Internet resource continues publishing materials of criminal case on activities of Aslan Gagiev group, which accounts dozens of murders. In this article we present interrogation report of Norwegian citizen Tom Eynertsen, who was a top-manager of a “Aker Yards ASA” company. This company sold two shipyards to public corporation “FLC” – a state – owned enterprise. Deputy director of “FLC” Andrey Byrlakov attracted to the deal a president’s special representative of international energy cooperation and a member of a director council of “Gazprom” Igor Yusufov and his son Vitaliy. Then a conflict occurs between Yusufov and Burlakov, in which the last one was murdered. Members of Gagiev criminal group committed a crime. During the interrogation Yusufov himself categorically denied any implication to the deal with shipyards and criminal evenst, related to it. However, Tom Eynertsen, interrogated at the request of Russian investigators in Oslo, denied such testimony of Yusufov. From his words, the once president’s special representative was one of the main protagonists in the deal.