The deputy chairman of the Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Alexander Khinshtein ("United Russia") has sent a formal request to the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev, which asked whether the written statement on the presence or absence of conflict of interest in connection with the business that are his relatives. Reported TASS referring to the text of the letter.
The deputy in his letter points out that on 30 November the State Duma held a meeting with the minister, which Hinstein raised the question "of a possible presence of a conflict of interest due to the fact that your closest relatives are the founders of a number of commercial entities engaged in agricultural activities."
According Hinstein Tkachev has promised for months to report on the presence or absence of conflict of interest of a declaration "to the government or government apparatus." MP asks "to inform on the implementation of the promises."
Hinstein RBC confirmed the fact of sending the request and provided a copy of the letter. The Ministry of Agriculture failed to promptly respond to the request.
RBC wrote about the business that are related to the family minister Tkachev company. In June 2015 the head of the Ministry of Agriculture in an interview with RBC said that he sees no conflict of interest between his position and the presence of his family's large agribusiness.
"It's not the oil and the land, the production of milk, meat, eggs, bread - conventional agricultural production. I created enterprises in 1995-1996, they are small, they are already more than 20 years. Do I have to sell? The decision should take relatives ... It is absolutely normal - it is the company and factories. What is the conflict? "- He explained.
With family Tkachev due JSC "Agrocomplex them. N.I.Tkacheva. " Tkachev was appointed Minister of Agriculture in April 2015. In November, agro them. N.I.Tkacheva became the market leader in milk. Previously, the company among the five largest landowners in the country.
Agrocomplex was founded in 1993 by the father of Tkachev and became one of the largest agricultural holdings in the Krasnodar region. It includes more than 60 companies engaged in animal husbandry, crop production, poultry farming, fodder production, meat processing, storage and logistics.
The SPARK latest data on shareholders agro provided for 2002. Among the shareholders of the company have been the brother of Alexander Tkachev Alexey and their father Nikolai Tkachev, the head of the board of directors. After his death, the company named after him.
In addition, the wife of the Minister Olga Tkacheva belongs Vineyard and "Chateau de Tal" in Gelendzhik. Niece Anastasia Tkachev Krattli with his brother Nikolai Tkachev owns several breeding companies in the Krasnodar region. By 2015 it owned 22.5% of shares of the largest poultry farms of the Southern Federal District "Yugptitseprom." My husband daughter Minister Roman Batalov owns LLC "Agro-industrial company" Basis ", which sells grain.
In November it became known that they Agrocomplex. N.I.Tkacheva plans to build a distribution center in the Crimea and to open 50-60 stores there. In the same month it became known that the company intends to build a plant for the production of cheeses that can be one of the largest producers in Russia.
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