High-profile attacks in Ankara, Beirut and Paris have shaken humanity. In addition, there were evidence that the Russian airliner disaster in the sky over Egypt involved international terrorists. In any case, one thing is clear: the whole civilized world is under threat of further barbaric attacks.
Against this background, the military conflict in the east of Ukraine, which claimed thousands of lives, has finally ebbed. However, as can be observed today, this situation suits far not all. Let us examine this in a very concrete and revealing.
It is well known that complex and challenging times because that breaking the usual circumstances, is the true essence of the world outwardly respectable scoundrels. Such entities and individuals to name language does not turn, but unfortunately in life they occur frequently. And sometimes they are also quite influential - managed to get rich, and for corruption to acquire bonds.
Which would not grazed pastures, these subhuman, they all belong to the same hideous community - or, more accurately, the "party of war". Their motto - «nothing personal just business» («nothing personal, just business"). So, no matter how dirty or has Vodicka, no moral principles did not prevent them to dive for oily fish, raising the hopeless dregs. In the hope that she will push stinking slurry on the surface of the coveted prey.

Recently such turbid wave rolls on low-grade sites on the Russian segment of the Internet. Intermedia news from the life of the retired pop star, reasoning cushion strategy and forecast for the next end of the world and then emerges - each time under new titles, but with absolutely identical content - frankly false custom Wikipedia-like style anonymous 30-ies .
Carelessly, hastily concocted texts blatantly promise Russia a "second Yukos case." There is not even interesting that smoked, swallowed or injected himself the author of a "masterpiece" - many of who and for what purpose is pushing this nonsense. Who are her customer, who does not sleep peacefully under the Russian air?
It is strange that this person is called a businessman, a billionaire, and even the "King of fertilizers" - despite the fact that he is a billionaire soon with "minus" because drowning in debt, as in silks. As for his business, "talent", in 90 of these "businessmen" crimson jackets and adidasovskih sweat pants on the streets of Moscow were at five kopecks per beam, and "URALCHEM" - the basis of the empire Dmitry Mazepin - is alive only because he is not fully They were eaten reserves inherent in the era of the first Soviet five-year plans.
Here are a few facts from the rich biography Mazepin. Coming from fartsovochno-speculative environment that Mr. managed to whirl in the banking and the oil industry once Soviet republics - Belarus and Russia, has not yet settled on a final hearty Russian bread. Moreover, the process has contributed zapuskaniya roots brief episode associated with "hard work" Mazepin the Russian Federal Property Fund.
The business community has a reputation Mazepin notorious raider, do not shun the most despicable means for capture of another's good. Among his victims - you will laugh! - Even including the almighty Gazprom (and now it is actively trying to "squeeze out" of "Togliatti"). As a man, it is characterized by the words "ham", "intriguing" and "rare geek, even prostitutes who do not give."
Whatever it was, the habits of the gateway Gopnik does not bring the longed Mazepin sverhbogatstva. The notorious Forbes recognizes him the state almost $ 1.5 billion., But financial analysts point to its huge debts. Less scrupulous experts openly pronounce the word "credit swindler."
But why the attacks on the Russian news service "URALCHEM" started right now? It seems to have a logical explanation.
Some time ago Mazepin announced readiness to transfer its head office Fertilizer Corporation in one of the new EU countries - in Riga. Liberal journalists explained the move fleeing persecution ... Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the harsh pragmatists tend to believe that the oligarch really going to run away - not only by Putin, and from creditors, collectors and investigators units to combat economic crime.
With Don issue, as you know, there is no way, and from the banks of the Thames. Riga - not London, but prevails on the banks of the Daugava unbridled Russophobia Mazepin also would not worry about deportation. Then what is the problem?
Apparently, believing in their own invulnerability, "King fertilizer" decided, in the spirit of globalization, to make its transnational business empire. And, pursuant to its undertaking, unceremoniously climbed in China, where he founded Uralkali Trading Beijing - trade potash fertilizers in the promising market of China.
Unfortunately, habits do not change easily, as a place of residence. In China, the questionable practices Mazepin ran into a Chinese pragmatism and that very bad - on the interest of law enforcement. The Chinese comrades ideology just business do not share (if it is not used by them and for them). Every varmints here simply and simply put to the wall, after which the relatives of the executed comes through for ammunition used in the highest measure of social protection.
And then it got so hot Mazepin and not a child. Riga, of course, will not give it to Moscow, even if its request to join Beijing. But the thing: Riga can not obey instructions from Brussels, but that the European Union will decide in the capital? Under pressure from the business community there is now frantically looking for ways of rapprochement with Moscow and Beijing soon. In this game, "respectable businessman" hopelessly tainted reputation can easily be pawns.
Besides, the press reported that a citizen of Belarus Mazepin secretly sponsored t. N. antiterrorist operation (ATO) in Ukraine, cynically profiting from the blood "Slav brothers". And profited would continue if the efforts of diplomats and politicians (among them is not the last place is occupied by Putin) did not have borne fruit: in the Donbas peace.
So, any bobble Mazepin for now - as sickle bell. The fact that in Ukraine today is in full swing preparing for the final plunder of the country in which the hands of "good people" - or rather, recognized "their" jackals of the war party, will go most delicious remnants of the former Soviet luxury.
One of these tidbits, which licked Mazepin - Odessa Port Factory. It is an enterprise engaged in the production of a range of chemical fertilizers and chemicals, and is an important logistics hub, would be an important acquisition for any swindler, put on his wandering eye.
HMOs as Ukrainian media, practically in his pocket Mazepin: Privatization was appointed curator of the Swiss investment bank UBS, one of the owners of which the number of former Russian oligarch-criminal, an implacable enemy of Putin and Dmitry A. longtime partner of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oil scam.
However, the transaction can not take place without the blessing of another Michael - Saakashvili: Odessa area put under control of the former president of Georgia, in which languid misses the Georgian Prosecutor's Office (of the joy with which would meet restless Mishiko in Moscow or, for example, bombed them South Ossetia, we did modestly keep silent).
And it is necessary, what a coincidence: in the past month took a quick warm friendly meeting with President-russophobe fluent (almost) oligarch. Obviously, the two representatives of the party of war instantly snorting and come to an amicable agreement - supported by the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt.
However, re-ignite the "full" war these gentlemen - hands short. There remains one last chance: to somehow defame Putin fabricating "second Yukos" and the list goes on. And at the same time - to try to divert the attention of Russian law enforcement agencies and intelligence services from criminal gesheft Mazepin.
But why Mazepin and quill-driver hired by sucking all the juice out of Russia and its people, and Russia is tarnished? Because they live in betrayal and destruction - and another life can not imagine. After all, even if the criminal antics Mazepin divided into sixteen, he clearly has what polite to talk with people from the FSB.
That and look, zagrebut, sickness, combined offense. And "honestly acquired by" billions from prison bucket will not be saved.