continues to publish secret materials of the Interior Ministry about the largest shadow financiers. This publication will present a note on how Verteletsky Paul, better known as Pasha Helicopter got out of the difficult situation. His career he started as an accountant of Izmailovo OCG. In this post Pasha Helicopter mastered the skill to work with "dirty" money. And he mastered it so successfully that he started to serve a number of different financial shadow flows. Under his tacit control at various times were nearly a dozen banks, including "Far North." This reference helps to explain how the security forces put under their control activities of  Verteletskiy.


            I Report that the deputy head of the "K" department of FSB of Russia D. Frolov, with the aim of personal benefit via deputy chief of DEB Russian Interior Ministry police colonel A.V. Horev organized power hitting the organized criminal community, led by Verteletskiy P. (nicknamed "Pasha Helicopter").

             The aim of the operation was as follows:

            Put OCG under control for the purpose of personal gain.

            11.02.2008 Mr. Horev A.V. phoned Acting Deputy Chief of the Russian Interior Ministry SK Logunov O.N.

             During the conversation, the Horites explained that the department staff 1 of 7 ORB Russian Interior Ministry received significant operational information that illegal transit operations are made through CB "Far North". According to the information received, Verteletsky P. and Elbakidze D.E. (nicknamed "Juba") are in these operations. Employees of DEB Russian Interior Ministry have details of the firms through which the transit of funds was made. Horev A.V. asked Logunov to assist the Committee at the Russian Interior Ministry in the arrest the correspondence account of additional office of CB "Far North" which was opened in CB "Alfa-Bank."

                       12.02.2008 initiator of DEB Russian Interior Ministry has provided in the SC at the Interior Ministry report on the illegal activities of OPC.

           13.02.2008, in the Tver Court of Moscow appropriate sanctions for the arrest and search of the bank account were received. Logunov or Horev agreed everything with the court. Head of BAM Division 1 number 7, the Russian Interior Ministry Mr Safonov was personally involved in obtaining the sanctions.

            13.02.2008, at 16 pm DEB Russian Interior Ministry officials arrived in CB "Alfa-Bank" and carried out the arrest of correspondence account CB "Far North."

            At 17:30 pm. DEB Russian Interior Ministry officers, SK the Russian Interior Ministry entered the office of CB "Far North." The staff of DBOPiT the Russian Interior Ministry made investigative actions.

            The purpose of the event was limited to visual observation of the actions of DEB Russian Interior Ministry and the establishment of a person by the name of Jura who was in contact with the OPS Myazina I.G. and Dvoskin / E.V Slusker.

                        This person has been found as Jaroslavtsev Yury Eugenievich.

                      20.02.2008, the meeting carried out between Verteletskim P. and a representative from Horev at 21 pm. about the decision of the issue (680 million. Rub. were arrested in correspondence account of CB "Far North").

           However, the level negotiator (the identity is not set yet) from (Horev) did not satisfy Verteletskiy and people involved in the negotiations, so this person was asked to invite Horev (the negotiations were carried out at the restaurant "Pikodili").

           Verteletskiy through Myazina, Dvoskin and Kulikov got to the Deputy Head of the Department "K" the FSB of Russia Dmitry Frolov

            Frolov D. explained that he is ready to render all-round assistance Verteletskiy to solve the issue.

           According to information available from the 21.02.2008 Frolov  got significant funds to solve the issue for Verteletskiy.