Toni's favourite "pocket".


Vladimir Yakunin has known Vladimir Putin since 1991 and was one of the co-founders of the notorious cooperative "Ozero" - almost all of its shareholders are friends of the president and became either important government officials or large oligarchs. Yakunin has held the post of the Head of the Russian Railways   since 2005 and considered himself an eternal "railway man number 1" in Russia. Or, at least, the "eternal" one until Putin is the president or the prime minister. In fact, Yakunin was allowed many things for which other officials would have lost their posts immediately. Just look at the "top" of Russian Railways, which is composed entirely of people who are very far from the railway transport, but in different times were close to Yakunin and always presented at the celebration of his birthday.

Now a typical example of such an environment of a former Head of the Russian Railways is Vice President Oleg Toni, a building businessperson who "pumps" into his private firms railways budgetary money. Prior to joining the Russian Railways Oleg Toni, controlled "Baltic Construction Company", LLC "BSK", "Transstroibank" etc. He did this not alone, but with the closest partners Igor Nayvalt, Anatoly Antipov and Alexander Shevelev. Once Toni became Vice-President of Russian Railways for the construction, literally "an avalanche of orders" from the Railroad pumped to  to the company "Transugstroy" on the sum of tens billions of rubles. In particular, this company has been building Small Ring, and received  from the Railways a contract for 29 billion rubles for the construction the road "Adler - Krasnaya Polyana" for Olympic Games in Sochi. As soon as a "Transugstroy" began to get countless amounts from the Railways, its real owners hid behind offshore companies. But they are extremely easy to identify. Before the "move" to the Virgin Islands, "Transugstroy" belonged to Toni's friend and business partner Antipov and Shevelev. In business circles, it is no secret that they also continue to own the company. And not alone, but together with the Vice-President of Russian Railways Oleg Toni. That is, he takes budget money of Railways and shifts them into his "pocket" called "Transugstroy."


$ 2 million "Cushion" of Railways Inspector 



Top management staff of Russian Railways, like Toni, has grown to unprecedented size - only in the headquarters of the company there are more than 60 departments and offices. Every year, Russian Railways received an increase to the huge sums, which were pumped into the company from the state treasury. it is enough to say that that the investment budget of the Russian  Railways for 2015 is a fabulous sum of 414 billion rubles . All these huge sums were successfully mastered by extremely overstaffed office, and a variety of "pocket" companies. But Chief Inspector of Russian Railways (actually the head of the relevant division of the company who is in charge of internal audits, including expenditure) has already become a dollar millionaire. Moreover, recipients and robbers of budget billions pay him a percentage for «closed eyes». The story, which has happened recently with this inspector, has become a real "hit" in lobby interviews of FSB.


The inspector's daughter, for her parent’s grief, fell in love with an ordinary migrant from Moldova. Despite all the protests of mom and dad, she married him, and the moldovanin became a part of family. And one day the inspector found that his small money store, located in the suburban mansion in Moscow region, is missing $ 2 million. It is a real emergency for one of the most prestigious and most protected villages of the Moscow region. However, no trace of "strangers" neither security, nor cctv cameras noticed. But they recorded, that the same moldovanin in the absence of the inspector and his wife came to the village. Moreover, it was found out that on the day of his visit to one of the many homes of parents of his spouse, Russian guest flew to his native Moldavia the first flight. No doubt, he took those $ 2 million there. And almost immediately he returned to Moscow. At the family council, the inspector interrogated him strictly. However, he was categorical: he did not take the money. He explained his visit to the village that he just drove to the garage to pick up some things, but he did not enter the mansion. The inspectors daughter stood for him - How could you think such a thing about my beloved husband?"

And then the inspector was in a deplorable situation. He could not apply to the law enforcement authoritie because he did not know how to explain where he, an ordinary railway inspector, got $ 2 million in his sells from. As for the inspector, it was not the last money he raises, so he decided not to make any publicity to this case. He just "pulled" some aquaintants from security officials and then decided to leave the story in the family circle. But the details of the disappearance of 2 million dollars quickly came to FSB, and then to the presidential administration.

However, this story, like dozens of other scandals related to top of the richest of Russian Railway and mysterious manipulation with state budget money "get away with" Yakunin. Yakunin himself related to such scandals with his subordinates calmly: the main thing that they should be devoted to him personally, and budget money, who is counting...

"Yakunin wept when he was informed that he is fired from Russian Railways"

According to sources in Russian Railways, Yakunin has completely lost "a nose for danger ', considering that his position near the head of state is firm. As a result, he did one and the same trick, when the question about the distribution of budget funds for the following year arose. Yakunin demanded from the government even more funding than in the previous period. Obviously, each time his request was rejected: the last few years the government is trying to contain the irrepressible appetites of heads of various state-owned companies. Then Yakunin, who never reckoned with the inhabitants of the White House, resentfully and angrily declared that it is not possible to work in such a situation and he need to go, sometimes wrote relevant statements. Like how it is possible that, «mere mortals» from the government reject Yakunin, the President «Anointed». And every time the trick worked. The problem reached the Kremlin, Yakunin's statements went into the wastebasket and Russian Railways received additional funding. With a screech, Yakunin successfully made the same trick even in 2014, when all state corporations were told to "tighten their belts."

With these "tricks" articals about Yakunin's resignation are connected. They regularity appear in media and stated that the head of the Russian Railways leaves his post.

This "trick" - "I was offended and I leave" - Yakunin played in 2015, when he again failed to received from the government the increase of finance of Railways in 2016.

Sources in "Russian Railways" told that Yakunin did not have a shadow of a doubt that everything will be fine. Once he was with a few companions, when the phone rang. What he heard at that time affected him greatly. Yakunin froze, then he grimaced in despair, his eyes were red, and there were tears in them. Companions left the boss sobbing loudly. They decided that Yakunin had some loss in the family. However, it turned out that he had lost his favorite position. The voice on the other end of the tube told him: "Your application of dismissal approved." President got tired of all these tricks and that Yakunin did not understand that the country has difficult financial period. At the same time, he showed that it could happen to any head of the state corporation, even from the cooperative "Ozero".

Yakunin urgently began to look for a new position, as a result of urgently became a senator. At the same time, he was trying to get a place of a chairperson of the Federation Council. However, after a personal talk with Vladimir Putin, Yakunin finally realized that he had fallen out of the close circle of the head of state and his career of "those in power" is over. The Federation Council were quick to aggravate the situation, gave him a small office not in the FC building on Bolshaya Dmitrovka but in the "additional office" on Novy Arbat. This meant that in the hierarchy of FC Yakunin will take the lowest level." As a result, he preferred to avoid such disgrace and refused the position in Federation Council. 

Summer "aggravation" in the FSB

The fact that Yakunin, most likely, will leave the Russian Railways was known in close circle in the early summer and a struggle for the place said that among the contenders was very unusual candidat - FSB director Alexander Bortnikov. It is not that Bortnikov was eager to change the post of the chief security officer of the chair seat in the main railway. But on the other hand, he understood that he is heading FSB for seven years, and it is impossible to stay in the same position forever, especially he will be 65 next year. A change to the place from the head of FSB to presidential seat of Railways guaranties a minimum eight more years in the higher echelons of power. After all, the head of Russian Railways has always been much more than a "railroad man number one." This position means that you enter into the closest president's circle. Especially example of Igor Sechin (head of "Rosneft") showed that it is possible to be the head of state-owned company and to be one of the most influential figures in the power unit of the Russian Federation.

The fact that the question of "moving" Bortnikov to another position was considered in Kremlin, clearly showed the summer event in the FSB. Back then in this department there were gossips about the possible resignation of Oleg Feoktistov - the head of one of the most powerful and influential units of the Russian security agencies, the so-called CSS FSB. Allegedly, he does not want to work without Bortnikov and is preparing to move to the position of vice president of security to "Rosneft". Moreover, just in the beginning of the summer, the situation around the vice-president Naila Mukhitov worsened and at the end of July, he was fired.

But neither Foektistov's resignation nor the Bortnikov’s dismissal did not take place. At present, the closest people to the head of state - brothers Rotenbergs organized that their protege Oleg Belozerov headed Russian Railways.

It looks as if Bortnikov and Feoktistov open a "second wind." Since the end of August counterintelligents of CSS almost weekly detain rotten corrupted high-ranked employees of the Prosecutor's Office, the Investigative Committee, Ministry of Interior and various ministries.