Whom to entrust military construction in the Crimea?

Despite the fact that the infamous defense holding "Oboronservis" now officially does not exist, the problems associated with it, not only remains, but also multiplying. Here only this time to replace the former Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and the former head of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense Evgenia Vasilyeva come new "tipster" - but among the closest to the new head of the defense department.

One of these members of the "Team Sergei Shoigu" is involved in a series of scandals official Timur Ivanov, who currently holds the post of General Director of JSC "Oboronstroy" the Holding "Garrison". By the way, "Garrison" - the new name of that "Oboronservis" from which billions of dollars were committed during Serdyukov theft.

As it became known to the press, "Oboronstroy" under the direction of Timur Ivanov actively led the construction of the Great Cossack Bay at Sevastopol, and in October 2014, Mr. Ivanov personally visited the Crimea.

On this occasion, the head of some friendly "Oboronstroya" the journalists wrote in their articles that "Timur Ivanov has a reputation as" anti-crisis officer "from Team Sergei Shoigu" However, this "effective manager" was involved in a series of financial scandals. But the man with the tarnished reputation as Ivanov, development of the Crimea, according to experts, can not be trusted.

However, now, according to official data, "Oboronstroy" commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is building about a hundred civilian and military objects of national importance.

Scandals in the "Oboronstroe"

Mr. Ivanov is headed not only "Oboronstroy", but is also the general director of "General Directorate of arrangement of troops" ("GUOV").

The audit of the company in 2012, the Accounting Chamber found that 93% of work contracts with the Defense Ministry GUOV contracted, and the amount of financial irregularities amounted to 10.7 billion rubles.

According to rumors, after joining of "GUOV" Mr. Ivanov these schemes have remained unchanged. Moreover, JSC "GUOV" part of the JSC "Oboronstroy." So the control of these entities have an official almost absolute.

But the November 7, 2014 the public learned that there was a major scam uncovered related to the supply of coal for the needs of the Defense Ministry. According to media reports, the Chief Military Investigation Department (GVSU) CKP has opened a criminal case on large-scale fraud, which the persons involved can now be employees of "Transstroyinzhiniring" and former leaders of "RG" - a subsidiary of JSC "Oboronstroy."

According to investigators, under the pretext of road logistics in 2012 of "Transstroyinzhiniring" inflate the price of coal for the needs of the Defense Ministry dozens of times, and the former leadership of "RG" to pay these contracts, because of what the budget has lost more than 400 million rubles.

Timur Ivanov, "inherited from Vasilyeva" got the structure, mechanism of "cutting" that had already been established yet. It is obvious that he is now able to display the official finances through the same circuit.

Who "derbanit" energy assets suburbs?

"Lit up" Mr. Ivanov and during the financial scandals on his last place of work - in the administration of the Moscow region. The thing is that when Serey Shoigu was the head of the region (in 2012), Ivanov served as deputy chairman of the Moscow Region Government.

It was after Ivanov worked for Shoigu in his "governor's period", becoming defense minister, Sergei Shoigu "dragged" this official him into "the Defense Ministry."

By the way, work as deputy chairman of the regional government, Mr. Ivanov started with attempts to sell "Mosoblgaz": the very "Mosoblgaz", which had previously managed to save for the region through the efforts of the team Gromov. Personnel cleaning, promptly pursued them subordinate structures, caused panic among energy experts.

After the "attack" on the "Mosoblgaz" a change of leadership was made the so-called "small" MOESK - established at 100 per cent participation of the regional authorities of "Moscow Regional Power Grid Company."

Local political analysts concluded that Timur Ivanov began banal "razderban" energy assets of the Moscow region. Scared only imagine was a near Moscow energy, if that officer fails to take Shoigu to bring in the Defense Ministry.

"Under the auspices of" Sergey Shmatko?

Before a "reasonable" under the "wing Shoigu" Mr. Ivanov worked in the field of energy. In particular, he was the CEO of the State Organization "Russian Energy Agency" Ministry of Energy of Russia (2009 and 2012) and advisor to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko (2008 to 2012).

In this earlier (before 2010), Mr. Ivanov was the first vice-president of JSC "Atomstroyexport", which prior to his transfer to the Ministry supervised all the same Sergei Shmatko. And he (Shmatko - Ed.), In turn, before that was head of the analytical center of the economic strategy of Rosenergoatom.

By "coincidence," Timur Ivanov had previously been an adviser of the Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance - Executive Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosenergoatom" Concern.

"Kickbacks" in the nuclear sphere, or «VIP-uncle" from Rosenergoatom?

But what is the secret of such a drastic career Mr. Ivanov? Only in friendly relations with the former Minister Shmatko, who in his time "dragged" Ivanov to power as well as more recently it makes Shoigu? But it seems that it's not just that.

So on the profile forum "About Atom" people working in the energy sector, saying that Timur Ivanov was involved in corruption.

Users report that Timur Ivanov - a nephew of Sergei Ivanov, the former executive director of Rosenergoatom. And he is the master of Sergei Ivanov holding Erko. So, according to experts in the field of nuclear energy, while working in Rosenergoatom Sergey Timur famously wore Sergey "kickbacks."

It seems that this is the true reason for career success Mr. Ivanov. Really, then he wore "kickbacks" Minister Shmatko? And, really, because of "corruption component", with the support Shmakov Ivanov was given the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "INTER RAO UES" and the head of the State Organization "Russian Energy Agency"?

In "Kiriyenko team" - through Shchedrovitsky?

It is worth noting that the same users of the portal "About Atom" reported that Timur Ivanov - is a relative spin doctor Peter Shchedrovitsky. But he, in turn, in the period from 2000 to 2005 was an advisor to the Russian president's plenipotentiary representative in the Volga Federal District for Strategic Development).

Recall that the ambassador all in the same years (2000 to 2005) was Sergei Kiriyenko, who later became CEO of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" (earlier - Head of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency).

According to political analysts, in fact, throughout his career, Mr. Ivanov must either their senior relatives, or "rollback", that according to the "About the Atom," he he "was carrying."

However, political analyst Peter Schedrovitsky and former executive director of Rosenergoatom Sergey Ivanov - is, according to experts, not only from relatives of Timur Ivanov, having a dubious reputation.

The fact is that in spring 2010 the current head of "Oboronstroya" married the famous capital Svetlana Maniovich the entrepreneur, which is also "lit up" in a number of high-profile financial scandals.

However, whether you can trust the construction of military facilities persons suspected of raider attacks and drift "kickbacks" (ie bribes)? It is obvious that with the "questionable aspects of the" bureaucratic career, the General Director of JSC "Oboronstroy" the time has come to understand the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor General. According to experts, after the intervention of the investigating authorities Timur Ivanov instead of "bureaucratic chairs" may be in the "places not so remote."