The fact that if Sergei Lalakin put all his official awards, he will look not worse than any minister, was told by one of the operational staff of the Interior Ministry, who more than 20 years is 'developing' Luchok and members of the “Podolsk” group. In the 90s this officer went to the place of the bloodiest "showdown" of "Podolsk" when they shot eight opponents at a time. decided to check this information: Luchok, given his personality, could have received no state awards and medals but orders from some non-governmental organizations, which are now multiple. The website of the Kremlin, as well as the databases that store orders and other official documents have got no mention about rewardings of Lalakin. But "murder will out"

The Information about the award of the leader of "Podolsk" organized crime groups is in the official press releases of two sports departments. Apparently, they did not know that Luchok awards should not go public.So, let's open the press release of Rossport on June 28, 2007 ( about a meeting of the board of the agency. At the end of the message there is the following statement: "According to the existing tradition at the College, and in accordance with the presidential decree, sportsmen and workers of the branch were awarded by state awards. For merits in the development of physical culture and sports, for many years of hard work, the following people were rewarded ... ". Then there is a long list of famous coaches, doctors and so on, in which such name as "LALAKIN Sergey Nikolaevich - the chairman of the sports club" Vityaz ", the chief adviser of the Russian Boxing Federation President was mentioned." There was a postscript nearby, that he was awarded not by a diploma or a watch, but a medal "For Service to the Motherland» II degree.

Now let's open another press release - "Paralympic Committee of Russia" December 2014. It is reported that, our Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko and President of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Vladimir Lukin handed state and departmental awards of the Russian Federation  in the Museum of Paralympic sport. "Based on the Presidential Decree of the Russian Federation "For the contribution in preparation and staging of XI Paralympic Winter Games 201,"said in the press release.4 in Sochi ": awarded Lalakin Sergey Nikolaevich - the Chairman of the Council for the Promotion of All-Russian Sports Federation for people with the defeat of the musculoskeletal system is awarded by the Order of Friendship (

There is even a photograph in which the main sports functionary Mutko and the main human rights activist Lukin, give the Order to Luchok.It should be noted that the Order of Friendship is extremely high state award: in seniority among the Russian orders, it is the fifth. It is worth noting that in the asset of Chairman SK Alexander Bastrykin there are only two Orders, whereas the head of the Interior Ministry, Vladimir Kolokoltsev does not have any, he was awarded by medals only.

It is clear that the head of state does not study the list of hundreds of recipients thoroughly. This should be done by his staff, representatives of the presidential administration. It was enough to make a request about his identity in the Interior Ministry, in order to  remove Luchok from such lists once and for all. Or the officials knew who they claim to be awarded and their actions is something more than just carelessness? It might be ok if all Lalakin's criminal merit  stayed in the 90s. No, he is now the head of his group and is engaged in bloody business, taking into account the new realities. Here are some examples.
Shooting of tycoon who owns $ 1 billion real estate
    January 22, 2014 in Korolev near Moscow a prominent businessman Alexander Mineev was shot. In the 90s and early 2000s, he owned a network of shops "Party" and "Domino" which traded home appliances. He invested the profits from this business in the purchase of retail and office complexes in Moscow. As a result, it turned out to be an asset of 21 buildings with a total cost of $ 1 billion. The ownership was complex and went into offshore companies. In recent years Mineev himself lived in London and Boris Karamatov managed his assets. The latter decided to steal the buildings and for this reason turned to a relative Dmitry Kurylenko. He, in turn, recalled his friend, who lived in Israel, a businessman Mikhail Nekrich, who has a long trail of blood from 90-s. The operation to seize the buildings was going to be expensive and Nekrich attracted Boris Berezovsky's son-in-law George Schuppe (also lives in London).

Together they invested in the raider seizure $ 6 million and when shopping and office centers were being corresponded from offshore companies controlled Mineev on offshore companies controlled by scams, the representatives of the oligarch noticed all these manipulations. Mineev appealed to the courts and law enforcement bodies after which he was immediately shot. After a year of investigation in the Moscow region SC GUS unravelled the whole ball. But it was not complete. Operatives found that Nekrich was not going to leave the building for himself. He found buyers for them in advance, who did not bother criminal origin of the property. So that customer was Luchok.  In fact, after Lalakin's talk to Nekrich about Mineev's actions the last was killed. Now, for the real estate a fierce war is going on with the involvement of corrupt police officers. And it is accompanied by periodic attempts of one of the parties to the conflict, Podolsk group, to seize the buildings by force. The actions of attacking force are managed by Sergey Lalakin's son - Maxim (officially listed as Styness company executive).
Oligarch's Poisoning
       July 25, 2013 at the age of 45 in Moscow, under mysterious circumstances died the owner of the "Joint construction company" and the bank "Renaissance" Dmitry Bliznyuk.

That day, he met his business partner in the World Trade Center. Suddenly, during the lunch the tycoon had a foam giong through his mouth. The ambulance arrived to the place and claimed death. It turned out that the oligarch had been poisoned. Immediately after his death, Luchok and "Podolsk" got a number of shopping centers owned previously by Bliznyuk. In particular, TC "Shaiba."
  Luchok and nephew of the chief doctor of Russia
     In August 2015 the Tagansky district court in Moscow arrested a businessman Alexei Rochal - nephew of the famous Russian pediatrician Leonid Rochal. He was accused of raider seizure of the shopping center "Sphere" on Novy Arbat. The businessman, having previously had a few convictions, denied the guilt. That is not surprising. Otherwise, he had to give evidence about the organizer of the raider capture - Sergei Lalakin. was not lazy, and received information about Lalakin especially for the employees of the presidential administration from the databases of the Interior Ministry.
 ======= Organized Crime Group 2003 RUSSIA =======Surname ............ LALAKINName ................ SERGEIMiddle Name........... NIKOLAEVICHNickname ............. LUCHOKNationality .... RUSSIANPlace of Birth …. MOSCOW REGION, PODOLSKPhone home ........ 0Office phone ....... 0Addresses .............

CAN live at the address: PODOLSK, KRASNOGVARDEYSKY BOULEVARD, 37, 62Addition ......... He began his career on a vegetable base. Racketeering, fraud in car sale were his maim activities. Now he completely moved away from criminal activity, he is organizing it. He travelled abroad after dismantling with Ingush organized crime groups.Address .............. Moscow region. Podolsky district, Podolsk, Krasnogvardeysky boulevard ....Surname ............ LALAKIN SERGEI NIKOLAEVICHPassport............ 07 IR issued 08/12/1977 3 OM MO Podolsk (Moscow region police)Date of birth 11/25/1956 born ...... MOSCOW REGION Podolsk
--- Database --- OCG (Organized Crime Group)Lalakin Sergey Nikolaevich, born in 1956 Alias - LuchokLocation - a separate apartment. Stay - since 1990. Podolsk, Krasnogvardeysky BoulevardOperational Category - leader of an organized criminal group, the authorized underworld leader. Participates in a group of Lalakin Luchok (Podolsk)
Leader of Podolsk OCG
ABOUT INDIVIDUALSurname ............ LALAKIN SERGEI (07 IR 6) (born 11.25.1956)Address .............. PODOLSK, KRASNOGVARDEYSKIY BOULEVARDNote ......... Leader of Podolsk OCGOrganization ........ Company INTERSELHOZPRODUKTNickname  ............ LUCHOKWIFE .............LALAKINA VALENTINA PETROVNA (born 02.09.1957) (12 IR 56COMPANY .......................... INTERSELHOZPRODUKTShort name ................ INTERSELHOZPRODUKTLegal address ............... 117133, Teply Stan st., 27, 69Tax inspection ............. 28Registration number  ...........166698Registration date ................18.05.1995 Business activity ................ cateringDirector ........................ KOTLYAR LEONID MEEROVICHNumber of physical founders ... 7Code of Enterprise ........................ 41562419
--- Physical founders ---KARMISHKINA NINA MIKHAILOVNA (27 MJ 645 632) 117 603 Academic Chelomey St, 8-1-477BOGDANOVSKAYA IRINA VALENTINOVNA (29 MJ 538450) 129224 t.4792020, Grekov St., 4-53KOTLYAR LEONID MEEROVICH  (5 SB 653 724) 117 603 Academic Chelomey, 8-1-477LALAKINA VALENTINA PETROVNA (7 IR 567 346) Podolsky district., Village Lemeshevo, Zarechnaya St. 2ALIBEKOV GREGORY SURENOVICH (45 98 518419) 117133 t.3395809, Teply Stan St., 27-69SHATIRYAN MELINE VOLODYAEVNA  (3 FC 722 677) 117133 t.3398350, Teply Stan St., 27-484 
Known members of the group:
Name - Beliy E.A.Name - GAVRILIN D.A. Nickname - CUBEName - GUBKIN (BROTHERS)Name - Gubkin Alexander Leonidovich 1958, Nickname - Rizhiy, Stolz. Location - separate apartment since 1990, Podolsk, Parkovaya St., 37, Apt. 41Name - Doronkin M.V.Name - Kruglov Sergey Viktorovich, Nickname - Beard, Sergei Beard, Date of birth - 05/06/59Name - Nikipelov A.I.Name - Perevyazkin Nikholay Evgenyevich, Date of birth - 01/02/57Name - Popov Sergey, Nickname - Pop (Priest)Name - Rebrov, Nickname - Sedoy (gray)Name - Reznik A.E.Name - Alexander RomanovName - Rotan BorisName - Sobol NikholayName - Shukalin D.A.
Persons associated with OCG
Name - Pavlinov Nikolai Borisovich, Nickname - Pavlin

 Year of birth - 1957Name - Pavel Zakharov, Nickname - Tsirule, Tsirule-Sukhumi, Pasha Tsirule, BEAST, Year of birth - 1939
The information about the activities of organized crime groups "Podolsk"
       In the early 90-s the criminal team of Raf, Skoch, Bahora, Juliana and Sobols was known as Podolsko-Sherbinskaya and specialized in the Khitan, playing thimbles, Palm off dolls. They shared these activities with Golyanovskaya team. Sometimes they got orders for knocking  money out of debtors. "Podolsk" worked in the Southern port, technical center in Varshavskaya, motel Mozhaisk, in Taganka and in Golyanovo on the run. Notable areas of influence were Podolsk, Shcherbinka, Chekhov. "Podolsk" OCG was one of the largest in Moscow (up to 500 active members, more than 20 of which - renowned authorities in the underworld). Among the leaders - Sergey Popov (Pop), Boris Rotan, Gubkin brothers, Nicholay Pavlinov.

        During 1995, OCG suffered a series of losses - the hired killers killed one of Gubkin brothers , authority Nikolai Sobol (former associate of Globe)Alexander Romanov, Rebrov (or Sedoy).

         There is no concrete curator of thieves at Podolsk group. Sometimes they bump with Balashikha neighbors - thieves-in-law Alexander Zakharov (Zahar) maintain good relations with some of Moscow organized crime groups, in particular, the Izmailovo. Leaders of "Podolsk" once were very close with Starick (OCG was one of them supervised groups).

        Many members of the group were convicted of extortion. Now the OCG specializes in racketeering, robbery attacks and assassinations. In particular, the fightes of organized crime group have repeatedly traveled to carry out contract killings in other regions and even abroad. In legal business the OCG controls a number of commercial structures of Moscow and the Moscow region and is engaged in trade of land and real estate. In "Podolsk" there is the largest pooled cash fund in comparison to other organized crime groups in the Moscow region.       

Thus, the notorious mistress IPE Vlastilin  Valentine Solovyova, according to some sources, added to "Podolsk" pooled cash fund allegedly several hundred billion rubles.        The group is well equipped - the automatic weapon of domestic and foreign production, pistols, grenades, and explosives. Good cars (mainly foreign), many cars are equipped with radio telephones.
         The leaders of the organized crime group have repeatedly traveled abroad to build links with the Mafia in the United States and Europe. Maintained contact with Yaponchick.        The "Podolsk" do not allow the Caucasian group in their territory, although southerners are allowed to trade in the markets, keep points of catering, but no more. All attempts to penetrate the territory controlled by the Podolsk group ended in failure for the Chechens, Ingush and Azerbaijanis. After a series of tough fights Caucasians were forced to retreat.

Another reference of this OCG
       Podolsk organized criminal group - one of the largest in Moscow. There are up to 500 active members, 20 of them are known as authorities. One of the most stable in composition and was launched in the mid 80s.    The geographical areas of influence - Podolsk, Chekhov, Serpukhov of Moscow region, as well as a series of points in Moscow (see. Specialization in the legal business).       Permanent leader - Sergei Lalakin (Luchok). He has no criminal record and was born in 1956 in Podolsk. His career began at the vegetable base - hence the nickname. Racketeering, fraud in the sale of cars were his main activities. Now he is completely away from the particular criminal activity and only concerned with its organization. After a showdown with the Ingush OCG he went abroad.      Luchok's deputies are previously convicted Sergey Popov (Pop), Boris Rotan, Gubkin brothers (one of them recently shot), Nikolai Pavlinov (he was even wanted to be crowned as a kingpin, but he suddenly bacame a drug addict).During 1993, the group suffered a series of losses - assassins removed one of the brothers Gubkin, authorities Nikolai Sobol (former associate kingpin Valery Dlugach - Globe), Alexander Romanov, Rebrov (Sedoy).       There is no concrete curator of thieves at Podolsk group. Sometimes they bump with Balashikha neighbors - thieves-in-law Alexander Zakharov(Zahar, Shurick) maintains good relations with some of Moscow organized crime groups, in particular, the Izmailovo (the leader - Anton Malevskiy). Leaders of "Podolsk" once were very close with Otari Kvantrishvili (OCG was one of them supervised groups).      Podolsk members started their criminal activities with primitive racket and playing thimbles. Many members of the group were convicted of extortion. OCG even now specializes in racketeering, kidnapping, robbery and assassinations. In particular, the fighters of organized crime group have repeatedly traveled to carry out contract killings in the United States (fee - $ 10 000).       The OCG monitors the structure of Moscow and Moscow region, which are engaged in export and import of consumer goods. They also control auto repair services in Varshavskoe highway and in Chekhov. Under the influence of Podolsk are most of the banks and oil trading companies in Podolsk, Chekhov and Serpukhov districts of Moscow region. Other areas of legal money investment is trade in land and real estate. They have well-established relations with the administration of controlled areas, have their own people in law enforcement.       In "Podolsk" there is the largest pooled cash fund in comparison to other organized crime groups in the Moscow region. It is one of the richest OCG.

The group is well equipped - the automatic weapon of domestic and foreign production, pistols, grenades, and explosives. Good cars (mainly foreign), many cars are equipped with radio telephones.        Favorite meeting place of "Podolsk" - Hotel Rus (located at the exit of the ring on the Mozhaisk highway).       The leaders of the organized crime groups have repeatedly traveled abroad to build links with the local mafia in the US and Europe, particularly in Belgium. They have good contacts with Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchick)

Many leaders run  commercial banks in the US and Europe through nominees and have real estate there.       If employees of the presidential administration are too lazy to make inquiries in the Interior Ministry, then they can google in the Internet. For example, on the website of the newspaper "Kommersant", especially for them, there is a link to the material 1995 on the arrest of the current order bearer Luchok and his bandits with an arsenal of weapons. ( And here is the material from 1996 on the withdrawal of the FSB and the Interior Ministry of  20 machine guns and 36 kg. explosives from Luchok and his gang ( Another article from 1997, about the attempt of assassination on Lalakin during criminal "showdown» (