In recent months, the media actively discussed the scandals associated with the name of the founder and owner of the largest in the Russian PR-agency "Mikhailov and Partners" Sergei Mikhailov. Chief PR Khodorkovsky, the conductor of the Turkish business interests, the master development of public budgets, the American agent of influence - anything can be found in the rich biography of Mr. Mikhailov. But "partners" in the agency's name is no accident put: King, known to play a retinue. And in this case we can not ignore and chief among the partners - his wife.
Spouses MikhailovJuliana Slaschova for the past six years, is the wife of Sergey Mikhailov. Julia was born in a poor family and, in his own words, making studying the seventh grade. With Mikhailov they met for a long time - a young employee in 1994 came to a beginner in Mikhailov only that the agency he created. Years later, in an interview with Forbes Julian proudly recalled, "I had to take one example, and from whom to learn - my mentor was the founder of the company Sergey Mikhailov." Most likely, the "mentoring" is not limited to strictly professional framework - in the future of Slaschova career and personal life are intertwined almost always. Learning the tricks of the profession bore fruit - the budding piarschitsa seven years he was promoted to junior managers to partner. However, whether the man does not seem at that time sufficiently promising, or simply bored with their instructions, but Slaschova left the company and went to work in the ESN Group.Vanity Mikhailov received a heavy blow, and he's using all means at its disposal the resources trying to reclaim their very valuable employee - for example, suggested that she take over as president of the agency. The IIP Julian back, but ... in the way of the reunification of the winner-loser student and the teacher got a member of the Board of RAO "UES" Andrew Trapeznikov. "I have long wanted to meet this man - to him was primarily a professional interest," - says Juliana in 2006. But, as it happened before, soon supplemented with professional interest and personal harmony. Julian was married to Andrew. Mikhailov was out of work, but did not lose heart and motivated by the desire to win the attention of Juliana literally burst into the corporate communications department of Russian Railways. Controlling costs giant monopoly is very difficult, and there was no need at that time to do it - money no one believed. Mihaylov was able to take advantage of this and correctly rigged tenders and through front companies such as Ltd. "Laith" deduced from the state corporation tens of millions of dollars, has won the prestigious position of board member. On schemes of work Mikhailov and his scandals related cases already mentioned more than once, so I will not today dwell on this matter.Changes in the balance of forces around him men of Julian could not help but feel it. Trapeznikov was pushed into the background, and following her husband our heroine was her favorite teacher - Sergei Mikhailov. But the rest on their laurels to him early. Trapeznikov left to heal a broken heart, "Rosnano", which suddenly became one of the largest customers led Juliana IIP. Slaschova not seen in society of young, attractive and unmarried billionaires, still in the period of the marriage of nanotechnology Trapeznikov. Mikhailov names among favorite hobby fishing, diving and hiking, but who knows what's going on in the boudoir diving Juliana, until Sergei peacefully sleeping in a tent or sitting with a fishing rod on the shore of the lake?Recent unexpected changes in Juliana's career shows that as husband and mentor Mikhailov himself completely exhausted. In 2013, she suddenly became general director of "CTC Media", a day not worked either on television or in a public company, even a junior manager. Obviously, surrounded by Juliana it appeared someone really powerful, compared with which that Mikhailov that Trapeznikov - small fry. But even he could not influence the behavior of the market and the laws of the work of a public company: the appointment Slaschova led to monstrous collapse of CTC shares and financial catastrophe from which the once lucrative channel can not recover to this day. Already in the first quarter of this year, the ruble revenues decreased by 25%. Dollar revenues fell even more - by 1.5 times. OIBDA margin decreased threefold. About any dividends to the shareholders in such grim realities can not walk and talk, but Slaschova satisfied with their work and pretend to be $ 10 million bonuses for management. And because the court of the crisis, paying personally imagine it required to produce in US dollars.With the US and the Western world in general connects many Julian. There, by the way, was born their first child with Mikhailov, according to local laws became an American citizen. Top-manager of IIP Ellen Pinchuk - American, which has close ties to the State Department, the Senate and other US government organizations, have proved very useful in international business IIP and beyond. Soon after the wedding with Mikhailov Slaschova received a residence permit in the United Kingdom, which is already quite could become and full citizenship. It seems that in the West have long been ready Juliana alternate. Who will be the next teacher, and her husband Slaschova that holds a lot of secrets of state monopolies and corporations? From which organization or even a country it will be? We shall soon see.Petr Nefedov