According to the NCB in Moscow Mogilevich headed the criminal group, acting in Russia , Ukraine, Israeli, Czech ,Hungary, Austria and the USA.This gang was engaged in money laundering and drug dealing and arms trading.301According to the NCB of Interpol in Sofia his group appeared in 1970.The main activity of the gang was fraud and extortion of extremely large amounts of money etc.302 According to the NCB of Interpol in Budapest Mogilevich is the head of this organization. He does not commit crime but 250-300 people work for him and they will never witness against him. This organization has managers, who command “combat performers”.Mogilevich works in different countries and act as a mediator between different criminal groups. His sphere of activity is wide and includes oil trade, people trafficking, arms trade.303

According to the NCB in Kiev, his group sometimes called “Solomenskaya”/”Solomonskaya” does not have concrete name. Previousely Mogilevich headed “railway station” gang in Kiev, controlling commercial structures of the railway station. One of the commercial organizations was called “Solomenski” cooperative. Later being in Moscow Mogilevich, using his contacts, founded Russian-Britain enterprise “Atbat International Inc.” which located in Vnukovo Airport. Probably because of this fact his gang sometimes is called “Vnukovo” (“Vnukovskaya”),”Railway Station gang”,”Arbat” etc.304

From the very beginning Mogilevich surrounded himself with former special service agents, Afganistan veterans and former sportsmen. This people provided arms trafficking from the Ukraine, security service organization and control over prostitution, organization and control of prostitution and the elimination of inconvenient people.According to the NCB in Prague, Mogilevich who could travel to various countries without using visa, contacted the representatives of business in Western-Europe, USA, Canada, Israel, Ukraine and other countries of CIS and also with leaders of Russian and Ukraine criminal gangs which are engaged in arms trade, drug dealing, antique trade, gold ,oil and other strategic materials. Among these criminal leaders are: Alimzhan Tokhtahunov, Leonid Bilunov, Ricardo Frankini, Grigory Luchansky, Ivankov in the USA (See additional information in the Interpol General Secretariat “Chernoy brothers”, part III), Berkovich brothers, Djambulat Tseritelli (no information reported), Boris Kandov, Mikhailov and Averin.305


Pre history


  1. In 1970 Mogilevich-one of the leaders of Jewish in Europe started to cooperate with the “Lyubertsi” gang.306 He became known to the Soviet milition I the beginning 1970. In 1974 he was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for fraud and violation of currency law.307 Soon after release he was arrested again and sentenced for 4 years for fraud (1977-1981). Total sentence for those criminal cases was 7 years of imprisonment. Between these two sentences he moved from Kiev to Moscow, where joined the criminal group acting in the vicinity of Vnukovo airport and Kievsky railway station to take control over vodka trade in Moscow. His first contacts with Averin and Mikhailov date back to this period of time.308 The NCB of Interpol in Sofia also reports that he was sentenced for people trafficking and CONTRABAND.309


In 1987 he worked in Poland. He got big profit being the mediator during operations with money which were paid by the Jewish who immigrated to Israel and purchasing their belongings in the USSR . In 1989 he got married for the third time and moved to Budapest, where he cooperated with Kish clan, which was very famous in Hungarian criminal world.310


  1. In 1988-1989 Mogilevich, using the difference of currency exchange during the period of reunion of Germany, got big profit illegally. In 1989 he moved to Budapest which became his mail office place.


  1. Since 1989-1990,after moving to Budapest, Hungary, Mogilevich started to control various criminal activity: extortion, Racketeering, fraud, money laundering ,arms trafficking in Budapest.


  1. The economic situation and law system of Hungary gave a wide specter of possibilities for his criminal activity.311In 1990 he made a mock marriage with the Hungarian citizen.312


During the privatization in Hungary he bought gun plant “Magnex” and “Army-Coop”. The illegal profit was laundered through chain of companies in Europe, Usa, Canada.


  1. In December 1991 Mogilevich moved from Israel to Hungary. Being in Israel, he was preparing to open a plant which would produce magnets and an investment company which would lend money to private persons. During that period Mogilevich contacted several powerful organizations in Israel trying to purchase 1000 корпусов of Soviet tanks Т54 and Т55.313


  1. In 1994 г. Mogilevich traveled to Los-Angeles. 11 November 1992 the USA Embassy in Tel-Aviv issued 6 month visa for him.314


  1. In Czech Republic he bought "V Holubu" in Prague315. In 1994, Mogilevich was suspected of organizing the transport of prostitutes from Ukraine to Hungary, Austria and Germany.316 In the period between 1991 and 1995 he often visited Prague. In 1995, however, he was in a difficult situation (see "contacts between Solncevo group and Mogilevich Organization"). On June 9, 1995 he was forbidden to stay in the country for the next 10 years.317


  1. In May 1995 in England Andrey Churchward and his wife Galina Grigorieva (Mogilevich's ex-wife) were arrested. CHERCHVALD was accused of laundering money coming from Russian organized crime. Later accounts of the company "Arigon Ltd", $ 80 million, were arrested, and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Mogilevich *. According to the Prague CS in August 1997, British authorities refused Mogilevich entry to the UK.318


* Note: The General Secretariat of Interpol NCB in London requested information about Solntsevo grouping and Mogilevich, but received no response.


  1. 9 June 1995 in Mogilevich was deported from Slovakia to the ban on entry into the country for 10 years.319


  1. In Russia against Mogilevich and his companies "YBM" (USA), "ABSI Securities" (Cyprus), "M FINANCE Company Inc." (Cyprus), "SPS Technologies" (USA), "UNITED Trade ltd. "(Cayman Islands), " Magnex RT" (Hungary) and" Shvinnchepel RT "(Hungary) under investigation in connection with arms smuggling, drug trafficking, and the financing of committing" terrorist acts "against large-scale enterprises in the CIS related to illegal business.320


  1. Currently, U.S. police suspects that Mogilevich was engaged in money laundering through "YBM Magnex ”company.


  1. According to the information provided by the Hungarian police law enforcement agencies to the Czech Republic, the people of the organization Mogilevich had special debt securities and equipment for the printing of counterfeit shares. It is said, that they printed fake shares of stock company "Gazprom". Then they put these shares in a quality bank deposit, on the basis of yielding loans. However, the Czech police could not gather enough evidence to initiate criminal proceedings against them.*321


  1. The Hungarian police carried out an investigation against Mogilevich and located in Budapest of "Magnex RT". *322


  1. In 1997, the Hungarian police conducted investigations against members of the Hungarian and international criminal organizations suspected of murder, attempted murder, trafficking in arms and drugs trafficking, forgery of tax and other financial documents, illegal oil trade, organizing of prostitution, illegal gambling, money laundering, etc. 24 people were suspected, including Semyon Mogilevich and two people working on it - Jozsef ELEC and Igor Korolev. According to the Hungarian NCB these criminals often traveled to the U.S. for meetings with representatives of organized crime and criminals. They wanted to settle in the United States and start a business there with the support of local organized crime. Mogilevich, the owner of several companies in the United States, acted as a mediator between different criminal groups operating in different countries (for example, a grouping of Joseph Kobzon, etc).323

  2. In the end of 1999, Mogilevich moved to Moscow. In Hungary, he was threatened by extradition to the United States. Therefore Mogilevich continued to transfer money from the Hungarian National Savings Bank in Budapest on his personal account.324


  1. On October 13, 1999 Mogilevich was denied entry to Hungary, where his presence was seen as a threat to public safety. *325


* Note: The General Secretariat of Interpol asked the Budapest NCB to confirm the data provided by the Czech police and details about Mogilevich and launched in Hungary investigation into the "Magnex RT". From Budapest NCB there was received a reply that the information about the organization of Mogilevich was considered to be confidential.

Mogilevich is relatetd to several murders*:

  1. December 1993. - The murder of Yekaterinburg criminal authority Nikolay Shiroko, his assistant and bodyguard, committed in Budapest. Mogilevich was afraid of the growing influence of Shiroko.
    • August 1994 – it is reported about the relation of Mogilevich to murder of two members of the Hungarian erotic club and four Ukrainian prostitutes.
    • October 1994 - attempted murder of Sergei KING, born September 27, 1971 (sent from the Czech Republic on suspicion of murder) - one of the closest people of Mogilevich, who performed on the orders of Mogilevich all “dirty work”. We headed ROI of a conflict with the Yekaterinburg group. Bilunov acted as a mediator between them.326

*Note: this list is not complete.


Relation between Solntsevo gang and the organization of Mogilevich

(see also " Solntsevo" activity and "Meetings").

Mogilevich established good relations with the leaders of the Solntsevo since 1980., when it was a Moscow street gang. Their collaboration continued when Solntsevo became one of the most powerful Russian criminal gangs.327 According to the Washington-based securities, Semyon Mogilevich played an important role in the organization of the network of money laundering for Sergey Mikhailov and Viktor Averin.328 He opened more than 100 shell companies and bank accounts for Solntsevo, Vyacheslav Ivankov and other Russian and Ukrainian criminal authorities. Despite the connection between Mogilevich and Solncevo group there were tensions in their relationship. Mogilevich was personally involved in several crimes.

  1. According to the Jerusalem NCB Mogilevich and Mikhailov have common interests in "Arbat International" enterprise, which is suspected of laundering large sums of money. They are connected through the company "Arigon Ltd.".329 It is reported that the company "Arigon" and "Arbat" were the main means of laundering money for Mogilevich and Mikhailov.330


  1. Organization of Mofilevich is also part of the Solntsevo gang where Mogilevich is responsible for communication with the independent Ukrainian criminal groups. In Solncevo grouping his influence is limited. In particular, he can not give orders to the destruction of people and can not spend money without the consent of Mikhailov. Mogilevich is one of the economists and administrators of the group. He strongly depends on Arnold Tamm. He was always under the control of the Solntsevo that guarded his entire career. All that Mogilevich makes or acquires , is intended for this group. His areas of expertise include trafficking of stolen vehicles, production and sale of counterfeit goods, wheat and other products, the purchase of goods and furniture abroad. It is also reported that he was involved in the supply of arms to Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Chechnya. He is also involved in the sale of weapons manufactured in the factories of its own Hungarian. He supplied weapons to the Russian military and the Hungarian law enforcement authorities. Legal trade in arms was used by him to organize the smuggling concealed by official documents.331


  1. Mogilevich and Solntsevo jointly received income in at least three cases of extortion, from Kononykhin Alexander, Julius MEYNLA (see "Extortion") and Andrew Mohin (details unknown).


• In 1992, Semyon Mogilevich met with several representatives of the Eurasian Organized Crime in Budapest Hotel Atrium, to discuss the investment of 4 million dollarsto a strip bar and centers of prostitution, "Black and White" in Budapest and Prague. Mogilevich, being the manager of both companies controlled these operations. Among the participants of the meeting were Sergey Mikhailov and Victor AVERIN from Solntsevo gang, Eduard Ivankov, who represented his father, Vyacheslav Ivankov, and "Gypsy."


  1. It is also reported that Mogilevich with Solncevo group organized theft of military property in the amount of 18-20 million dollars, left by the former Western Group of Forces in Germany in 1993.For this purpose they communicate with the government and an unnamed third country. By bribing high-ranking Russian military, the criminals were able to obtain modern weapons and with great benefit to sell it to a third country. It is believed that this theft was also carried by Boris Kandov, a senior financier, who worked in Vienna, Austria, on Ivankov and Solntsevo group.



  1. Igor Fisherman, the employee of "YBM Magnex" in Newton, Pennsylvania, helped Sergey Mikhailov in the administrative affairs in Budapest, Hungary, where Mikhailov worked before he was arrested by the Swiss authorities. Two subordinates Fisherman - Irina and Svetlana - worked for Mikhailov, doing faxes, negotiations and ordering tickets.332


  1. In August and September, Mikhailov and AVERIN with Mogilevich engaged in fraud and extortion from Russian businessman MOCHIN. Eugene LYUSTARNOV was suspected of involvement in extortion and murder of MOCHIN.333


  1. In December 1994, together with Mogilevich Mikhailov traveled to Miami, USA.334


  1. In 1995, two meetings were held in the Prague restaurant "v Holubu"335 (see above). At the same time Mogilevich did not pay to Solntsevo group. It is assumed that he paid about $ 5 million to the group's common fund. This group was also planning to open new routes of drug trafficking without Mogilevich and perhaps preparing for their elimination. After the Czech police raided the restaurant "v Holubu", assistants of Mogilevich - Alexandrov, Katrych, Haytham and others - were expelled from the Czech Republic.336


  1. Ludmila Mikhailova, born December 15, 1958, who lives in Moscow, the wife of Mikhailov was a shareholder of the company "YBM Magnex Inc.".337 Lyudmila AVERINA, wife of Viktor Averin is a shareholder of the company "YBM Magneks Inc.”338


Relations of Mogilevich with another gangs:


- Mogilevich has contacts with Ricardo Francini.339

- Mogilevich contacts with Alimdjan Tohtahunov.340

- Mogilevich is also in good relations with Elson Monya.341


Some members of the Solntsevo gang who has relations with Mogilevich


  1. AGAEV Chengiz, who was born May 21, 1957, a Russian citizen and lives in Moscow at 93 -1- 14 Betsvara str.342 Agaev was arrested by the Czech police in Prague in restaurant “V Holubu” in 1995.343 He was also suspected by the German authorities of belonging to a criminal organization and money laundering in connection with "Transferon License and Finance SAH".344

  2. Alexey Alexandrov, was born December 4, 1959, a Russian citizen, assistant of Mogilevich and director of "Arigon Ltd".345 He runs the company "Arbat International".346 According to some reports he owns 25% of the Russian Petrov-Bank in Moscow.347

He had a residence permit in the Czech Republic since June 2, 1993 to June 9, 1995, when he working in the company "Arigon CS Ltd". On June 9, 1995 he was forbidden to stay in the country for 10 year.348 According to the NCB of Prague in August 1995, British authorities issued Alexandrov life ban for entering the country.349

  1. ELEC Joseph, was born on March 13, 1966, has Hungarian and Yugoslavian passports.350

  2. FAYGELSON Alexander, has the Israeli identity card and passport 30476699 5007674, was a partner of Mogilevich in Israel.351 Perhaps we are talking about Alexander FAYGELSON born March 26, 1948, who immigrated to Israel in 1991, and in 1993 returned to Lithuania on business. It has relations with a criminal group "Vilnius Brigade".352

  3. FISHERMAN Igor Lyvovich, born June 30, 1952, has Israeli and American citizenship, the American, Israeli and Croatian passports. The NCB of Interpol in Sofia indicates the date of his birth on 5 February 1956.353 His Croatian passport e № 06833643 expired in April 1999. In 1997 he visited Croatia 5 times using passport № 093191661.354 He is the holder of American passport № 093191661 and Russian passport № 500285350. May live in the USA: New-York 08054, Saint Laurel, Sammaks 48.

According to the State Tax Service of Ukraine FISHERMAN is a director of the company "A.BV" (Kiev, st. Yaroslav Val 19, recorded February 26, 1996).
He is also the commercial director of the company, "Armey-Coop" and "Ilf Consulting" and the head of the board of directors of joint stock company "Magneks." On June 9, 1995 to August 31, 1998, he was the Commercial Director of "3S End F Capital Investment".355

FISHERMAN is the president of "UNITED Trade Ltd", located on the island of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and is related to money laundering.356 He is also the Vice-President of "Arigon" the United States and responsible for the funding of operations in Europe.357

  1. Hais Leonid, was born December 21, 1949, the Israeli passport number 5206495, worked on Mogilevich in the Czech Republic. He was a partner in the Prague companies' Arigon "and" Asan-Fia. "358

  2. IFRAIMOV Simion has a Russian passport.359 One of the co-founders of the first company in Vnukovo.360

  3. CARAT Konstantin, was born October 27, 1959,has the Israeli passport number 6020826 and / or 90908931.361 Was a partner in the Prague company "Arigon."362

  4. KODYROV Rafael, was born July 18, 1975, lives in Juma, Samarkand str., Passport number 0665386.363

  5. Korol Igor nicknamed "Gim", was born on 28 or 30 August 1971, in Kiev, headed by the so-called fighters of Mogilevich.364

  6. KOSCHENKO Gennady, was born July 14, 1961 in Russia.365

  7. Kulachenko Anatoly has Greek and Russian passports.366 Founded the company "Arbat International" in Russia and was a partner in the companies “ Arigon "in Budapest and on the Channel Islands.367

  8. MARIN Yuri Petrovich, born 22 April 1953 in Russia, lives in Moscow at 30-12 Spiridonovka str., has a Russian passport number 1724668.368

  9. Orlov Alexander, was born on July 26, 1955 in Russia.369

  10. RAKHIMOV Botir, was born June 30, 1966, lives in Tashkent, passport number SA0885024.370

  11. Rybakova Irina, she is also Bodoni Shandorne, was born July 31, 1950, has a Bulgarian passport.371

  12. Shura Anatoly has Israeli and Russian passports.372 Known as a Tsura Anatoly, a former financial assistant of Fisherman.373

  13. Sigal Vadim, Has Russian and Ukranian passports.374

  14. Telesh Galina, was born in 1968, has an Israeli passport number 9761329.375

  15. Telesh Galina, was born on August 31, 1964, the last wife of Mogilevich.376

  16. TITYUNIN or TITYUN Alexander, was born on December 3, 1954, Israeli ID 30734562 and an Israeli passport 4866510. Had relations with Mogilevich from the time they met in Russia and was his companion in Israel.377 Was also a partner in “v Holubu” center.

  17. Tsura Anatoly , financial assistant of Fisherman.378

  18. Wessermen Mikhail, born 7 December 1949 г, Israeli passport № 5271388, worled for Mogilevich in Czech Republic.379 He was the partner companies "Arigon", "Lehman" and "Asma-Fia" in Prague.


Business activities:

(see attached diagram “business activity of Mogilevich ”)


Mogilevich participate or influences the activities of the following companies:


1) “Arbat Inernational”:

In 1989, Mogilevich and Kulachenko established in Moscow, the Russian-British joint venture "Arbat International Inc.." Formerly known as cooperative "Arbat". It is an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of ice cream at the airport Vnukovo380.Founders of Arbat International were “Arigon Ltd “, the United Kingdom," Vnukovo koopereyshn "," Telsi 98 ". 381


2) “Arigon Ltd”*:

According to reports, "Arigon Ltd." is located in the Channel Islands and has offices in Budapest, Moscow, Kiev, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.382

It is considered that "Arigon Ltd" was associated with "MS International" - located in Antwerp, a company created by Brandwein, NAYFILD and FANKINI, who probably worked for Ivankov.383


"Arigon" was actually a sales representative of "YBM" and thus directly involved in the sale of magnets, petroleum products and consumer goods. In 1996, "Arigon" was closed and replaced by a new company "UNITED Trade Limited" ("UNITED Trade"), also located in Budapest. "UNITED Trade" took over the "Arigon" within "YBM"; went to the same ex-employees "Arigon" Igor Fisherman and Anatoly Stura who held high positions in the Soviet military establishment.

*Note: In the course of the investigation conducted by the United States against "YBM" it was found that the company "Arigon" sold oil products amounting to 1000000 of "Phoenix Oil", based in Munich and owned by Igor LINCHITS, born December 18, 1963. After checking the accounts of the company held by the German authorities, it was suspected that LINCHITS was engaged laundering money through bogus commercial operations384.Besides LINCHITS sold the property in Canada to Olga Rodina, who was the Secretary of "Kanadien Oil and Gas Industries, Inc." The last company was named among other in the request sent by U.S. authorities in connection with an investigation against "YBM Magnex."385


3) “YBM Magnex International Inc.”:

According to Moscow NCB "YBM Magnex International" is controlled by Mogilevich. President of the "YBM Magneks International" was Jacob Gershevich Bogatin, a former Russian citizen, born August 13, 1947.386 According to open sources Igor Fisherman was a senior administrator of "YBM". Mogilevich, Bogatin and FISHERMAN founded the company and directed it, and some friends of Mogilevich were its investors.387


According to the NCB Washington "YBM MagneX" was registered in Alberta, Kanada on 16 March 1994 as "Pratex Technologies Inc. '. In late 1995, the name "Pratex" was changed to the present: "YBM International Inc. Magnex." ("YBM"). Registered Office of "YBM" is located in Calgary, Alberta, and its international center - in the U.S., in Newton, Pennsylvania. In its annual reports, press releases, brochures and promotional materials in the United States and Canada "YBM" claims that its main activity is the production of industrial magnets and their distribution around the world, including North America. In addition, the scope of the activities of "YBM" includes the purification of crude oil, production and marketing of products from the magnets and security systems for computers "KatchDisk." Branch of "Magneks RT", located in Budapest, Hungary, was engaged in the production of magnets, which then were sold through the other branch of "YBM" - "Arigon Company Limited" ("Arigon"), which is also located in Budapest.

In the period from August 1994 to May 14, 1998 Shares "YBM" exchanged at several Canadian stock exchanges, and by the variety of brokerage firms and individual investors, including in the United States. In August 1996 "YBM" submitted an application for the sale of its shares in the United States.

On May 13, 1998 by the decision of the Commission Ontario Securities at the Toronto Stock Exchange ceased operations with shares of "YBM". On August 17, 1998, the Commission on transactions stopped for indefinite period of time security transactions of "YBM" until "YBM" passes the audit. In particular, the Commission wondered whether the deals made between "YBM" and its customers were conscientious. Auditors of "YBM" also were not sure, in particular, of the reality of certain contracts of "YBM". In 1997 According to the auditors, these contracts could be fictitious and used as a cover for the transfer of money. Auditors said that "YBM", that they established possible links between individuals and organizations through which the "YBM" had affairs, and organized crimes. In the 1997 financial statements of "YBM" were not approved by auditors and were not accepted by Alberta exchange, Toronto, and other regulatory authorities, including the Commission on security transactions.

In August 1994, when the "YBM" started operations on the Stock Exchange of Alberta called "Prateks", its shares were worth 10 Canadian cents. By February 1998 the price reached 18.25 Canadian dollars (14.50 U.S. dollars). It was three months before the cancelation of share deals of "YBM" by regulators. Stock price rose more than 1,000%. By May 1998, when transactions with the shares of "YBM" were stopped, there were released about 44 million shares owned by individuals and organizations in Canada, the United States and abroad. Thus, the possible loss of bona fide of investors in this case exceeded $ 100 million.

May 13, 1998 regardless of the Canadian regulatory agencies to suspend operations with shares "YBM", U.S. law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, the Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service, got a search warrant at the center of "YBM "in Pennsylvania and made a seizure of documents of the company.

September 22, 1998 on the suit filed in Canada shareholders control over the "YBM" was transferred to the newly created board of directors. In December 1998, the Board of Directors pursed his resignation and the Canadian province of Alberta Court appointed manager responsible for disposal and preservation of property "YBM". The company is currently "YBM" this control is managed under the supervision of a Canadian court.

May 31, 1999 in the U.S. prosecutors Eastern District of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against "YBM" on charges of securities fraud and correspondence. According to prosecutors "YBM" and her unnamed accomplices carried out an elaborate scheme of fraud, artificially inflating the value of shares of "YBM" by creating visibility of the large volume of sales, higher revenue from the production and distribution worldwide of industrial magnets and other products. June 7, 1999 Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania found the company "YBM" guilty of artificially inflating the value of their shares. In this regard, the company was also accused of presenting misleading information to investors about their sales and earnings.388

"YBM Magnex" was blamed for money laundering and the criminal case was opened against this company in Austria.389

According to open sources Mogilevich reported that he sold nearly all shares of “YBM Magnex” in the end of 1996.390

According to open sources, "YBM Magneks" was associated with the British company "Benex," which is probably a front company of Mogilevich.391 "Benex" had nine accounts in "The Bank of New York" through which were transferred large sums of money. According to some reports Solntsevo and Mogilevich used "Benex" for money laundering.392

It is reported that in Hungary there was another company "Benex International", controlled by Mogilevich, not connected with the British company "Benex." However, the latter invited friends of Mogilevich. Moreover, Peter Berlin was probably one of the friends of Mikhailov. He also had a brother who worked for MIKHAILOV.393





Mogilevich Business in the following countries *:

* Note: Unfortunately, these data is outdated and incomplete. It was very difficult to get fresh information about companies Mogilevich in different countries. This is due to the confidentiality of ongoing investigations against him, or the lack of information.

Cayman Islands:

  1. United Trade Limited "is located on the island of Grand Cayman. The President is Igor FISHERMAN, born June 30, 1952.394



  1. ABSI Securities Ltd. "is located at Nicosia, st. Ridenis 4, 2nd Floor.395

  2. M FINANCE Company Inc. "396


Czech Republic:


  1. In the Czech Republic, in Prague, was bought by the complex "v Holubu" by the company "Arotex", established in 1991 and closed in 1992 ,the complex included a night club "Black and White", "Casino 21" and a Japanese restaurant "Sakura" . 397 Club "Black and White" was purchased through the mediation of "Kish and Kaiser" in 1991.398


  1. On May 22, 1992 Alex Alexander and Constantine founded the company CARAT "Arigon CS." The head of the company was Katrych. Company "Arigon CS" was located at Prague ,5,79 Tefnikova str. Company "Arigon Ltd" provided 30% of core capital. Activities of the company were led by Alexandrov, who moved between Prague, Budapest and Moscow. His other partners were Leonid Hais, born December 21, 1949, and Mikhail VESSERMEN, born December 4, 1949.399


After dismiss of assistants Mogilevich (Alexandrov, Katrych, Hais and others), the activity of "Arigon CS" and other companies within the complex "v Holubu" which served for money laundering on behalf of the British company "Arigon Ltd", was paralyzed.400


  1. Mogilevich also controlled company "Asma-Fia" and "Lehman" in the Czech Republic.401



  1. Company "File",controlled by Solntsevo group, established company "Orbi". In 1994, Mogilevich acquired 20% stake "Orbi" Georgia Erueyz Air Co.., Located in Tbilisi, with the address: Tbilisi 380019, Tseretelli blvd. 117.That time the president of the company was David Sanikidze. (General Secretariat of Interpol / Swiss Working Group Meeting 18-19/06/02)



  1. In Budapest, the company was founded, "Arigon Oil cft. '. Its president was Stanislav Nikolaev (1). The owner was registered as Galina Grigorieva, the former wife of Mogilevich. The partners were Alexey Alexandrov, Anatoly Kulachenko. The company was closed in 1996 and replaced by "UNITED Trade" in Budapest.

(1) Stanislav Nikolayev was born on February 19, 1951 in Ukraine. He is also AFISDIS Yamesor Ntsemik, born April 1, 1953 (CS ICU/07/2000/1 London 14/07/2000 and CS Sofia SO/2972/2000/30 1334 on 24/03/2000) Probably Stanislav Nikolaev is actually Stanislav MIROSHNIKOV. In Zurich, he presents a Greek passport in the name of Stanislav Nikolaidis. (General Secretariat of Interpol / Swiss Working Group Meeting 18-19/06/02).As part of the ongoing privatization in Hungary Mogilevich acquired weapons factories "Magnex" and "Army-Coop."

Trade Limited Liability Company "Army-Coop" is 95% owned by the company "Arigon." Business managers are Mogilevich and Igor Fisherman.402 The head of "Army-Coop" is Sergey Maksimov, who is also at the board of directors of companies "Magnex" and "Baltchug."403 In 1993, the "Army-Coop" purchased company "Digep" (90% assets).

  1. According to the Moscow NCB company "Magnex" is situated at: Hungary, Budapest 1068, 44 Benchur str , and according to the NCB Budapest - at Budapest, Ferenc Rakoczy str. 289295. Russian citizen Alexander Savchenko, born in 1959, is its manager and the vice president is Valery Sutormin.404 The Chairman of the board of directors was Igor Fisherman.405


Earlier the company “Magnex РТ” was called “Кish and Kaizer clan”. This Hungarian trading company with limited liability, with Mogilevich as commercial director, changed its name in 1991.406


In 1991 the company was owed by "Arigon." The Budapest office of Tax and Financial Control conducted investigation against "Magnex ".407


  1. At the same address as "Magnex RT" - Hungary, Budapest, st. Ferenc Rakoczy 289295 – is registered company "Imbol Dong." According to some reports the head of the company "Imbol Dong" was Mogilevich.408


  1. In 1993, Mogilevich bought a night club "..."409, in Budapest, he also owed a night club “Black and White”, which, in fact, was at the same time the center of prostitution.410 In Budapest there was also built “Casino 21”.411


Mogilevich probably controlled:


  1. lf Consulting "- a trading company with limited liability, its commercial director is Igor Fisherman, who from June 1995 to August 1998, he was also the commercial director of " 3S F Capital Investment”412

  2. According to reports Mogilevich was also a director of the company "Solid ltd."413




  1. Mogilevich had trading and investment company "T.K.R. Ltd."or " K.T.R." registered on June 9, 1991.414 This company was owned by Katrych, Tyutyunov, FAYGELSON and was probably a fake.415


  1. “ Arigon” in Tel-Aviv does not exist anymore.



  1. “ Arbat International” in Moscow was founded by Mogilevich.416 This company was headed by Anatoly Kulachenko and Alexey Alexandrov.


  1. Moscow company “Funeral services” was founded by Mogilevich.417 This company was totally controlled by “Solntsevo” gang.418


  1. “ Arigon”.


  1. Night club “White and Black”


The UK :


  1. On 24 May1989 Mogilevich established in the UK "Arigon Co. Ltd.," company and joined the Board of Directors.419


  1. On May 24, 1990 Mogilevich established the company "Arigon Ltd", at: United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Alderney, St Anne House, n / o 77, and became the director of this company. Together with him acted Alexandrov, Kulachenko and his second wife, Galina Grigorieva, who married a British lawyer Adrian CHERCHVALD in 1987.420


The Ukraine:


  1. “ Arigon” in Kiev.


  1. “ A.B.V ” located at the address: Kiev, 19 Yaroslav Val, registered on February 26, 1996. The Director of the joint venture is Igor Fisherman.421








  1. Mogilevich founded in New-York “Arco Globus International” 422


  1. Mogilevich founded “FNJ Trade” in Los Angeles.423


  1. “ Arigon trading Ltd.”424


  1. “ SPS Technologies” in Philadelphia, USA.425


  1. “ YВМ Magnex” in Newton, Pennsylvania, see above.


According to open sources, Mogilevich supplied arms to Chechnya and Afghanistan.426