When the correspondent of Rumafia.com last time was in the Prosecutor General's Office, he could only hear obscene jokes about Alexei Zakharov, "switches of green birch twigs" and "girls” in the local "smoking room". Not really knowing what it was about, the reporter of this article asked his companions about this  matter. But, they only smiled slyly and did not explain anything.  Their colleagues from the supervisory authority and a member of one of the security agencies turned to be more talkative. According to their version, Alexei Zakharov, like a lot of men, likes to visit bath with friend. However, one of his bath was extremely unfortunate for him.

      It turned out that all the rooms of the baths were equipped with video cameras, and they were there at the request of one of the security agencies.  Soon ofter that Zakharov’s father-in-law - the all-powerful Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu - got a film category XXX, in which the lead role was Alexei Zakharov surrounded by beautiful girls, with all the imaginable consequencies.

     The daughter of Shoigu Yulia quickly learned about her husband Alexei Zakharov’s bathhouse orgy. She is a stromg-willed woman, a head of the Center of Emergency Psychological Aid EMERCOM and repeatedly traveled to places of major accidents and disasters. The woman was resolute - divorce. A divorce is threatened Zakharov "falling out" of the Shoigu family  that  is tantamount to catastrophe.

      Three or four years ago, Alexei Zakharov was an ordinary employee of the prosecutor's office, and changed various unimportant positions: the Deputy Prosecutor of Zhukovsky, the Deputy Basmanny Interdistrict Prosecutor, the Deputy North-West transport prosecutor.

     But marriage with Yulia Shoigu changed everything radically and Zakharov began literally “to fly” through the ranks. He was a deputy prosecutor of Moscow, then he became Deputy Chief of the Main Department for Supervision over the the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. then he became the Head of Department for Supervision of Investigations in the Ministry of Interior of Russia and the Russian Federal Drug Control Service. And after six months of work in the GP of Russia, in 2013, he was made the prosecutor of the Moscow region.

      And in 2015, there were gossips that in the coming, 2016 Zakharov may be the Deputy Attorney General. But, if Yuri Chaika, Prosecutor General retired, then Zakharov will be one of the main contenders for the post.

    And before the finishing spurt to the heights of power, such an unpleasant incident in a bath. Sources Rumafia.com say Yulia Shoigu would not hear about anything but divorce for two months. Zakharov all the time was down in the mouth. But recently, he begged forgiveness from his wife. Divorce will not happen, but rigorous father-in-law gave him a kind of probation period: one wrong step and he will once again become a deputy prosecutor of Zhukovsky. As a result Zakharov refused his favorite baths: either "girls" and "birch switches" or a successful career.