The staff of the Investigative Committee and the Economic Security Service of the Russian FSB to work on September 29 in St. Petersburg the day. Arrived team spent about a dozen searches, detaining 41-year-old businessman Dmitry Zarubin.
Also, according to "Fontanka", the offices were taken to eight people, but Zarubin in the case file runs as an organizer. September 30 he was arrested Basmanny court of the capital on suspicion of organizing a criminal group and the evasion of customs duties.
According to "Fontanka" defender Zarubin, one of the most prominent lawyers in the field of customs law Eugene Tonkov: "The prosecution has not yet brought us." A personal position on the incident also told his lawyer: "It boils down to the fact that the complaints against him by the law enforcement authorities, may be a manifestation of competition."
Indeed, ironically, exactly three years ago, on 30 September 2012, in St. Petersburg was arrested gangster Kovalev. He was, in addition to the murder of the rector of the University of Service and Economics Alexander Viktorov, imputed also preparing for the elimination Zarubin.
Then "Fontanka" spoke with Zarubin. He said that all of its business is concentrated only in his and his wife's hands, and partners who expect something in case of his death, he has not. Before "Fontanka" the source in those days appeared fit, in a stylish business suit, but not fussy or precious hours. Fairness and laconic.
Fronted its boutiques is usually the CEO owned companies Zarubin known secular lion Arkady Izvekov. Zarubin himself categorically publichen.
For certain of the business community, associated with importation, was arrested Zarubin event. And it's certainly not that he the owner of the famous boutiques Cartier and Stefano Ricci, located opposite each other on the banks of the Moika. Incidentally, the Cartier boutique in May 2010 opened Demi Moore. But both he and fashionable Stefano Ricci, probably not a major part of commerce.
Zarubin more aware since the early 2000s, as a man of Vyborg. More like a specialist in handling goods across the border. Vyborg, in the village of Kirov Villas, container yard and is transport company "Conti", owned by his wife.
A customs broker in a low called "Logis Trans", owned by Zarubin, unknown to the general public, but it was he who, as reported on the website of the company, provided services to the customs representative of Nord Stream AG, set up for the construction and operation of the strategic pipeline "Nord Stream".
Zarubin also about gossip that he could carry out any orders for imported consignments, from electronics to shoes, and it's cheaper than the others. In the shadow world, he has a reputation as a master of organization schemes, with rare in modern times a habit to repay if the party got stuck at the border. Tool wagons were our own transport company.
As for the level, the experts who "Fontanka" managed to talk, appreciated rating Zarubin in one of the top 5 world smuggled Petersburg. Attached to it, and data "Fontanka": it is known that the investigation began last year with the discovery of a large batch of Moscow smuggling.
"Fontanka", of course, called the Cartier, which said they were not aware of the incident, adding that their work is not affected. As for the person boutiques Izvekova, the voice on the phone said nervously: "Do not you dare to call here anymore!".