Tagansky District Court of Moscow extended the arrest of the alleged organizer of the largest in Russia's history of fraud in the securities market - the former head of the de facto custody of "Smart Capital" and the owner of the broker "Tusk Quadro Securities" Vadim Kiselev. And the initiator of the alleged scam - former manager of offensive holding "Energostream" Yuri Simonov - has long been hiding abroad.I did not give up, but repented
Both companies Central Bank revoked the license of securities market participants with the wording "for repeated within one year of breaches of the law of the Russian Federation on securities." With "Smart Capital" it happened in November 2014, with the "Tusk Quadro Securities" in February of 2015.
Vadim Kiselev accused of embezzling more than 5 billion rubles. At about the same amount estimated stakes and shares of companies that filed the depositary "Tusk Quadro Securities", OOO "CMD" and "Smart Capital". Kiselev, according to investigators, has renewed the content on offshore depositories. Among the victims are called "Municipal Commercial Bank" Bank "Rublevskoye" investment group "Summa Capital" and a number of major distribution companies from the electricity sector.
In the language of the law of the businessman is accused of committing a crime under Part 4 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code ("Misappropriation or embezzlement committed by an organized group or a large scale"). A guilty verdict promises him to 10 years in prison.
Investigative Department of State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow will have a long time to unravel traces lost in the sun offshore stocks and shares many firms that had the temerity to take advantage deceived participants in the securities market. And representatives of the companies have a long and it is possible that useless walking on arbitration courts in an attempt to restore their rights that they once belonged to.
According to sources close to the investigation, Vadim Kiselev some time ago suddenly he turned himself in to police. But it refused to testify against himself. The court considering the application for the extension of his arrest, agreed with the reasons of the investigation. The suspect may abscond, as it has already done the alleged scam ideologue - a former top manager of the scandalous company "Energostream", and later, former General Director of "RegionEnergo" (legal shell of what remains of the destroyed "Energostrima") Yuri Simonov. The latter was seen in London, where, as is known, there is no dispensing. So to answer for the crime that the media have already called the biggest scam in the Russian stock market will have a second accomplice. However, this is not the case when law enforcement agencies fell under the distribution "scapegoats." The criminal duo Vadim Kiselev was not a boy or a blind instrument of dancers. At times he played the first violin, sometimes even soloed. And always he knows what they do.All abroad
Of the roughly five billion rubles, which estimated the value of the missing from the "Smart Capital" and "Tusk Quadro Securities' securities, approximately two billion accounted for the shares of energy sales companies, which were under the control of ZAO" RegionEnergo "and general director from 2012 was Yuri Simonov.
A list of these companies will help to understand the scale of the alleged crimes Vadim Kiselev:
- OAO "Kuban Energy Retail Company"- OAO "Tambov Energy Retail Company"- JSC "Saratov"- OAO "Arkhangelsk Retail Company"- JSC "Ulyanovskenergo"- JSC "Stavropolenergosbyt"- JSC "Chelyabenergosbyt"- JSC "Energosbyt Rostovenergo"- JSC "Dagestan Energy Retail Company"- JSC "Novosibirskenergosbyt"- JSC "Belgorodenergosbyt."
All victims have the status of guaranteeing electricity suppliers directly for eleven Russian regions. Lost stakes in these companies are estimated at about 2 billion rubles. They accounted for most of the energy balances of the business empire "Energostream" collapsed after the theft of assets and the flight abroad of one of its shareholders Yuri Zhelyabovsky. Today Zhelyabovsky also seen in London, Russia officially announced an international arrest warrant.
Wasted, according to investigators, the stakes in power supply companies also appeared abroad - they are now the former owners "Novgorodoblenergosbyt" and offshore companies, which have been issued "Novosibirskenergosbyt" and "Belgorodoblenergosbyt" in the criminal case have victim status. And Vadim Kiselev incriminated active part in the stealing of assets.Intrigue "Santariny"
At the beginning of 2013 in the depositary "Smart Capital" stored exclusively shares are included in the "RegionEnergo 'sales companies. And the shareholders of the energy group seemed a logical idea to buy the depositary in the property. For calmer have an official control of the firm, which is entrusted to store your belongings. Make a wish instructed the Director General of "RegionEnergo" Yuri Simonov. Yuri A., it should be noted, some time working on shareholders in some magical way. Employers were in full confidence that the new top manager working for the company, not sparing the stomach. Simon, meanwhile, repeatedly cast his employers around the finger, using roughly the same focus. Like a fakir, touring country-club: here's a rabbit - and now here for you from the bunny ears.
The episode with the "Smart Capital" has become another circus act performed by a professional swindler. The poster could write: "The scheme of" Trojan horse. " The role of the "invisible hand" takes Vadim Kiselev. " May 25, 2013 0.99% shares of LLC "Smart Capital" suddenly began to belong to an offshore company "Santarina Systems Inc..." Nullity share deceiving - its nominal value at the time amounted to 3 million rubles. And everything would be fine, were it not for one thing: the beneficiaries' Santariny "were not shareholders, and the Yuri Simonov. But it turned out later, and then Vadim Kiselev has made even some law passes, and "Santarina Systems Inc." Miraculously turned into a one hundred percent owner of the depositary "Smart Capital".
Compromat.RuGleb WolvesJune 18, 2013 dates back to a decision of the sole member of "Smart Capital" upholds the previous owner of the depository - the company "Velloton Ltd" - to withdraw from the participants. On the document bears the signature of the attorney "Santariny" and trustee Simon - Gleb Volkov. And now the investigation will prove that claim "Vellotona" about the withdrawal from the "Smart Capital" fabricated, falsified and this - the work of Vadim Kiselev."Gentlemen of Fortune" on call
But the fraudulent seizure depositary was only a means to achieve this goal - the theft of stored therein packets of shares of energy companies. The classic illustration of the principle "that the guard, then we have." As it is now found out a consequence, with the seizure of fraud and embezzlement depositary shares of it developed a team of "gentlemen of fortune". The materials of the investigation appear all those who helped Kiselev and Simonov.
Compromat.RuPavel BurtsevThe most serious complaints about the investigation - Pavel Burtsev, the youngest partner Kiseleva, co-owner of "Domion" and "Grape Park" and former CEO Dmitry Kareyev depositary. It Burtsev and Kareev doing paperwork so that eventually Simonov became the beneficial owner of the depositary "Smart Capital". Helped Burtsev 30-year-old chief financial officer and the owner of "Energotrans" Dmitry Kalyadin, the actual head of the depositary 33-year-old Ukrainian Elena Shevyakova, 24-year-old manager George Syagaev and general director of OOO "Garant" 35-year-old Sergei Rozin.Mr. Ignacio Cantu and "evil Chechens"
At the end of 2013 there were information about the new ownership stakes in three sales companies previously owned "Novgorodoblenergosbytu" "Kuban Energy Retail Company", "Tambov Energy Retail Company" and OAO "Stavropolenergosbyt." The owner of the first package of the company was a kind of "IES", the owner of two other packages has become an offshore "East Capital Ltd", whose beneficiaries are not named yet. The cost of only the three packages is about 870 million rubles. The fate of the remaining eight packages is still unknown.
But it is known legal mechanism by which Vadim Kiselev, as suggested by consequence, failed to snitch the assets from the present owner - JSC "Novgorodoblenergosbyt." It turns out that between "Novgorodoblenergosbytom" and "Smart kepitalom" a contract was signed, according to which "smart" in addition to the right to get the right storage management and sales. What, in fact, engaged.
Yuri Simonov unexpectedly resigned from the shareholders' RegionEnergo. " And along with Vadim Kiselev I started to manage so successfully mined the property for their own benefit.
The fact that their assets changed hands, the representatives of "Novgorodoblenergosbyt" and offshore companies are neither sleep nor spirit. And just wondered why in the "Smart kepitale" and "Tusk Quadro Securities" under the most ridiculous excuses do not fulfill their basic requirements - do not give out information on the accounts of depot, do not fulfill orders the owners of shares of the change of personal data and transfer of securities in Other depository? In short, for no apparent reason they refuse to do what is required to make any employees Depository Company on behalf of clients.
Moreover, the written justification for such failures could not be achieved, and employees live "Novgorodoblenergosbyta" heard absolutely absurd explanations - for example, that their documents "do not meet the requirements of the depositary." That is, when the "Smart Capital" took deposited securities are consistent with its requirements and then again - and stopped! As a result of useless conversations with employees of the holders of depositary securities moved the statements to the police.
Meanwhile, scammers have changed the legal address of the depositary - his new house became a residence permit on 28 Street in Red Petrozavodsk in Karelia. The corresponding decision March 18, 2014 was signed by the director of the sole member of "Smart" - an offshore company "Santarina Systems Inc." - Mr. Ignacio Cantu. And as representatives of the "Novgorodoblenergosbyta" tried to put pressure on Vadim Kiselev, in addition to information on the residency of the Karelian heard horror stories about unknown, but terrible Chechen Raiders - say, they seized the company and took away its legitimate leadership all the documents and hard drives. Because of what to fulfill the legitimate demands of the owners of shares in energy companies is not possible ...
To "raider attack" looks like a real, Vadim Kiselev decision showed "Santorini" about changing the general director of "Smart Capital" on certain Yevgeny Kharitonov. Ostensibly this document Chechen raiders seized at once controlled their power company.
On paper there was the date - April 14, 2014. And in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of the record appears in the "Smart Capital" of the previous director general appeared only 23 of April. Thus disappeared the last doubts: "evil Chechens" could learn about the general director of the depository, which would change only from the Vadim Kiselev.
Compromat.RuYevgeny KharitonovAnd then, double-blind chance and played with impudent raiders cruel joke. It happens when the body begins to inflate the feeling of impunity. And the thought that around one fuckers, rings a bell in my head joyful. Once on the plane, "Moscow - Petrozavodsk" representatives "Novgorodoblenergosbyta" caught my eye "Chechens designated" Director of "Smart Capital" Eugene Kharitonov. Then he noticed the train "Petrozavodsk - Moscow." Both times gendir found himself in, accompanied by the very friendly Gleb Volkov attorney "Santorini" and attorney Yuri Simonov.
Later, law enforcement officials found that a single owner LLC "Smart Capital" - offshore "Santarina Systems Inc." - Still under the control is Mr. Simonov. And all indications are that he will get well, and the role of the beneficiary of the crime. At the very least, it is in the hands of justice, taking into account the set Kiselev irrefutable evidence will inevitably have to answer for their deeds. Not in its interest not in his power to "take all the": against the evidence, documents, fixed the operation accomplices, as they say, do not trample. And worthy of punishment, hopefully, overtake each "hero" of this unprecedented shareholder fraud.