FSB opened a case on the disclosure of information containing state secrets, - show on TV images of secret torpedo "Status 6". His main defendant was the First Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, who was careless enough to look through a number of journalists folder with classified information. To be in this role for it is extremely unusual. According to experts, the Ministry of Defense Borisov builds its own "vertical", providing full control over all economic activities and the conclusion of billions of dollars of contracts through the MIC.
Photo: Yuri Borisov
People who do not fit into this hierarchy, primarily proteges Minister Sergei Shoigu, or become the subject of investigation, or were in prison. How, for example, the deputy head of the Department of Property Relations Alexander Gorshkolepov or Head of Department of audit of public contracts (DAGK) Ministry of Defense Dmitry Shortage. Interestingly, an unwitting ally became Borisov and former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, who ardent enemy of the Russian defense turned in her as an ardent ally.

Anatoly Serdyukov
Deputy Minister of Defense - a godsend for a spy
The story became the subject of investigation for the FSB, took place in November 2015. Then the Sochi presidential residence "Bocharov Stream", Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the military. Before its beginning in the hall started cameraman "Star", which was to make semki- "thrashing" for federal channels. As a result, the audience "First Channel" and NTV were able to see a glimpse of shooting from the back of the two generals, considering the reversal of a certain folder. It turned out to be the image and characteristics classified torpedo "Status 6". In fact it is a submarine - the atomic bomb that can literally wash off the coast of the United States.
         After the incident, a huge scandal broke out, which was impossible to hush up: the head of the state was angry this absurd "leak." FSB conducted a preliminary inquiry, the results of which was of the opinion that there has been divulging state secrets, and criminal investigation. It is clear that the generals who knew about the presence of cameras in the room, had to think, what folders they thumb in the presence of strangers. According to sources in the Defense Ministry, the General, who was holding secret folder was First Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. Not surprisingly, he became the main subject of the investigation of the FSB.
         Yuri Borisov, the first deputy defense minister in November 2012. years- simultaneously with the appointment of Sergei Shoigu, head of the defense department. Moreover, according to experts, Shoigu seen in this position completely different person - with Borisov, he had never worked. But the latter were many prominent pokroviteley- particularly Borisov had a good relationship with the head of "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov. Above all, Borisov has always been a lobbyist for the military-industrial complex, which was badly needed "their" people in the Defense Ministry. Actually he himself comes from companies' defense. " From 1998 to 2004, Borisov was CEO of STC "Module" and during this work became the owner of 9,500,000 shares of the company from 15 million outstanding shares. And deputy minister of industry and trade, he oversaw a target program on introduction of GLONASS accompanies milliarnymi theft. Before the appointment of the Defense Ministry, Borisov was the first deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government. That is, it is not only the "native" people for "defense", but having a (albeit not directly, but through relatives) interests in some military enterprises.
         Not surprisingly, when Borisov selective defense predpritiya suddenly began to receive from the Ministry of Defense state contracts worth billions of rubles. Among these "upstarts" can be identified, "Research Institute of Communication Systems and Management" (NIISS). Earlier Research Institute also received contracts from the Defense Ministry, but not so large. The explanation was simple - in the Defense Ministry Institute had "come" with "reshalschika" Alexei Volkov.
Party at "La Mare" of the 10 generals
As you know, Anatoly Serdyukov, who was the Minister of Defense, the Russian military-industrial complex is not particularly complain. Suffice it to recall the contracts for the supply of the French "Mistral" or the purchase of the Italian armored cars IVECO. If buying property for the Ministry of Defense could "break" only through intermediaries who are familiar with the then head of the Department of Property Relations Evgenia Vasilyeva, then a part of the lucrative contracts with the Defense Ministry times Serdyukov could "get close" through other intermediaries already, and very specific. One of them is the former head of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Moscow and Moscow region Alexei Volkov. Successfully avoiding the "landing" in two cases of bribery, he turned into a "reshalschika" on various issues. In particular, Volkov worked closely with the Ministry of Defense. Using his connections in the ministry, he said, despite numerous troubles with the police, managed to get the post of deputy director of the Federal State Institution "Park of Culture and Recreation Ministry of Defence" Patriot ". When in 2015, Volkov was arrested by the FSB on suspicion of trying to bribe the prosecutor of Moscow, Sergei Kudeneevu, he suddenly gave testimony about all his corrupt relations (see. The interrogation protocol). Including Volkov and mentions about the "friends" of the Ministry of Defense.
"What do you mean you sent Kudeneevu SV 05.18.2015 SMS-message: "Good morning! Commander of Land Forces of the Russian Defense Ministry Salyukov Oleg Leonidovich invites you 05.26.2015 at 19.00 to celebrate their anniversary, 60 years, close friends and co-workers (MoD leadership, approx. 10 people) in the restaurant "LyaMare" in running lane? "- Asks Investigator interrogation Volkov.
      And he answers: "It's an invitation."
During questioning, it appears that the Wolves a regular guest on many anniversaries, parties and so on. D. Generalitat.
         And to whom, if not appeal to him was the deputy director of NIISS Alexander Murzin and his friend Roman Pakharenko, later became head of the economic planning department NIISS. Moreover, they have proved to be shared with friends Volkov.
After talking with "reshalschikom" all the same "La Mare" contracts with the Defense Ministry under the leadership of Anatoly Serdyukov were provided. Over time, the institute has appeared and his personal supervisor in the Ministry of Defence - Deputy Director of Department of audit of public contracts (DAGK) Michael Proshin.
         Proshin previously he worked for ENTERPRISE "defense", in particular in the various research institutes and design bureau "dry", as he was the owner of the company "Sputnik". And then he found himself on a responsible post in the Defense Ministry. Not surprisingly, he immediately found a "common language" and complete financial understanding with the leadership NIISS.
 However, opportunities Proshina and Volkov, even with extensive contacts recently with senior generals, only enough to lobby is not very large government contracts for NIISS.
         Quite different perspectives opened up when Latino "defense" Borisov became the first deputy defense minister.
Green folder with "compromising"
The first year and a half of work in the Ministry of Defense is not particularly Borisov tried to "jump" from the back of his boss Sergei Shoigu. He was satisfied with the fact that people are completely loyal to him (they were mostly "survivors" in the Defense Serdyukov henchmen) not occupied the largest positions, for example, zamnachlnikov departments. Type the same Proshina, which at one time visited Borisov even acting DAGK head. But then Borisov appeared ally. In 2013, the general director of the Federal Research Test Center Engineering was appointed Anatoly Serdyukov. "FIITS M" is a GC "Rostec" with the leadership of which was closely connected Borisov. As a result, he received and experienced consultant in the person of Serdyukov, who despite all the scandals and investigations, retained a certain influence in the Defense Ministry. As a result of sophisticated hardware Borisov began the game with an active involvement of the military investigators. Their main goal, according to experts, to "remove" to the most "money" positions Defense Ministry Sergey Shoigu henchmen and put on the vacant seats of its people. And thereby gain control over the activities of the Ministry of Defence property, as well as full "build" for themselves to enter into the sphere of the military department of state contracts with companies MIC.

Sergei Shoigu
To achieve the desired it was necessary to "clear the clearing" in the Department of Property Relations, which had been the exclusive representative of the "team Shoigu" and - in DAGK. In the latter department Proshin have not got rid of the offensive consoles acting and returned to the post of deputy. Head of Department at the invitation of Dmitry Shoigu became Shortage. Previously, he had worked at the Finance Ministry, where he had a good relationship with Alexei Kudrin, Tatyana Golikova, Anton Siluanov. Shoigu When asked who would help to objectively understand the relationship with the military-industrial complex, which in Borisov are demanding more and more money, he advised the shortfall. His appointment serious harm established relations with enterprises "defense", including the same NIISS.
         The arrival of the shortfall in the Defense Ministry has coincided with the fact that the institute began to ask him to sign a government contract for 6 billion rubles for the production and delivery of technical means complex mobile-fixed control of special operations forces of the Airborne Forces. The new head of DAGK spending a lot of calculations and concluded that the claimed SRI work can not cost more than 5.4 billion rubles. Despite the convictions Proshina (which is constantly communicated with the same Murzin and Pakharenko) Shortage state contract "wrapped". And thus was among the "enemies" of Borisov, which must be "out of the way." "Fuel to the fire" poured even what Shortage began testing contracts concluded Defense Ministry before he came, and found numerous instances of overbilling works. All incriminating evidence he collected in a green folder that is stored in a working safe.
  Defense Ministry personnel policy defines the investigation
         At the beginning of the activities on building the bureaucratic vertical of the Defense Ministry "under Borisov" was held powerful information attack, the main objectives of which were Deputy Defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov, Head of the Department of Property Relations Dmitry Kurakin, his deputy Alexander Gorshkolepov, the head of "Oboronstroy" Timur Ivanov and a whole Party henchmen Shoigu. Tsalikov with 90s he worked with the Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu, and when the latter became the governor of the Moscow region, was appointed vice-governor. Kurakin, in turn, was previously deputy chairman of the Moscow Region Government. A similar position was held and Timothy Ivanov.

Ruslan Tsalikov
         Media actively promising quick trouble these officials with law enforcement. And these threats are not built from scratch. Simultaneously, military investigators, including those who actively participated in the collapse of the cases against members of the "Team Serdyukov," tight "do" Shoigu appointees in the Defense Ministry.
         There were, as so often happens, and without betrayal. Head of "garrison" (the successor to the notorious "Oboronservis") Anton Poskonin considered a member of "Team Shoigu", but quickly gone over to the camp of Borisov. Feeling strong support Poskonin began almost open conflict with his immediate superior at the Defense Ministry, Ruslan Tsalikov. They say, "do not you give me an order, only listen to Borisova." Out of all this Poskonina resignation as head of "Garrison". But almost immediately he was appointed advisor to Borisov.
         This minor setback was offset by two impressive "landing" henchmen Shoigu. The first was sent to jail deputy head Alexander Gorshkolepov DIO. A certain businessman Andrei Knyazev, who worked closely with the companies' defense, "suddenly remembered that he allegedly gave bribes Gorshkolepovu for assigning different people to leadership positions in the" daughter "of the Ministry of Defense. Immediately found several employees of the Ministry of Defense of the "Clan Borisov", confirmed this information. That was enough to Gorshkolepov was arrested.
         Behind him, in October 2015, he went to jail and "uncomfortable" Dmitry Shortage. Employee NIISS Roman Pakharenko written statement that some anonymous sent him an e-mail, which require 48 million rubles for the approval of a state contract for 6 billion rubles. This personal contact with the "anonymous" has never been. As a result, an unknown correspondent was sent to a fictitious payment system for 2 million rubles. Military investigators have for some reason decided that the cost of the anonymous Shortage. A Proshin during interrogations actively confirmed such speculation. As a result, the shortfall was sent to jail. Interestingly, during the search of the office head DAGK was removed that same green folder with compromising, as in the case file it still does not appear.
 Proshin again became Acting DAGK head. During his state contract with NIISS on the relevant institution of the conditions, it was immediately approved.
         It would seem, Yuri Borisov in autumn 2015 could celebrate. He began a massive defeat "the team Shoigu" desired positions are released one by one, the media were full of headlines "When Shoigu Ministry of Defense steal no less than with Serdyukov". But then, in November 2015, there was an unfortunate bobble to "flare" on TV folder with information about a secret torpedo. Borisov himself has now become the object of attention of investigators. Can he get out of this history, and continue to build their hierarchy in the Defense Ministry, only time will tell.