Activists regional branch of the Popular Front in Moscow called wasteful administrative office of the governor of the Moscow region and the governments of the region more than 1.77 billion rubles. rental of almost 1 thousand. cars, write "News". At the same time similar expenses of the regional authorities in 2015 suggest that the officials are not going to save on avtoobsluzhivanii.

According to the activists of the Popular Front near Moscow last year at the suburban transport service authorities announced three tenders. Two - for ministries and government offices outside Moscow (1.3 billion rubles.) And one - separately to manage the affairs of the governor and the regional government in the amount of 462 million rubles. But the most "veterans" surprised the number of cars it took to service officials - about a thousand.

Thus, despite the difficult economic situation in the country and calls on the part of the federal government to budgetary savings, the leaders of the Moscow region continue to spend vast sums on its own transport service. So, January 2, 2015 was contracted by the ministries and departments avtoobsluzhivanie area amounting to 690 million rubles. 648 vehicles. As noted in the Moscow branch of the ONF, the contract is only for six months - until June 30.

Administrative Department of the governor and the government of the Moscow region also decided not to be penny wise and have already ordered 172 car at 444 million rubles. At the same time another 17 January, according to the People's Front, the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, has instructed a third cut fleet officials.

"The study revealed two problems. First, unnecessarily spend more on transport for staff of ministries. Company car marked not only ministers and their zamam, and petty officials, while in crisis could allocate some duty machines that catered to other workers. Second, the tender story of the transport service also looks strange. Why was it necessary to give the tender SUO "Autoeconomy" whose services are more expensive than the representatives of small businesses, "- said the project manager ONF" for fair procurement "Anton Guetta.

It should be noted that the winner of tenders for transport services was SUE Moscow region "Autoeconomy" belonging to manage the affairs of the governor and the government of the region. According to the People's Front, "Autoeconomy" can not cope with their responsibilities, and almost half of services perezakazyvaet private business - LLC "Mosobltrans-1." Thus, in the years 2014-2015. between the organizations was signed four contracts worth 950.5 million rubles. The ONF emphasize that 70% of "Mosobltrans-1" belongs to the Israeli company Martash Holdings Ltd, and the remaining 30% of the son of the former Minister of Transport of the Moscow region Denis Katsyv.

The sole owner of Martash Holdings Ltd, according to an open source, is Denis Katsyv whose property and assets have been arrested in the US in the investigation "Magnitsky case." Himself Denis Katsyv and a number of its business partners, according to US prosecutors are related to money laundering, stolen as a result of the scam with the tax benefit fund Hermitage, in connection with which the Russian budget lost 5.4 billion rubles.

Earlier, the father of Denis Katsyv - Peter Katsyv served as vice governor and the Minister of Transport of the Moscow region, and in the autumn of last year was appointed vice-president of Russian Railways.

"Services SUO" Autoeconomy "taken out of the pockets of provincial taxpayers hundreds of millions of rubles. We hope that the already announced April 17 to reduce its fleet officials Governor Andrei Vorobyov move to action. Otherwise we will have to apply to the Accounting Chamber with a request to check this item of expenditure for the misuse of funds ", - concluded the ghetto.