Sergey Polonsky did not have time to get Israeli citizenship, guaranteeing him the opportunity to remain on the "promised land" for indefinite period of time. Tver Court of Moscow arrested businessman in absentia, after this the investigation should declare an international arrest warrant through Interpol. Now there is a possibility that the fugitive oligarch instead of being granted the citizenship, will be arrested in Israel and sent to Russia.

His attorney Diana Tatosova , of course, has already promised to appeal the decision, but hardly ever higher courts will agree with these arguments. Meanwhile, according to the "Russian mafia" portal, with the help of the Israeli Ministry of the Interior it was decided to slow down the process of  granting the citizenship to Polonsky, until a clear decision of Interpol if to put him on the international wanted list or not will be announced.

Sergey Polonsky, as a magnet, attracted disrepute. No wonder why Forbes called him a "man-adventure" and put him into the list as one of the nine most "unusual Russian businessmen - oddballs and eccentrics." Polonsky indeed got into mischief.

In addition it seems that that the careless phrase uttered by him in Cannes , the phrase "Who does not have a billion, can go to ass" has stuck to Polonsky for the lifetime. Life is such a thing , it loves laughing at those who try to laugh about it. So after that careless phrase Polonsky’s whole life turned out into the long way in this very “ass”.

In 2008 he promised that he would eat his tie if in the next year and a half the price of luxury housing will not increase by more than 25%. Prices, as we know, have not risen, and he had to eat a piece of his tie in the air of one of the Internet transmission.

"Medical weight loss" and a criminal case

In September 2011, Polonsky tried unsuccessfully to starve at the place of construction of residential complex "Kutuzov mile". We are reminding that the general builder of the "Kutuzov mile" – the company FTSSR, first involved the corporation Mirax Group into construction, and then because of the refusal of Polonsky to fulfill obligations, terminated the contract with the structures  of Mirax and invited another contractor for the completion of the object. Polonsky ,being  convinced that his company needed to finish the construction of the object , launched a hunger strike.

The General Director of "FTSSR" Peter Ivanov called Polonsky swindler and a fraud, but also said: "Polonsky is a jester and a clown. At the same time when we were trying to prove to him his right to this area, he, like a dog, started to bark at people and growl like a tiger on the head of the council Davydkovo -Fili. "


In addition to animal roar at the head of council-feely Davydkovo, Polonsky tried to start a fight with the deputy prefect of the Western Administrative District, also was calling using a cell-phone of Mikhail Dvorkovich , the brother of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady  Dvorkovich  to some  Arkasha, accompanying his expressive speech with the words "fucking shit." After the recording this conversation was seen by millions of Internet users, this insulting nickname was stuck to Arkady Dvorkovich in the walls of the Government and the Administration of the President.

The hunger strike ended as suddenly as it begun. After the "right hand" of Oleg Deripaska Stanislaus Karabuto, with whom Polonsky had common business projects, appeared, the controversial businessman stopped the session of "medical weight loss" and left the construction site.

After that Polonsky tried to forejudge 2.5 billion rubles from the JSC "FTSSR", which, as he said, were not paid to him for the work he complied. However, several courts refused to meet the demands of Polonsky.

Meanwhile, the investors of "Kutuzov mile" residential estate applied to the police to open a criminal case against the businessman and the other shareholders of Mirax company.  As a result, a criminal case was opened and handed over to the investigative team led by Senior Investigator of the Department of the Interior Ministry Oleg Sil'chenko.

The investigation revealed that, being a member of the organized criminal group, Polonsky gathered 5.7 billion rubles, sent most of the money to his accounts and cashed them. The press spread the information that cash out transactions were carried out particularly with the help of the infamous Lithuanian bank Snoras, which was declared bankrupt, leaving thousands of investors without money.

Meanwhile, real estate investors of “Kutuzov mile” are sure that together with Polonsky Roman Trocenko and Alexander Dobrovinsky should defendants' bench. They continued the work of Polonsky by initiating a process of withdrawal of funds through the judicial system, trying to prove that actually money were spent on the concrete, armature and brick. If the fraudulent scheme is implemented, then hundreds of people will lose all hope of getting legally acquired property.


From the blow to the face to jail

But he troubles of Polonsky did not finish with the "Kutuzov mile". In April 2012, one of the towers of the "Federation" inflamed. Blazing "Torch" was visible from almost all points of Moscow. The fire on "Federation" tower had to be put out from helicopter. After that part of the burned structures of "Federation" tower had to be demounted.

In 2011, during the recording of TV show on NTV channel Sergey Polonsky quarreled with another Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev. Polonsky reminded Lebedev of a crack in the tower "Federation", which was originally built by the company of Polonsky, and Lebedev replied Polonsky with the slap in the face. However, for some reason, instead of showing bruises on his face, Polonsky was demonstrating ass torn pants. Legal proceedings were initiated, the proceedings lasted for nearly two years. Finally, in summer of 2013, Lebedev was convicted of assaulting and sentenced to 150 hours of community service.

Meanwhile, while in Russia there was in process a case "Lebedev against Polonsky," the controversial businessman was jailed in Cambodia. On 31 December businessman and two of his friends were arrested in the Cambodian town of Sihanoukville. They were jailed for an indefinite period on charges of using false imprisonment and violence to local sailors. During his imprisonment - and it lasted more than four months - Polonsky was writing, singing and making plans how to change the prison system of Cambodia. Finally, in April 2013, the businessman was released, although by the local laws he had to spend up to 3 years in prison.

Despite the travel ban, he left the Cambodia, remembered his Jewishness by his father, and decided to settle in Israel using a tourist visa, which expires on September 27.