Fall of Kremlin gray cardinals

The head of "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov and presidential support Eugeny Shkolov are no longer "gray cardinals" of the Kremlin. They are not so close to the president, as they were before, there are no queues of officials and businessmen, eager to have an audience. The reasons for removal of the head of state are simple. Chemezov was spotted in questionable spending of billions of budgetary funds. And Shkolov was caught trying to conduct personnel policy in the various ministries and departments using security forces.

Sergey Chemezov: Plywood helicopter for 3 billion rubles

When in 2014 Rumafia.com correspondents asked the "inhabitants" of the Kremlin and big businessmen, who is now the closest person to Vladimir Putin, everyone told - Chemezov. Chemezov was acquainted with Vladimir Putin since the mid-80s, when the former led representative association "Luch" in GDR, and the latter worked in East Germany for the Soviet KGB. No surprise, the director of "Rostec" had unlimited access to the head of state and he could directly express his ideas. As a result, the state corporation rolled in the budget billions and gradually expanded the scope of activities. Businessmen were ready to pay  $ 500 thousand and more only for the opportunity to meet with Chemezov for at least five minutes.

However, as the same Kremlin "inhabitants" told Rumafia.com, now the situation has changed. Vladimir Putin began to frustrate about Chemezov. (Approximately the same happened to another President Vladimir Putin's old friend Yakunin, who first lost Putin's trust and then lost the position of the president of Russian Railways). During the economic crisis, it became obvious that a lot of large projects of "Russian Technologies", which got billions of rubles from the budget, were simply fiction. Here are just a few examples.

In August 2015 on air show "MAKS-2015" the viewers, among whom was Vladimir Putin, were to see the new core "subsidiary" of "Russian Technologies" Company "Helicopters of Russia" - the latest multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62, designed with the latest world achievements of the aviation industry. The state has invested more than 2 billion rubles in this project, but they were successfully "eaten" by Chemezov's state corporation. In 2012, the first sample of the Ka-62 was shown at the exhibition HeliRussia. After this the date of testing in 2013 was announced, and the date of certification of the Ka-62 in 2014. However, neither in 2013 nor in 2014, the helicopter did not appear.

 As before, everyone could see only a plywood mock-up presented at HeliRussia. As a result, "Russian Technologies" in 2014 asked 515.5 million rubles to allocate Ka-62 from the federal budget. Later, this amount increased by 82.4% - up to 940.5 million rubles. And this is at time when the crisis has already started in the country. But for the money Chemezov promised that the new product will finally be presented and foreign buyers, as well as the head of state will be able to see it at the MAKS-2015. A flight tests were planned for April 2015. That did not happen. Besides the old plywood layout, nothing has been shown. Now the "Russian Technologies" promise to begin tests in December 2016. However, sources from Rumafia.com are confident that it will not happen. As a result, the question arises: what happened to the billions of budget allocated for the Ka-62? At the same time for the president, who carefully monitored the project, the situation is also quite obvious.

Another Chemezov's "project"  is his relative - Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov. It was Manturov who was assigned to mentor strategic objective of import substitution. The task accompanied by corresponding budget funding. However, it turned out to be a complete failure: the attempt to have  "all Russian" in the Russian Federation failed.

Instead of performing the tasks set by Vladimir Putin, Chemezov and Manturov are engaged in "development" of budget funds and capture new businesses, giving them an opportunity to get more money from the treasury. This summer Manturov became the Chairman of the Board of "United Aircraft Corporation" (UAC), thus formalizing the control of the UAC, which Chemezov and his relative, the Minister, informally had long time ago. In this regard, sources from Rumafia.com remembered another project ("Frigate"), which Chemezov and Manturov also related to. It was presented as a "revolutionary passenger plane" (using a cross-section of the fuselage, which has an elliptical shape), which will be immediately "snapped" by foreign buyers. As a result, the project "Frigate" got huge state budget but the plane has not appeared. Even in the form of plywood layout. Recently, the project was abandoned. Again the question arises: where is the budget?

"New technologies" from "Rostec" - amber mining with buckets

"Russian Technologies" decided to revive the former glory of amber and emerald industry of Russia. As a result, Chemezov's corporation received "Kaliningrad Amber Plant" in his management and the largest in Eurasia Malyshev emerald mine. Immediately, the media was filled with materials about amber plant and the successful works, the introduction of new technology and so on. It is worth saying that "Russian Technologies" spent huge sums on PR-support of their projects and blocking the negative articles about Chemezov and the companies belonging to the corporation until the mid-2015. As a result, most of the "high-profile" Chemezov's projects existed only in the newspaper articles. In fact, they were completely failed. The example of which can be the case of the same amber plant. Under the auspices of Rostec (Russian Technologies are called now) Plant spent 2 years. During this time no steps  in the direction of "new technological level" are made. Under the instructions of the director Michael Zatsepin the workers go along the bottom of the quarry and gather the largest pieces in tin buckets. The extracted raw amber is sent to Moscow using "black schemes". Then most of amber (about 120 tons) goes to China.

Kremlin sources of Rumafia.com remember these and many other similar stories about Chemezov, which did not escape from Vladimir Putin's eyes. It is clear that the head of state has a lot of questions to Sergey Chemezov. The more questions are artised, the further the president stays from the head of Rostec. Yet, Chemezov did not fell into disgrace. But he has, according to sources Rumafia.com, no longer unrestricted access to the president and the businessmen do not so zealously seek Chemezov's attention at least for a moment.
During his activity the head of Rostec amassed a lot of enemies who are waiting for the "signal" to begin to "tear" him apart . Our interlocutors say that this "signal" will be Manturov's resignation. This would mean that Chemezov finally dropped out of Putin's trust.

"Grey Cardinal" of security forces went into the shadows

Starting from 2012 the Russian security forces got a curator. It was the assistant to the president Yevgeny Shkolov. He, like Chemezov, has long been familiar with Vladimir Putin. In the 80-s Shkolov was a KGB agent and worked together with Putin in the East German residency. While serving as president counselor Shkolov could easily organize any personnel changes in almost all the security agencies (except FSB), disregarding the opinion of the heads of these departments. And the generals lined up to his office willing to convey his position. Getting Shkolov's support, they almost automatically received the support of the president. Rumafia.com sources say that the role of the curator of the security forces became too small for Shkolov and he decided to expand the sphere of influence. Here he put his foot into it.

Shkolov's main strike force is the head of the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobov. His subordinates weekly conducted operations against officials of various ministries, state corporations, the vice-governor, and so on. It seemed that the actions of Sugrobov's subordinates are chaotic: if investigators learned about some corruption case, they immediately began to eliminate it. It turned out that it is not like that. Sugrobov had an influential "puppeteer "

It all came out when GUEBiPK decided to carry out an operation against members of the FSB. Mishandled agent began to offer money to counterintelligence; they took him to the "development" and found that he was managed by GUEBiPK Russian Federation. According to sources Rumafia.com, despite all Sugrobov's precautions, the FSB of the Russian Federation managed to install recording equipment in his office and other places, where he was. As a result, they recorded a meeting of Sugrobov with Shkolov's staff, during which the latter passed on the recommendation to the head of the Russian GUEBiPK from the "Chief": which agency (or governor) should be checked due to "anti-corruption" programme. It turned out that all the big Russian GUEBiPK operations were not chaotic but carried out in Shkolov's favour so he would have the opportunity to carry out the necessary personnel policy in other departments, despite his lack of authority there.

When the FSB of the Russian Federation held the detention of  GUEBiPK operatives for organizing provocations against counterintelligence, Shkolov rushed to his protege for help. The court even refused to arrest them. Sources Rumafia.com say that only after the head of state has been provided with record where Sugrobos subordinates decide in which department they urgently need to identify and arrest corrupt officials, and no matter what methods they would use, the approve for the operation against not only investigators, but also the entire management of GUEBiPK was given. As a result, even his head Denis Sugrobov was behind bars.

Shkolov, stayed as assistant to the president, though, but was stripped of most of the previous authorities. He ceased to be a "gray Cardinal" of security forces and now are not capable of solving any personnel issues in the law enforcement unit, and the generals does not even remember about him.