A comment of some media star with a dominant name is the best  method of attracting  the audience`s interest to some fact. Otherwise the fact would go almost unnoticed.  This method is frequently used by those who want to show themselves as well as by those who want to demonstrate their rival`s failures. The media stars are mostly easy to do a deal with, especially when they often use their name for advertisement and biased publications.

As an example we can cite the scandal over the Roman Abramovich`s  girlfriend, the Garage modern art center`s owner Daria Zhukova. Ms. Zhukova`s interview in Byro247 was illustrated by a photo, where the Russian oligarch’s ladylove had been sitting on a chair made in the shape of a tied black woman. The publication caused the indignation of the European audience, but the most part of Russian Internet users had joined the discussion only after the famous Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov, known as the LiveJournal user “drugoi”, reposted the scandalous photo on his Facebook page. “It`s not an epatage, usual for the sphere, this is an absurd and shameful action even despite of the fact that the photo had been cut, and  now we can`t see the black woman. It`s a darn shame! Faugh!” – Adagamov comments the photo. It`s he who attracted the audience` attention to the fact that the interview and scandalous photo has been published in Martin Luther King`s  Day, which is, by the way,  is not celebrated in Russia. We can suppose that Adagamov`s publication in Facebook can be paid off by Abramovich`s rivals, who search the dirt about him or his girlfriend.

During his work as a blogger Rustem Adagamov often became a cause of scandals, connected with his biased publications… not only with them, however.  In 2009 he was criticized by Russina Internet users for his LiveJournal post with the hidden advertising of Land rover cars. In the same year the professional journalist society was indignant at the permission to attend on Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station remedial work. The journalists reasonably doubted in blogger`s objectivity.

In 2012 Rustem Adagamov was blamed in pedophilia by his ex-wife. The fact of the blogger`s sexual assault against the minor girl was placed on record by the police of Lillesann, Norway.