Depositors "escaped"?
The complicated situation in the banks of the "Opening" - "FC Opening" and "Opening the BKM." In October 2015, these financial institutions have lost over 220 billion rubles. funds of legal entities (this is the official data from the latest statements of the bank - Ed.).
The outflow is mainly recorded from the "parent bank" of the group, that is, from the "FC Opening".
So this month the corporate deposits declined by 190 billion rubles., Or almost a quarter, to 583 billion.
The government does not trust the "discovery"?
Pay special attention to the fact that the outflow is provided by state companies and budget organizations - their deposits decreased by 196 billion rubles. (up to 106 billion rubles.).
The result of all this is that the bank balance has shrunk over the last month by almost 6% (166 bln.). This level of outflow of public funds - a record for the banks included in the "Top 20".
Experts believe that the government of deliberately withdrew their funds from the "discovery", knowing about a possible "crash" of the bank. Here we can recall how "Transneft" has ceased to service their accounts with the bank "Uralsib", which was the result of activities of sanitation.
Perhaps in government aware of the problems of "openness". Therefore, the state corporation and take from the bank their money.
Factor Siluanova
It is worth noting that in the "discovery" of allegedly deliberately assure "the reduction of the amount of liquidity." But it's like I can not believe. Moreover, in fact, the outflow of funds from state-owned companies of "openness" is conducted in a coordinated manner.
It is known that about 100 billion rubles. gone with the Federal Treasury and deposits of about 30 billion taken from the deposits of state-owned companies.
It is possible that "secret order" state-owned companies to pull their money out of the "discovery" would be given to "someone" from the White House.

Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance
It is not hard to guess that, as the Federal Treasury under the Ministry of Finance, the order "take away" from state-owned savings "discovery" could give only Finance Minister Anton Siluanov (or someone of his deputies - Ed.).
Conclusion of assets to shareholders?
It is foolish to think that once the state to withdraw their money from the "open", the owners of the bank will just sit and watch as their "financial colossus' moves directly to its collapse.
Rumor has it that, together with the means of corporate clients of "openness" can use the withdrawal of assets for the benefit of its shareholders. However, what is there to wonder if in the past the bank "Opening" is always willing to lend to the company of their owners. And this, incidentally, is one of the most common "legalized schemes" for the withdrawal of assets from the banks.
By the way, according to the agency Moody's, the volume of loans granted to related parties bank "FC Opening", has twice the capital of the bank.
According to IFRS (June 30, 2015), the bank's capital "FC Opening" is 296.1 billion rubles. The volume of bank loans issued to related parties has been growing steadily.
If at the beginning of the year the share of such loans was 85% of the bank's capital by the end of the first half increased to 229%. It is known that for six months in 2015 the bank "FC Opening" increased its lending to shareholders and their companies tripled - from 216 billion to 663 billion rubles.
It turns out that in the context of how the state-owned company is taken from the "open" their savings, the company shareholders of the bank get huge loans. All this is very reminiscent of a picture when the bank is prepared to bankruptcy, preliminary findings of his assets.
Help Motyleva?
The version on the withdrawal of assets supported by the fact that the bank "FC Opening" "lit up" in the scandal connected with the withdrawal of assets of the owner of "Russian Credit" Anatoly Motylev, who oversaw a number of non-state pension funds (NPF).
As it turned out, NPF, which owned Motylev, placed their money in the bank is "FC Opening".

Anatoly Motylev, the owner of withdrawal of the license of "Russian credit"
This financial corporation "Opening of FC" has become the lender of "Russian credit" and gave the bank Motyleva at least 300 million rubles. Now the bank is unlikely "FC Opening" will be able to return the money.
But why the bank's management "FC Opening" Anatoly Motyleva borrow hundreds of millions of rubles (if not more), knowing that his banking empire awaits the imminent collapse? It is possible that these loans were either asset stripping, or a sort of "bribes" Motyleva because he kept his finances in NPF "FC Opening".
And in a strange way, that the top managers of the bank "FC Opening" did not pay their attention to the explicit withdrawal of funds from NPF Motylev. All this suggests that the shareholders of the banks themselves could participate in the "razderbanit" assets NPF Anatoly Motylev.
In the footsteps of "Life" or "fraud brokers"
Bank "FC Opening" was associated not only with the "defeated" the Central Bank "financial empire Motylev", but also with a group of "Life", whose assets also, according to experts, were withdrawn abroad.
For example, who lost license "Probusinessbank" (belonging to the group "Life") used for financial transactions services company «Otkritie Capital International» (OCI) (previously Otkritie Securities Limited), all controlled by the same bank "FC Opening".
Given the fact that the bank, in the group "Life" are displayed billions of rubles, some of them with the help of representatives of Otkritie Capital International could well be in the accounts of the owners of the bank "FC Opening".
The owners of "openness"
Recall that the shareholders of the "FC Opening" Vadim Belyaev are (26.71%), IFH "Capital" (19.90%), Ruben Aganbegyan (7.96%), Alexander Nesis (7.34%), NPF " Lukoil-Garant "(7.06%), Alexander Mamut (6.67%), Sergey Gordeev (6.38%), Dmitry Sokolov (4.67%) and Alexei Gudaitis (2%).
But until July 2013 shareholders' FC Opening "was the owner of the holding O1 Group Boris Mints and head of" RUSNANO "Anatoly Chubais. They stood at the origins of the bank "FC Opening" and mints with Belyaev considered co-founders of the financial group.

Vadim Belyaev, the main shareholder of the bank "Opening"
It is interesting that as soon as Mintz and Chubais came from among the shareholders' FC Opening ", a scandal broke out, due to the withdrawal of assets from the financial institution. This happened due to the fact that the company is Boris Mints MCC "Bor" has received a loan from the bank, and then made a technical default on the bonds.
That is, it turns out that one company Mintz has borrowed from another of its structure, and then defaulted and money, according to experts, they returned and were not. Rumor has it that these funds were used O1 Group for its development projects.

Anatoly Chubais and Boris Mintz, the former shareholders of the bank "Opening"
In fact, Mr. Mintz corny brought assets of "FC Opening", and now in the bank's interests were represented by Mr Belyaev, who is rumored to be loyal to Anatoly Chubais.
And just before using credit schemes shareholders have withdrawn money from the bank "FC Opening" that prevents them today to do the same?
"Roof" of Nabiullina
In the business world there are rumors that the head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, "a blind eye" to "mischief" shareholders "FC Opening".
Perhaps that "softness" that Elvira shows the bank 'FC Opening ", due to the fact that the organization formerly known as" pocket bank Chubais. "

Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Central Bank
And Elvira Nabiullina during the second half of the 90s worked as a secretary Anatoly Chubais in the Committee on Economic Reforms. This position it has taken on the recommendation of Yevgeny Yasin, who is now the rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminova - husband Nabiullina.
As the Central Bank "poured" in the money "Opening"
It is believed that Nabiullina still remains loyal to his former boss. It is no coincidence users blogosphere openly wrote that "Nabiullina pumped 127 billion in bank pocket of his teacher Chubais."
That's how much money the bank "FC Opening" was to reorganize the bank "Trust". Once it became clear that from the "FC Opening" under the guise of loans actually displays assets for the benefit of its shareholders, in expert circles began to worry about the safety of 127 billion rubles., Assigned to the bank, controlled by Belyaev, for the renovation of "Trust".
Given the fact that the money from the bank "FC Opening" "leave" in the framework of its co-owners, experts fear that the 127 billion rubles. also "floated" to Mr. Belyaev and his partners.
In May 2015 a group of "FC Opening" received from the DIA 65 billion rubles. within the state program of recapitalization of banks.
It turns out that at the beginning of the state (represented by the Central Bank and the Deposit Insurance Agency), literally "crammed" bank "Opening" budget money, and now the government abruptly withdrew their deposits.
All this suggests the version that unscrupulous officials of higher rank and owners of "discovery" simply used the bank to "cut" the budget money, and now they take out of it assets, preparing the "Opening" the inevitable withdrawal of licenses and bankruptcy.
It appears that law enforcement officers should immediately turn its attention to the situation in the bank "Opening", as it could lead to a conclusion of billions of rubles in the interests of individual civil servants and shareholders of the bank.