And it does not advertise unprecedented scandal erupted around the gold reserves of Russia. "Prioksky Nonferrous Metals Plant" (PZTSM) corny "copied" from all accounts, 5 tons of gold and 36 tons of silver extracted from the treasury enterprise of the Russian Federation. Reason named unprecedented - all these precious metals are allegedly involved in a continuous process and it is impossible to bring them back if they wanted to. Halfhearted attempt the Russian Audit Chamber to make gold and silver were at least taken into account, stumble upon an impenetrable "wall" in the face of individual employees the Ministry of Finance. However, such a situation is to "PZTSM" does not cause much surprise. For many years, all the affairs of the company run by the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Finance Deputy Andrew Clay - a personality in its own way unique. He is a protege of the Russian government convicted three times tacit co-owner of "Lukoil" Gennady Bogomolov, better known in some circles as the Praying Mantis. Before joining the Ministry of Finance Glinov almost 20 years, it was inseparable from the Mantis, and then "dramatically" from Assistant reputable businessman "turned" in the official. Missing Gold at 5 billion rubles Even in Soviet times from the state treasury "PZTSM" were allocated to the processing of raw gold in the amount of 28.7 tons of pure metal, as well as significant amounts of raw silver. By 2000, the part of the raw materials of these precious metals has been processed and delivered to the State Fund of Russia. But the "remnants", which accounted for nearly 5 tons of gold and 36 tons of silver, what is called "stuck" at the factory. In 2003, the Accounting Chamber has reviewed the "PZTSM" and found all of this precious metal, which is why something back to the treasury did not return. As a result of the joint venture on October Code 1 2003, he has directed Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin official presentation of said metal in the shortest possible time to be processed and placed in the Gokhran of Russia. There was no response. Within a few years, the Accounts Chamber of the Ministry of Finance took out prescriptions to restore order with the state gold. And then this theme is called, it began to go "out". New test "PZTSM" Audit Chamber held in 2013. In an official press release on the results of the auditors were told that all the factory great, there is only a small thing: for JSC "PZTSM" "including precious metals as gold and silver, which are in the federal property ... Thus far Time no documents defining the rights and conditions of "PZTSM" that federal property. " Actually this "nuance" no one really paid any attention because of the vague phrase of the press release, no specific figures and sums, not very understandable, what is at stake. And now take full account of the Accounting Chamber on the audit "PZTSM" which have never been disclosed. It follows that the situation with precious metals, allocated from the Treasury, is catastrophic. Here are a few excerpts: "In addition, during this inspection found violations in accounting for other movable property of the treasury of the Russian Federation ... deregistered information movables treasury -" gold in the amount of 5,403,637.21 grams "(RNFI P23620000099) and" Silver in the amount of 36,040,699.81 grams "(RNFI P23620000100) which is a revolving fund of" Prioksky Nonferrous Metals Plant. " The question about the simultaneous reflection of the said property in different databases (registers) is not considered personal property ... The treasury has been excluded from the budget / accounting 107 (balance) the method of "reversal" in the amount of 309 368 101.32 rubles (at the price of posting ) ... In this case the said property was transferred to the treasury is not to any other balansoderzhatelya. Currently, the issue of further integration of the specified property is not defined. " Also in the joint venture and provides a rough estimate of this "property", "property of the Treasury of the Russian Federation in the form of" gold "in the amount of 5.4 tons of the original value of 287.7 million, and the current 5.2187 billion rubles, and" silver "in the amount of 36.0 tons of original cost 21.6 million rubles, and the current in the amount of 486.2 million rubles. " The report was not a word that during this check the precious metals from the state treasury in general able to detect. On the contrary, it follows from the documents auditors tons of gold and silver they could not see, because the plant's management says if 5 tons of gold and 36 tons of silver "are part of the work in progress of the Company and an integral part of the production cycle." If all this translate to the language of auditors into ordinary language, the situation is as follows. In 2010-2012 owned by the Treasury of 5.4 tons of gold (the cost of which even non-market valuation of 5.2 billion rubles), as well as 36 tons of silver (486 million rubles) were commonplace "written off" the price of acceptance (for example, 5 2 tons of gold evaluated only 287 million rubles) and are excluded from all registers and accounting. As if they had never been in the factory. Most notably, during the "write-off" state gold and silver coincided with the emergence of a large amount of precious metal of unknown origin in the "black market" of Turkey, Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and a number of countries. But this, of course, just an accident. After all, precious metals, belonging to the Russian Federation, will not go out of the factory and see them, no one can, because they are involved in "work cycle". And, of course, "cancellation" has nothing to do with the fact that all the reins of power at the plant went officer Andrew Glinovu, a close ally Gennady Bogomolov, who suddenly cleared the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Armenia on certain important negotiations. Oil Mantis Gennady Bogomolov in a particularly long needs no introduction. In Soviet times, he was convicted three times, held in prison for over 10 years and has earned a huge weight in the criminal world. According to the archives of the Interior Ministry, a list of contacts in the criminal environment Mantis takes almost one sheet. Here and former chief "thief in law" Aslan Usloyan (Ded Hasan), and other "lawyers" - Vyacheslav Ivankov (Jap), Alexey Petrov (Petrik) Datiko Tsikhelashvili (Dato Tashkent), Kar-oglu Mammadov (Caro), and as dozens of "authorities" from different regions. Coming at the end of the 80s to freedom after another of his release, Bogomolov settled in the town of Kogalym of Tyumen region, where he became one of the leaders of the local criminal community. Just in the same period in the region started to work only to create a state concern "Langepas-Urai-Kogalym - oil" (the future "Lukoil"). But what a normal job in those days without a reliable "roof". Here Mantis and became as a cover for the group, and then grew and the official partner of "Lukoil". Moreover, the Bogomolov on excellent terms with Vagit Alekperov, began his career in Kogalym. In 1993, "Lukoil" has created a subsidiary TOO "Lukoil-market." State Concern was 50%, and the rest went to structures related to Bogomolov. He took over the company. The functions of the newly established structures - work with retailers, control of shipping petroleum products from refineries, the settlement of arrears. "Vyshibaniya 'debts to the company, too, turned out to be quite lucrative. Those companies that could not pay off the money, after the visit of skinheads strong strokes of "Lukoil-Market" were paid "in kind": the grain, sugar, etc., and sometimes the whole farm. Thus in addition to the oil business from LLP have yet another profitable area of commerce - agriculture. After the state concern was privatized and became "LUKOIL", he continued to work closely with the "Lukoil-Market". From a reputable businessman advisers - the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation In 1993, with the first days of creation, in the "Luke-Market", a new perspective employees - clay Andrey. This graduate of the Crimean State Medical University. SI St. George's, the Company was not under the protection of "Lukoil", but just on the part of the world where Mantis had great authority. Dear people are advised to hire a sensible guy. Andrew Glinov quickly settled into the company Bogomolov and a year later, in 1994, he was appointed Chief of the Treaty and Law Department. Skinheads guys beat debt "nature" and "white collar" Glinov gave the appearance of "legality" of all this weaning property. And does it so well that even the Praying Mantis "shared" so talented employees with some of his "contacts", the list of which takes up an entire page. So, one time Glinov combined work in "Lukoil-Market" difficult in the company "Black Sea security company" which belonged to Adam Bogus. He is now known as the chairman of the public movement "Adyghe Khasa - Circassian parliament", and in the late 1990s - early 2000s was recorded in the files of the Interior Ministry as an "authority" named Mazzei, a member of the grouping Aslan Panesh. Sources familiar with the situation say that Glinov actively helped Bogomolov adapt themselves to the changing economic realities of Russia and played a significant role in the transformation of three convicted Mantis a respected businessman Gennady S. Bogomolov, who at one time reported "daughter" structures "Lukoil" was listed as a vice -the head of the company. In fact Glinov Bogomolov became a personal adviser and his principal advisor on financial matters. In 2000, "Lukoil-Market" is divided into two structures. All agricultural projects the firm was engaged to be born concern "Agrico", controlled by mantis. The other activities of the organization "authoritative" businessman left for JSC "Yuniverserviskonsalting." The latter firm retained, and VAT, which has been assigned to "Lukoil-Market". Glinov time to work on both structures. He was one of the leaders in the "Agrico" (Bogomolov, Chairman of the Board), and the "Yuniverserviskonsalting" Glinovu and all were owned 4.95% in ustanovnom capital. So Bogomolov thanked his loyal assistant for many years of service. In the mid-2000s, entrepreneurs such as praying mantises, it has become fashionable not only to make friends with the officials of different ranks, but also be sure to have his personal representative in the structures of power. Well, for one, if not at Glinova Bogomolov could entrust such a responsible mission. As a result, in 2004, he became head of the department Glinov regulation of the industry of precious metals and precious stones of the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Finance. However, before entering a job in the government, he had to make a manipulation. Somehow it would be strange if the large position in the Ministry of Finance took a man with a diploma and professional specialty medvuza "doctor." As a result, there is another Glinova degree (№ 266 743 BC) - the end in 1994 of the Military Academy of Economics, Finance and Law, specialty "Jurisprudence". The officials familiar with the situation, say that the last "scab" nothing to do with this document about graduation has. Yes, and Glinov all their questionnaires until 2004 for some reason, only indicates the end of the Crimean State Medical University. Apparently, very shy second legal education. However, these manipulations, did not prevent to go up the career ladder and in 2010 to become deputy head of the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Finance. Expensive services Ahpolova As Bogomolov managed to hold the government of his rights? Few know that "Lukoil", in addition to oil, there is a non-core business - production of diamonds. Back in 1993, "daughter" of "Archangelskgeoldobycha" received a license for the right to use subsoil Verkhotinsk (Arkhangelsk region), including the development of a large diamond deposit them. V. Grib (reserves are estimated at $ 5 billion). Market participants believe that the diamond business "Lukoil" has decided to do without the involvement of their credible partner Mantis, and that to this day has its own interests in the field. In this transaction, all were involved in many notable persons. So, in 80 years the head of the "Archangelskgeoldobycha" was Alisher Usmanov, and at one time kept their interests in the enterprise. Then the project for the extraction of precious stones have a partner in the face of the international giant De Beers (in talks with foreigners involved and Usmanov). Relations between Russian and South African companies were formed very difficult - almost 15 years between them was a "war", which, however, ended the friendship. In the first nine months of 2015 Russian oil company and De Beers gain from the sale of diamonds mined $ 122 million. In addition to this diamond project with "Lukoil" have Mantis there are a number of personal projects related to precious stones. Well, as they do not deal with, if it is almost ten years, most of the time Bogomolov holds in Israel - the center of the global diamond industry. And in Russia, business in precious stones involves close cooperation with the "profile" officials. The Ministry of Finance since 2001 "Diamond theme" Alexander oversees Ahpolov - also a man with an interesting biography. He is a protege of his influential classmate Otari Margania that since the 90s is either a friend or a business partner (and sometimes, both together), Alexei Kudrin, Mikhail Mirilashvili, Shota Boterashvili, Anatoly Serdyukov, and many prominent Petrograd. About all their relationships can talk a long time, but that's another story. And when asked Mantis Ahpolova about the service as employment in the Ministry of Finance of his personal assistant Andrew Glinova, he could not refuse. A "talented" Glinov instantly accustomed to the new place and became a "customized" boss "interesting topics." So, a few years after joining the Ministry of Finance, the clay began to slowly "occupied" supervision over the circulation of gold in Russia. The first step in this direction was the appointment of a member of the board of directors Glinova "PZTSM." Following, there he formed a team of henchmen Mantis. For example, the chief accountant of the plant was appointed Natalya Kuznetsova - former chief accountant controlled Bogomolov of "Agrico". And then there was a story of how the 5 tons of gold and 36 tons of gold dissolved in the "technology cycle" and were removed from all accounts. Following a further 300 kg of gold bullion were "donated" jewelry company "Adamas". Responsibility for the last crime skillfully "hung" on the general director of "PZTSM" Alexander Bohuslav, who as a result was sentenced to three years in prison. Bohuslav was a member of the old team to "PZTSM" and extremely disturbed Glinovu. Similar stories associated with the plant, and gold could cite many more. And for some reason, no wonder they did not cause. If the Ministry of Finance is working spokesman Mantis, then there is no doubt that the Russian gold is in safe hands. But that's not the state.