "Blind Man", was born. March 1, 1996, was killed in 1997. His team consisted of 20 people, and he also supervised the activities of these criminal organizations:





VI. «Ne Budi»organization


Sergey KORNEYEV, nicknamed Sergey Ne Budi, born. May 1, 1965, was the leader of the organization of 20-25 members. Before he was killed, was responsible for the supply of furniture in the Moscow region and the other two regions. He also supervised the activities of the following independent criminal organizations:

1.Criminal organization "Yaroslavl"
This independent criminal organization has 25-30 members.

2. Criminal organization "Kostroma"
This independent criminal organization comprised of 25-30 members and is headed by Vladimir Strakhov, nicknamed “Fear”, born in 1961. 83

The structure of the Solntsevo criminal group composed of the following independent organizations:




I. Evgeny Lustarnov’s organization


This gang consists of 15 people headed by






Lustarnov Evgeny



LUSTARNOV or LYUSTANOV Evgeny, born October 18, 1964 or 1956 in Moscow, also called Lyustrik, Lyustarik, Russian passport number 02 037737, was a bodyguard of MIKHAILOV.84He was a criminal “authority”.85

Attended a meeting in February 1995 in Prague (Czech Republic). According to information from Interpol in Washington, he also received income from extortion with the help of Mikhailov and was in Switzerland. 86 He was suspected of involvement in a criminal deal to commit extortion and murder of a Russian businessman Mohin (MOCHIN). 87
His organization is responsible for assassinations and executions of members who became traitors.88











II. Mamiashvilly Mikhail’s gang

This group consists of 35 people and is headed by



Mamiashvilli Mikhail


Mamiashvili Michael, aka "Mike Mamiko", b. November 21, 1963 - Coach, a former colonel and former bodyguard KANTRISHVILLI.89



III. Alexander Inshakov’s brigde


This criminal group consists of 25 people and headed by



Inshakov Alexander



INSHAKOV Alexander, also INSHAKOV, “Stuntman”, born. January 23, 1947, carried out the stunt training for the movie. Was engaged into extortion from stunt and provided "protection" of "Mosfilm" studio. A former bodyguard of Otari Kvantrishvilli, belonged to the group of "Mongol." He was never registered in the lists of law-enforcement authorities.90

Probably he is identical to Inshakov Alexander Sergeyevich, born on August 16, 1954, referred to Interpol in Washington, who heads a team of “Solntsevo” group and plays the role of the killer of Vyacheslav Ivankov. Former Russian champion in wrestling and chief assassin working for Ivankov. Uses fire at short range, sniper shooting from long range, attacks without the use of weapons, remote-controlled explosions. INSHAKOV worked with former KGB major, who, presumably, was an employee of the Department of elimination. Major provided training and other militants “Solntsevo” group. He is very concerned about security issues.91


IV. Gorbatykh Petr organization


This criminal group includes 10 people.




Gorbatykh Petr


Gorbatykh Petr Felixovich also nicknamed “Gorbatykh”, was of “Solntsevo”gang.92 Currently lives in the Czech Republic and is responsible for criminal business of the “Solntsevo” gang on its territories.93 AGAEV was also under the control of the Czech police in May 1995 in Prague at the restaurant «V Holubu».94

(1) Gorbatykh may be identical may be identical to Garabaty Petr, who heads one of the group which is under the control of “Kudin”.95


V. Brigade of Yuri DROZHIN 96

This team consists of 35 people and is headed by Russian citizen Yuri DROZHIN97. According to information from Interpol in Washington, this team is considered to be the richest, most dangerous and violent in Solntsevo. It is comprised of 12-16 former athletes considered to be the "Delta Force" of Solntsevo group. They use the most expensive "Mercedes" cars98. According to information from Interpol in Prague, the team is responsible for the security of Solntsevo group. 99

This team was used by Solntsevo in difficult or secret operations, such as the murder of rivals, racketeering and settlement of disputes, especially when it came to large sums of money100. In addition, this group is often provided Solntsevo available to other Russian organized crime groups, including the group of

Ivankov 101 . Murder is always carried out in a professional manner - using a sniper or a remote-controlled explosion. 102

According to reports, the team carried out the murder of at least six leaders of Russian organized crime. At some point in the brigade arose disagreements of moral plan, and more than half experienced fighters moved into a rival group of Alexander Sedov.103


The Drozhin brigade Бригада is probably responsible for following crimes:


  1. January 1994 - the murder of Jamal MIKELADZE.104

  2. March 1994 - the murder of Valery * Dlugach (or GLUGECH), also known as "Globos" or "Globe", the leader of the Moscow organization dedicated to the delivery of drugs.

  3. March 1994 - the murder of Anatoly Semenov, the senior help mate of Dlugach, three days after the murder of his boss.105

  4. April 1994 - the murder of Vladislav Weiner, nicknamed "Bobon," Adjutant of Dlugach and his two bodyguards, two weeks after the murder Semenov.106

  5. April 5, 1994 - murder of Kvantrishvili Otari Vitalievitch, nicknamed "Otarik." He was a very powerful man, who had relations with the government. He was also the head of a rival gang.*107

Analyst’s remark: According to the Central Bureau of Interpol in Prague, originally Solntsevo criminal group was under the protection of Kvantrishvili.


According to open sources, Kvantrishvili handled large sums of money for import and export of oil, cement, aluminum, iron and titanium ore. He started with the opening of a training complex in Lyubertsy, where young people come to play sports. These young men formed the core of fighters who specialize in racketeering. Through close contacts with the KGB, he then created a financial empire. He was assisted by many well-known Russian figures, such as Iosif KOBZON singer who appeared on television and became known as a businessman, a sponsor of sporting.108

In September 1994, the car exploded, driven by a Sergey Timofeev, nicknamed "Sylvester".109

According to open sources of information, "Sylvester" owned companies in Cyprus and has invested in Russian oil, with the assistance mentioned earlier Otari Kvantrishvili. The oil sector was controlled from New York, by Japonchik. "Sylvester" met Yaponchik and became his official representative in Russia.110

According to the NCB of Interpol in Prague, after the death of “Sylvester” Solntsevo gang his commercial and financial enterprises.111 It could be falsified murder, which gave the opportunity to Timofeev to live in Israel and Vienna.112 Murder of TIMOFEEV and Dlugach allowed Solntsevo accept the membership of groups of members of those killed and to take control of the drug trade and other criminal activities in the territory of their control.113

Analyst Remark: It was noted that, in accordance with open sources, his murder was ordered by Ivankov.114


  1. In November 1994 murder in Moscow Leonid Zavadzki, nicknamed Leon, who led a criminal group, which took apart from the Solntsevo criminal group.115

  2. In December of 1995 - the murder of two unidentified bankers in Moscow and one Georgian "thief in law", which are also considered members of this brigade. Murder always committed in highly professional way.116

Drozhin Yuri

Yuri DROZHIN, b. August 5, 1962, he is also nicknamed "Hot", one of the leaders.117 He is also known as Drozhzhin (DROSIN) Yuri Ivanovich, born August 5, 1962 in Moscow (Central Bureau of Interpol in Monaco 6869/BCN/2000/04/03/LM of 12/04/2000) and DROVIN Yuri. Drozhin is Russian (Russian passport № 50N0268745, issued September 8, 1998 in Moscow, and the Russian passport № 43N6617239). His Moscow address: 5-157 Boulevard of Admiral Ushakov, phone: 0957163723.118

He was the main executor of Solntsevo group and worked in the office at the Central House of Tourist in Moscow. In late December 1994 or early January 1995 and DROZHIN and Mikhailov made ​​the trip to Miami (FL) on forged documents.119

He claimed to be the President of JSC "Ochakovo" in Moscow, engaged in international trade of products and the release of the goods. Interpol in Moscow confirmed that he is connected with the Solntsevo group, however, has never been brought to trial and was NEVER convicted.120


According to information from Interpol in Washington, DROZHIN was arrested in 1996 for violating gun law.121

According to the data of NCB in Monaco, in July 1994, he was in the same hotel as Boris FUSHMAN, born February 12, 1947, famous for his links with the "Nordex", and Roman Frumson, born October 2, 1944, related to Russian organized crime, who was killed in February 1998.122


Russian citizen Sergey Katolikov born 16 October 1968 in Moscow probably is the bodyguard of Drozhin. He is the holder of Russian passport № 43N6626653, issued 22 January 1998 in Moscow, which according to the information from the NCB in Moscow was not issued. His Moscow address: 18-25 Leninsky district , Moscovskaya village.123 He has a scar on the right arm which is the result of stabbing in August 1998. 11 June 1997 his life was attempted, the second attempt happened in 1998.124

He was sentenced to death by Viktor Averin and his life became the object of attempts 2 or 3 times.It is known that he wanted to work for Ismailovo criminal group but its members did not trust him.125

According to the NCB of Interpol in Monako, Drozhin and Katolikov planned to live at the North of France near Nice.126 Drozhin and Katolikov were removed from the country in 1998 due to gambling games and participation in criminal gangs.127


VI. Alexander Sedov brigade


Sedov Alexander


According to information from Interpol Washington, the team SEDOV was the richest of Solntsevo teams. Sedov worked in the office at the Central House of Tourist in Moscow. In his team, there were 15-16 members. However, according to another source, Sedov is not the leader of the team Solntsevo, but could use its services. His nickname is "The Nose".128

Alexander Sedov, also known as "from Moscow" or "Makovsky," born January 10, 1959, is the owner of the Israeli identity card number 313861239, Russian passport № 43N0817858 129, according to the information of Interpol in Jerusalem and Washington, DC, is known as one of the leaders of Solntsevo group and the leader of the gang.


Earlier Sedov was a member of the combat brigade of Yuri DROZHIN, where he acted as a consultant. Then he was given the task to monitor the interests of Solntsevo the hotel "Cosmos" in Moscow. Sedov also controlled the actions of the killer of Alexander Ivankov whose name was Inshakov or INSHAKOV. (At this time SEDOV and INSHAKOV participated in the taking of hostages director of the hotel "Cosmos" Oleg Rumyantsev, after he managed to avoid attempts to take control of him). He also supervised the warehouse "Odintsovo", located on the territory of the former military base. A lot of companies paid "protection" money to Sedov for the use of this complex, which gave them the opportunity to pass customs clearance.130

SEDOV tried to fraudulently obtain Israeli citizenship. Check of his bank account showed the presence of transfer 45,000 dollars from his account to the account of Arcadia VODOBOZOVA suspected of supplying false documents. However, it was not forbidden to go to Israel with his family. His name is associated with the case of extortion in the UK (togerther with Semyon Mogilevich). In May 1995, he was arrested and deported from Israel.131




Semyon Mogilevich manages and controls several criminal gangs of Ukraine.

Semyon Mogilevich


Mikhailov and Averin contacted Israeli citizen Mogilevich Semyon (MOGILEVICH), born 30 June 1946 г. In Kiev, Ukraine. Mogilevich sometimes is nicknamed “Big-headed Don”, because he has a degree in economics.

His name in latin may be written as: MOGUILEVICH; MOGILYEVICH; MOGILEVITCH or MOGILEVITS Semion Yukovich or Yudkovich or Ydkovich or Jutkovic or Ioudkouich; MOGILEVICH Semyon; MOGLERICH Semen; MOGILEVICH Semion Yutkovich; MOGLARITS Semion286; MOGUILEVITCH Semen; KIEVSSKIY Semyon; KIEVSLIY Senya287; MOGILEVICH Semion Yutkovich288. He is also known as TELES Semen; TELECH* Semen (Yudkovich)289; SEMJON JUTKOVICH; MOGLERICH Semen; MOGLIEVITS Semion; MOGUEVITS Yudkevits.

*Remark: The surname of his last wife.

Nicknames: “Seva”; “Sava from Kiev”; “white-headed”290; “Senya from Kiev ” (this nickname was given to him in 1980., when he started to control toilets of Kievsky railwaystation ); “Shimon”291.


ID Documents

  1. Croatian passport № 06521953292 .

  2. Croatian passport 06941355, issued to SEMJON JUTKOVICH, upon the decision of Ministry of Interior of Croatia canceled 7 April 1999 .293

  3. Israeli passport № 4904179 issued 24 November 1991 (valid till 24 November 1992 ).294

  4. Israeli ID 30923674.295


  1. Israeli Passport 4745426 issued in Tel-Aviv.296

  2. Israeli Passport 7489398.


Mogilevich got Israeli citizenship in 1991 . In 1992 he was granted Israeli passport to the name of MOGLERICH Semen, MOGLARITS Semyon. He may also have documents to the name of TELES Semen или TELECH Semen.297

He also had Hungarian residence permit № 723589.298



In Israeli in 1996:

* Israel,Tel-Aviv ,27 Zhibatinski str .27.299

In Hungaria in 1990 his addresses were:

* Budapest, Grarat str.26 (tel. 116-26-09).
* Budapest, Fogarashi str.218.
* Budapest XVI, Margaret Yanovets 18.
* Budapest 1145, Kerepesi str.140-142.
In June 1999 he lived at
* Budapest, Erdoalya 106 (tel. 250-31-37).


In Kiev he lived at his wife’s place:

  1. Kiev, Budivelnikiv str.36. m. 8 (tel. 552-77-49).300