Yesterday it became known that employees GUS TFR and CID have made significant progress in the investigation of the attempted murder of a former reporter "Kommersant" Oleg Kashin, a perfect autumn 2010. The charge of assault on a journalist was charged with three guards of the St. Petersburg JSC "Mechanical Plant", included in the defense of JSC "Barrier". According to the plot of the charges, the crime could organize the ex-manager of "Barrier" Alexander Gorbunov, pay according to one of the performers, 3.3 million rubles. As a consequence of suspects, Mr. Gorbunov journalist decided to take revenge for the fact that the correspondence had insulted his friend - the governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak. This accusation to Mr. Gorbunov is not shown, in fact, the investigation itself wants to release him from prison.Resolution of charges Danilo Veselova, Mikhail and Vyacheslav Borisov Kavtaskinu (it was last charged in absentia, as he is hiding abroad) issued an investigator for particularly important cases GUS TFR Alex Serdyukov. I suspect he incriminated "attempted murder of a group of persons by prior conspiracy of greed or self-employed" (Art. 30 and 105 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, a crime they persuaded Alexander Gorbunov. "Not later than 16 August 2010, the Gorbunov appeared criminal intent to commit the murder of journalist of the publishing house" Kommersant "Oleg Kashin," - says the document, which is available to the "b".According to investigation, the then managing director of the holding "Leninist" (later transformed into a joint-stock company "Barrier"), Alexander Gorbunov journalist decided to take revenge for the fact that the "correspondence in the online journal" insulted his friend, the governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak.

As follows from the plot allegations organization offense took over Alexander Gorbunov, and the rest as follows. Daniel Veselov received from Mr. Gorbunov money for training crime accomplices took other guards Machinery Plant - Kavtaskina Mikhail and Vyacheslav Borisov. Together they bought two Ford Focus and a Mitsubishi Lancer, then purchased a fake license plates, set them in the car and went to them in October 2010 in Moscow, where he stayed in a rented apartment.Cars are used for surveillance of the journalist Kashin, eventually spending his goal edition "Kommersant" on the street Vrubel, 4 to his apartment on the street Pyatnitskaya. Already on November 4 says the decision of the investigator, Daniel Veselov met with Mr. Gorbunov and said that the place of residence of the journalist found, and in return received the order for his murder. Two days later, the three performers set off to carry out his plan. Michael Kavtaskin on the Ford Focus stayed close to home on Pyatnitskaya waiting accomplices, and they lay in wait for journalists already in the yard. After midnight, when Mr. Cashin stood at the gate of the fence surrounding the yard to it first came Daniel Veselov, held in his hand a bouquet of flowers. Professional athlete-wrestler, and he is the first to hit the victim. Then, in the case it involved Vyacheslav Borisov, who started beating the journalist scrap of reinforcement.The brutal beating lasted several minutes. Kill journalist attackers were unable through no fault of their reasons - the cries came a resident of the first floor, and the perpetrators for fear of being recognized, disappeared. The attack documented installed near CCTV cameras, shooting was later posted on the Internet.Almost immediately after the attack, all three returned to St. Petersburg, where Mr. Gorbunov, as stated in the case file handed Danilo Veselov 3.3 million rubles.Crime, recall, caused a huge public outcry. The investigation took over GUS TFR and its move to take control of the then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.Obviously, the fear that the investigation may soon reach them, the performers went to attack the Belarusian city of Mogilev, where they had been born Alexander Gorbunov, Vyacheslav Borisov. Last stayed in Belarus and gentlemen Veselov and Kavtaskin, waited until Russia will end active investigations, returned home.
Detained them in the spring of 2015 in St. Petersburg, not in the case of the attack on Mr. Kashin. According to investigators, Daniel Veselov, Michael Kavtaskin and others allegedly acting at the request of the deputy director of "Barrier" for Administrative and Legal Affairs Alexander Meshkov and posing as the FSB and the police, was kidnapped April 1st, 2014 Alexander Gorbunov. Criminals robbed a businessman of $ 5 thousand., Cell phone and laptop. And to top it off, making him a shot, made a videotape to admit involvement in the assassination of the journalist Kashin and released three days later. Record as suggested by consequence, they planned to use to blackmail the victim.In May, police arrested Daniel and Michael Veselov Kavtaskin were arrested by the Moscow district court of St. Petersburg, and later accused of committing crimes under Part. 2 tbsp. And 126 h. 2 tablespoons. 162 of the Criminal Code (kidnapping and robbery committed by a group of persons). His appeal against the arrest of Mr. Veselov only, but the city court of St. Petersburg on June 9 left him in jail "Kresty". Alexander Meshkov, despite the fact that the suspect in the crime, was freed under house arrest.As told "Kommersant" the lawyer Mr. Gorbunov Vladislav Fomin, leave the "Barrier" Mr. Meshkov had after managing stock in the audit revealed financial frauds. Immediately after that, according to the defender, Mr. Sacks and organized the kidnapping of his head. According to the lawyer, the suspect has retained freedom because framed his former boss, pointing to the investigation of weapons caches, which contained a few dozen barrels, from pistols to machine guns, as well as a couple of kilograms of explosives, and saying that he belongs to Mr. Gorbunov. As suggested by the lawyer Fomin, namely Mr. Meshkov was able to get his former subordinates to testify against Mr. Gorbunov, in order to hold in jail. In this case, the firm, which is now working, Mr. Meshkov, according to the defense, would have had significant competitive advantages over the "screener". Get the comments of Mr. Meshkov, "Kommersant" has failed.A cache was found, and on June 26 of this year, Mr. Gorbunov detained by GUS TFR on charges of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons in an organized group (Art. 3 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code). The next day, the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg arrested him for two months, and the City Court upheld the detention.Interestingly, the prosecution suggested actors attempt on Oleg Kashin were just brought in a couple of days before the arrest of Mr. Gorbunov. And one of them, Michael Kavtaskin, pleaded guilty, hoping to subsequently enter into a pre-trial agreement on cooperation with prosecutors
At the same time, according to the Fomin lawyer, his client is accused and even suspect in the attack on the journalist of "b" is not. Apparently, due to the fact that the evidence in the case of illicit trafficking in arms and explosives to be submitted to the investigation is not very convincing, GUS TFR has already appealed to the Oktyabrsky District Court with a petition to change the measure of restraint to Mr. Gorbunov on house arrest. August 27 the court could not consider it - a new trial is scheduled for September 9.Himself Oleg Kashin is not inclined to overestimate the news of a breakthrough in the investigation. "The names of the performers and at least one of the organizers know - I treat it as a disclosure of the crime, but rather, it is the news" for understanding. "I am sure that further decisions on the case will be political, and take them are not a court and investigators "- he said" b ".Despite the fact that the charges in the case were filed more than two months ago, with the very victims, investigators have never contacted. According to Oleg Kashin, with him there were no investigative actions, including identification of the attackers.The press service of the governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak said they do not comment on the disclosure of the attack on Mr. Kashin. In turn, the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the results of the investigation, said that such cases - and it is a custom-made crime - investigation is very difficult and time-consuming, "but that does not mean that they are consigned to oblivion."Grigory Tumanov, Nikolai Sergeyev; Vladislav Litovchenko, St. Petersburg
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