Sevastopol thieves robbed the workers of "Rostec"

Corporation "Russian Helicopters" less pay attention to the actual helicopter construction, becoming a source of revenue for personal and family capital General Director of "Russian Technologies" Chemezov. The damage that caused to the sector corruption schemes, window dressing and folding core business, yet to be determined law enforcement. So far, the public are just some of the details of the picture, allowing, however, to judge the transcendent scale theft, corrosive corporation. A striking example - the scandal around chechmezovskogo favorite Alexander Gorbunov, the journalist Oleg Kashin accused of organizing an attempt on his life. Careful attention to the figure Gorbunov helped uncover fraud with fictitious trades allegedly for the purchase of spare parts for helicopters, which are processed headed by Gorbunov "Barrier". After the investigation began this helicopter scam, Sergey Chemezov has mobilized all his influence to get the suspect Gorbunova from prison. The fate of the missing 450 million of public money through the intervention of "Rostec" trial and the investigation is officially unknown.

Sergei Chemezov, in the 90 years mentioned in connection with the smuggling across the Finnish border. The materials on illegal shipments of cocaine and rare-earth metals collected by special services of Russia, the United States and the European Union featured trusted companions Chemezov - previously convicted Viktor Petrik, an American felon Sergei Adoniev and figures from "Solntsevo" organized crime groups, which chapter "Rostec" still prefers all the rest of the criminal clans in Russia.

The whole country has long overcome the madness of the 90s, but Chemezov and his friends, the time has changed. There is no crisis and no sanctions do not prevent them from engaging in systematic sabotage. And how else can be called a situation where engineering design enterprises are destroyed for the sake of - sale for personal interests Chemezov land on which they are placed? Previously, something like doing the odious Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, "set off" the traders a unique 31st State Planning Institute spetsstroitelstva (GPISS), reconstructed spaceports, design silo launchers of the Strategic Missile Forces, submarine berths and facilities of aerospace defense. Then, outraged public opinion, the minister lost his job, and the defense industry will get back its leading research institution. Now Serdyukov has gained a major position in the "Rostec", where he began to oversee the aviation industry.

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Anatoly Serdyukov


As a result, the main forces of the holding company "Russian Helicopters" are now involved in weaning real estate and land, as well as operations on the construction of a business center near Moscow Paveletskaya station. We consider the plan to transfer the Rostov helicopter plant to a new location in order to free the territory for the development business, and recently quite tangible threat looming over one of the oldest industrial areas of the city of Sevastopol - a state unitary enterprise "Sevastopol Aircraft Plant". Headed by his emissary holding "Helicopters of Russia" Alexey Tolmachev put forward an ultimatum: "If privatization and integration into the holding does not take place, then the plant can only produce and repair appliances."

Usually such things say when exactly know that no integration will not. But privatization did take place - and even know in whose favor. The fact that the residents of the city and promised to keep the company and jobs - so it's not promised Chemezov. It's not him and his friends have to fight with the consequences of a social explosion.

"Integration" is chemezovski should end the closure of the main part of the workshop. "Russian Helicopters" then get to the property tidbit urban area located in close proximity to the sea and with its own quay wall in Omega Bay. Plot area - 16, 7 acres and another 1.2 hectares on the prospect of the October Revolution, and its cost - at least 1 billion rubles. Fantastic prospects - as gentrification yachting berths can be traced! And any money on this lift!

It seems that Aleksey Tolmachev - the type of person who can quickly and effectively eliminate the plant. The experience he had with his colleagues huge: as reported by "APN Northwest" to move to Sevastopol Tolmachev worked as the director for the production of JSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company," which is now debt exceeded 14 billion rubles. The company went bankrupt, and in fact, to hide it "achievement", chemezovskoe Guide "Helicopters of Russia" is going to merge the company with Kazan Helicopters.

At the end of the joint efforts Tolmachev, aviation curator Serdyukov with his son-in-Valery Puzikova in place Sevastopol repair plant may occur, for example, a luxury residential area. Especially that the city is actively developing its business in the former Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Verkhovna Rada deputy of the "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko Pavel Lebedev. Now this man, who in the Crimea was referred to as "Ukrainian Serdyukov," do not mind in the same way to be auctioned, and the Russian military enterprise.

And what is the administration of Sevastopol? During his stay in the city of Russia, the vertical of power it considerably increased its staffing and wages, spending himself for the past year alone 1.7 billion rubles - more than 10% of the total city budget. Not bad, but like more and buildings by the sea - the best way to improve the lives of officers signing the necessary papers. Is it any wonder that the governor of Sevastopol Sergey Tolmachev Menyailo met with open arms, making him 10 June 2014 without any competition. And it's not only in anticipation of profits from trade areas. During the decline of industrial production, which is, by his own admission the governor, was 80% for the year, it is necessary to respond to someone? So why not shove ostochertevshie plants in chemezovskih guest artists? At the same time, you can master the 300 million rubles, listed on the needs aviaremontnikov.

Not wanting the death of the company, the workers filed a collective letter to the media. The letter noted that the plant is in fact, one and a half years tolmachёvskogo directorship is not repaired completely, no helicopter, and qualified dismissed. Information made public in a letter head of the company is fully confirmed in the USSR Ivan Yermakov. According to him "in August 2014 in the air did not rise, no helicopter on state defense orders for the needs of the Defence Ministry. Since that time two helicopters received for repair, gathering dust in the shops. When they are released as finished products - none of the experts with whom I spoke say is not taken. While the money allocated for the state order, slowly eaten away. "

For his part, worked as director of the plant from 1995 to 2011, Peter Voronin said that during the repair of helicopters that came to the factory for repairs on state defense orders, parts thereof are removed from the unrecorded machine left the factory even with Ukrainian time. Voronin stressed that such actions are illegal. Although, of course, when you consider that before Chemezov, without blushing, lied to Vladimir Putin and passed off as "import substitution" helicopter engines, assembled by screwdriver from Ukrainian components, such a small prank get away with it.

And while real defense industry is destroyed, the head of "Rostec" promotes a completely insane projects. In particular, attempts by Chemezov Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to break the financing of the satellite, which converts solar energy into the laser beam and sends it to the earth to generate electricity ... No way, next time patron of this pseudo-inventor Petrik offer to finance the work of the Kiev Svidomo crooks who promise to get free energy due to the rotation of the Earth.