Presnensky court of Moscow has extended the detention of ex-head of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor of Moscow and Moscow region Alexei Volkov until January 18, 2016. He is accused in receiving $ 500 thousand from relatives of the former vice-president of "First Republic Bank" (PWB) Sergey Hayrapetyan. This story could have remained a banal fraud, unless the evidence that Volkov gave. He said that he shared with then acting prosecutor of Moscow, Sergei Kudeneev. The latter eventually was forced to leave the post. During his revelation to investigators and employees of the FSB, Volkov has mentioned many other high-profile names. Correspondents studied the testimony of the talkative prisoner with interest and decided to share so amusing reading matter with site visitors. During reading the visitors will know who the deputy head of the Government of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Zabarchuk "baptizes" the child with, how the Land Forces Commander Oleg Salyukov celebrates his anniversary, and how the prosecutor Sergei Kudeneev delicately speak about bribery and discusses with which judges share the money with.


As follows from the Volkov’s speech, in the summer 2013 he visited "his old friend" Eugene Zabarchuk. The latter from 2006 to 2011 was Deputy Attorney General of the Russian Federation, and then was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Government. The reason for the spree was important - christening of Zabarchuk’s baby. After the sacrament, the guests moved to the restaurant of rest house "Arkhangelskoe", where Volkov was sitting near the imposing man with a mustache. He turned out to be Moscow prosecutor Sergei Kudeneev. Volkov and Kudeneev quickly found a common language and then had nice conversations during various events arranged by Zabarchuk on which they were indispensable guests.

In January 2015, Volkov, as follows from his statement, there was a conflict with a business partner, "Khachaturian E.S." By the way, it is interesting what kind of business could Volkov, who spent part of his life serving as a civil servant, and part of his life sitting in jail. Before detention he had "bureaucratic white band" and he officially held the position of Deputy Director of the Federal State Institution "Park of Culture and Recreation Ministry of Defence "Patriot".

One way or another, but as Volkov says, a scoundrel Khachaturian "seize" a piece of land in the settlement of Novomoskovsk Troitskiy area, registered at Volkov’s son. To return the "stolen property" our hero called Kudeneev on January 20, 2015 and made an appointment. Then Volkov came to the office of the public prosecutor of Moscow and asked for help. The help was immediate: Kudeneev called the Troitskiy prosecutor's office, and it organized the statement of Volkov’s son about "seizing" the land was transferred to the superior police unit.

But, it did not help. Apparently, Khachaturian also had his own "Kudeneev." As a result, bailiffs came to Volkov’s son and began to distrain the property for debt of 150 million rubles to Merganyan, a friend of Khachaturian.

Terrified Volkov-senior rushed to Kudeneev, and he did not refuse his friend. Kudeneev instructed the deputy prosecutor of the Central Administrative District of Moscow Berezikov to take "Volkov’s case." Berezikov "saluted" and began to "pull" employees DAEC to make them saw signs of corpus deals in the actions of the Volkov’s enemies. Volkov and Kudeneev repeatedly discussed the fight against these enemies, at their favorite restaurant "La Mare" and rest home "Arkhangelskoe".

First experience of communication in corrupt bunch Volkov-Kudeneev was successful. Therefore, it is not surprising that when Volkov got the case where he can make good money, he immediately thought of Kudeneev.

Levon Amedyan appealed to Volkov for help. He was the brother of former vice-president of "First Republic Bank" (PWB) Sergey Hayrapetyan, who was in jail on charges of embezzlement of the credit institution. Volkov said that he could help Sergei, because he "has good contacts in the prosecutor's office." In March 2015 Levon gave $ 100 000 to Volkov in restaurant "Asia Hall" on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. For these "contacts" of prosecutors, who are able to assist in the fate Hayrapetyan.

Volkov decided to discuss the topic with Kudeneev in an informal meeting. They often meet at various VIP-parties. In particular, both were among the guests at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Ministry of Defense of the Land Forces Commander Oleg Salyukov, which was held in one of the most expensive restaurants in Moscow - "La Mare".

At the celebration of Abdurahmoni’s birthday, who was engaged in the oil business, which was held at the restaurant on Tverskaya Street, Volkov asked Kudeneev to help Hayrapetyan. Later, they discussed this deal several times in the favorite restaurant "La Mare". Kudeneev stated that he has good contacts with Zamoskvoretsky Court, which will consider "Hayrapetyan case." Inspired by Volkov, Kudeneev took from Amedyan another $ 60 000, but he did nothurry to share the money with the prosecutor. Volkov thought that he will help out of friendship. As a result, at the time of sentencing Kudeneev  rested in Karlovy Vary, in his absence prosecutors asked for the maximum period for Hayrapetyan - 5 years, and the court gave him three years in prison.

Amedyan demanded Volkov to return $ 160 000. Volkov said that there is hope, and Hayrapetyan can be helped in considering an appeal against the verdict in the Moscow City Court. At this time, Volkov has decided not to be greedy. In June 2015 he went to the cottage of Kudeneev located in the recreation center "Arkhangelskoe". "One-store house with an attic from a bars" - our hero described home of the  prosecutor of Moscow in the interrogation,. There he stated bluntly to Kudeneev that Hayrapetyan's family raised $ 100 000 to a higher court to reduce the sentence to him. "I heard you. As the Jews say: "Before the deal it is a bribe, after it is gratitude," - said the public prosecutor of Moscow. And he began to explain that he can try to resolve the issue through the deputy chairman of the Moscow City Court Dmitry Fomin. But without some help judges can not guarantee anything: the servants of Themis can agree with the position of the prosecutor's office or may not agree.

During the "report" to Amedyan, Volkov informed him that "Hayrapetyan case" was solving successfully. However, Amedyan announced that he doubted Volkov’s possibilities.

Not knowing about this, Volkov decided to "show off" and invited Amedyan incognito to the restaurant "La Mare", where he, our hero had to meet Kudeneev. "I wanted to show Levon that I really talk and resolve issues with Kudeneev", - Volkov explained his action in the interrogation. Just in time for this meeting, the public prosecutor of Moscow said that the prosecution will ask Hayrapetyan reduce the period for one year.

In early July, the examination of the application of Hayrapetyan lawyers in Moscow City Court. Prosecutors actually asked to reduce the period of one year, but the court upheld the verdict.

Angered Amedyan said that it was "started up to chance" and nobody worked with judges. Volkov said that about "working with the judges' initially were no agreement, it's worth a lot more money. A prosecutor's office has fulfilled all the promises and asked to reduce the sentence.

Amedyan insisted - he needs a guaranteed work with the judges on appeal against the verdict in the court of cassation. Volkov went back to Kudeneev in Arkhangelskoe and announced that Hayrapetyan's relatives are willing to pay much more than $ 100 000 but to reduce the sentence of the banker in any case. "As I clearly understood from a conversation with Kudeneev he had to "solve" it with the judges, that is to give them the money," – said Volkov in the interrogation.

After a conversation with Kudeneev, Volkov announced to Amedyan at the mall "Sport Hit" on the highway Skolkovskoe that the issue of mitigation of punishment of Hayrapetyan will be positively resolved with the Moscow City Court for $ 500 000. At the same time he promised that Kudeneev for the amount would agree not only with Fomin, but also with the chairman of the Moscow City Court Olga Yegorova. Levon agreed. July 16, 2015 Volkov received from Amedyan $ 300 000 at the cafe "Coffeemania" on Pokrovka Street then was detained by the FSB.