The collapse of the "IBC Group"The structures included in the "IBC Group", will go bankrupt. For example, filed more than 40 applications for bankruptcy in the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region to the JSC "Building management № 1" ("CS-1"). The firm owed to its creditors 1.9 billion rubles.Recall that the "CS-1", builds roads and airports, together with the company "Aerodromstroy." Both these firms are holding "IBC Group" Sergei Solodovnikov (he is the CEO of these companies - Ed.). The largest contract, "SU-1" - the construction of a second runway (Runway 2) in "Domodedovo".Incidentally, troubles and other structures "MDS-groups." For example, not so long ago CJSC "Management. Design. Construction "(MDS, included in the company" IBC Group ") has lost a lucrative contract for housing in the Rostov region.Top-manager behind barsIn the summer of 2015 it became known that the transaction "IBC Group" check FSB and the Prosecutor's Office. Already in November 2015 on charges of embezzlement during the construction of the runway at the airport Koltsovo in Yekaterinburg, as well as on suspicion of theft on Moscow construction projects was detained the director of SU №1 Sergey Solodovnikov.It is known that the reconstruction of the airfield facilities in Yekaterinburg "Building management №1» has not complied with its obligations in the amount of about 360 million rubles. The money, according to investigators, could be stolen.Earlier in respect Solodovnikova opened a criminal investigation into the embezzlement of 3.5 billion budget in the reconstruction of the flight zone of Domodedovo airport. The reconstruction works carried out in preparation for the World Cup 2018, which will be held in Russia. Thus, it turns out that Sergei Solodovnikov, "Heritage", not only in Moscow but also in Yekaterinburg.Billions of "cuts"?It should be noted that the company, entering into holding "MDS groups" repeatedly accuses of embezzlement on a large multi-billion when the government orders the construction of roads.For example, in 2012 the company "SU№1" was awarded a contract for the reconstruction of the road segment on the highway Ekaterinburg-Perm. All in all works has been allocated 3.74 billion. Rubles. Under the contract, SU №1 should not only repair the stretch of road, but also to build a new section of the track. Delivery date was appointed on September 2015. After three years of work had been carried out only by 42%.Experts point out that in 2015 the company did not conduct any work. The result turned out to be unfulfilled work worth a total of 2.16 billion rubles.Previously, the company "Aerodromdorstroy" also failed the reconstruction of the road section on route Yekaterinburg-Tyumen. The company's management was accused of conspiring with the State Unitary Enterprise "Sverdlvoskavtodor", resulting in the price of the work in this sector have been overstated. Total management of the company managed to "earn" to repair roads Yekaterinburg-Tyumen about 2-3 bln. Rubles.Experts believe that Sergei Solodovnikov developed the following "cutting scheme": his company win a government contract, and then take up the job, but it is not until the end to finish, or finish, but not quite as it should be. In this part of the money corny "pililas.""Purse Sobyanin"Recall that Solodovnikov is also CEO of CJSC «IBC-GROUP", JSC "Scientific-Technological and Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure", JSC "Aerodromdorstroy" and executive director of "Building management №1».Pay particular attention to the fact that some media have openly called Solodovnikova "wallet" Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. It is believed that the company "Aerodromdorstroy" began to develop in the Tyumen region in the beginning of the "zero" years, when the region led Sergei Sobyanin.Sergei Solodovnikov, head of the "IBC Group"The company has received the most expensive contracts for the construction and reconstruction of local roads. After the transition Sobyanin (first unit of the Russian government, after the administration of the Russian President and then the mayor of Moscow) in federal agencies, "Aerodromdorstroy" expanded the geography of its business.In particular, when the governor of the Sverdlovsk region was the former presidential envoy to the Urals Federal District Yevgeny Kuyvashev (people from the "team" Sobyanin) Solodovnikov controlled companies started to work actively in the Middle Urals.In the footsteps of "sobyaninskogo lobby"The experts have repeatedly encountered complaints against activities of Sergei Sobyanin as governor of the Tyumen region (in the period from 2001 to 2005) in the context of the construction sector.According to local media, Sergei Sobyanin, when he was governor in 2001 - 2005 years of lobbying the interests of a large construction company JSC "Aerodromdorstroy." Ostensibly, this structure had contracts for an amount equal to the third part of the city budget (formerly Tyumen budget is about 16 billion rubles - approx. Ed.).Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow MayorIt was mentioned in particular that "Aerodromdorstroy" built underpass a billion rubles. And its "daughter" - "IBC Group" - allegedly deceived shareholders neighborhood Komarovo, refusing to pay them damages.The role of the ex-wife of Moscow mayorInterestingly, when Sergei Solodovnikov formally founded "Aerodromdorstroy" he (Solodovnikov - approx. Ed.) Was an unknown graduate student at the Tyumen Architectural University (TyumGASU).However, as soon Sobyanin became the governor of the Tyumen region, Solodovnikov became quite an influential businessman. Since 2002, it began active cooperation "Aerodromdorstroya" with the management of highways Tyumen region.After that, there were rumors that Solodovnikov is under the auspices of the unofficial family Sobyanin.Although, despite the role Solodovnikova, online writing, what the ex-wife of Moscow Mayor Sobyanin Irina (Rubinchik before marriage - Ed.) Ostensibly controls the company "Aerodromdorstroy" sets in Tyumen marble borders. By the way, for this it got its legendary nickname "Il-Border".Irina Sobyanin, former wife of the mayor of Moscow"As you know, the former wife of Mayor Sobyanin - Irina Josephovna Sobyanin - a great expert on the curb. For this Tyumen, where arrived in Moscow Sobyanin, she was nicknamed Il Border. All the borders of the Tyumen region have been, as they say, through her hands. At the same time, moving his large business, officially, she worked on a modest teaching position floristry house of children's creativity. They have not forgotten the story of how the firm has built the first Border Ira Tyumen underpass. According to local media reports, because of the expensive granite, which was decorated with the transition, the construction has been spent around 1 billion rubles instead of the planned 280 million. A year ago, Sobyanin announced that divorcing his wife. But if he divorced her business, that is the question, "- writes blogger avmalgin.If the version that the family of Sergei Sobyanin really controls "Aerodromdorstroy" is true, it explains why the security forces for so long did not pay attention to the activities of Sergei Solodovnikov. It is possible that he gave banal "kickbacks" for the "protection" of Sergei Sobyanin. Thus, the mayor of Moscow is quite possible to be suspected of receiving "bribes" from the head "MDS-groups."Contact "LUKOIL"Of course, Sergei Solodovnikov not just entrusted to manage a large construction business. Former co-owner and board member of "Tyumendorstroya" (subsidiary of "Lukoil"), Alexander Lomakin told the press about the career of Sergei Solodovnikov in structures Vagit Alekperov (owner of "Lukoil" and friend Sergei Sobyanin).According to Lomakin, CEO originally "Tyumendorstroya" Solodovnikova put the owner of "Lukoil-neftegazstroya", former vice-president of "Lukoil" Serik Rakhmetov. Lomakin suggests that the appointment was due to certain agreements between Rakhmetov and Sobyanin, who intimately familiar yet at Kogalym, where in 1991-1993 Sobyanin was the head of the administration, and Rakhmetov - employee of "Lukoil".As soon as the Sergei Solodovnikov put in charge of "Tyumendorstroya", equipment and cash flows "lukoylovskogo" enterprise began to be used in the interests of "Aerodromdorstroya."Vagit Alekperov, Sergei SobyaninHere there is quite logical version that subordinates Vagit Alekperov decided to help the construction business, according to rumors, controlled by the family of Sobyanin. So Sergei Solodovnikov, may hit the inner circle of the mayor of Moscow is due to "Lukoil".It is worth noting that Sobyanin's Alekperov and an old friend. Moreover, in the late 2000s it Sergei Sobyanin, as head of the presidential administration, was able to save "LUKOIL" of raider attacks by Igor Sechin (now the head of "Rosneft" and the previously - Deputy Prime Minister).Obviously, the rise of "Aerodromdorstroya" began with the fact that he learned of the cash flows from the "Lukoil", and then access to the multibillion-dollar government contracts. And all this, according to experts, is "under the watchful eye" Sergei Sobyanin and his wife at the time Irene, which may in reality and controls "business Solodovnikova."Common Cause Sobyanin KuyvashevaIn addition, it is worth recalling financial scandal in which not only lit up the structure "Aerodromdorstroya", but the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Kuyvashev Eugene, who was previously mayor of Tyumen (controlled Sobyanin - then governor of the Tyumen region).So, Ural journalists unearthed the scandal associated with the way in June 2008. Management of municipal procurement administration of the city of Tyumen (which was then headed by Yevgeny Kuyvashev) has announced an open tender №76 / 08-c. The customer was the urban transport management headed by Chief Radion Barsukov. The subject of the contract - "Development of a program for the development of the transport complex of Tyumen in 2010-2015 with a forecast up to 2020". The work of this power was estimated at 54 million rubles - this was the highest price of the contract.Eugene Kuyvashev, the governor of the Sverdlovsk regionAs a result of this competition, which was held in late July 2008, the Company won a kind of "Research and Development and Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure" (ZAO NTPI TI), which got the contract for 48.6 million rubles. And in 2009, TI JSC NTPI had promised to surrender the city to work as a developed transport program. But later they began to create a completely unpredictable and strange things.Firstly, it became clear that the company is not registered NTPI TI in Tyumen and Moscow (ul. Marshal Maretsky House 3 block 2.). Although filing her address was stated as Tyumen, ul. Dzerzhinsky, 17.Secondly, for no apparent reason, and all of a sudden the contract between the city of Tyumen and NTPI TI JSC terminated "by mutual agreement".Third, for never giving city transport program ZAO NTPI TI receives from the budget Tyumen 29.1 million. Rubles. So for what NTPI TI JSC received 30 million? Yes, in fact, "no way." Apparently, it was another "cut."By the way, according to URA.RU, NTPI TI JSC - a subsidiary of "Aerodromdorstroya" - "beloved of the company Sergei Sobyanin, Zamosc Tyumen granite curbs and building the most expensive in the world of underground passages."It turns out that the money via "Aerodromdorstroya" "sawn" wherever its influence has Sobyanin (Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, etc.). According to experts, arrested Sergei Solodovnikov may soon make a deal with the investigation and tell the security officials not only "schemes cut", practiced in "MDS-groups" and "Aerodromdorstroy" but also about the possible role of these machinations of the mayor of Moscow and ex-wife.Now alone Solodovnikova recognition that he could give "kickbacks" Sobyanin enough for security forces to submit his claims to the capital's mayor.This material is the copyright, and is an exceptional value judgment of the author of the text, as well as the credibility of the information contained in it