Shooting on the background of greenery
After January 18, 2016 in Moscow were shot heads "Firm" Mont-company "engaged in landscaping, experts wondered why this company is so often won a competition announced by the Moscow government.
Shooting merchants accept Velichko Alexander, who previously worked in the "Mont-Company", where he was responsible for the greening works. The crime was committed in the house №7 on Vavilov Street, where the office of "Mont Company" is located.
Once in office, Alexander Velichko first went to the founder and CEO Nicholas Chalyi, who was killed by several shots. Then, the attacker victim became deputy director Anatoly Yakovin company.
In court, Aleksandr Velichko pleaded guilty. The investigation revealed that in the spring of last year he was dismissed without being laid, in his opinion, compensation. It is about these payments, he came to talk to the office of his former firm.
However, the company's management did not get to meet Mr. Velichko. As a result, apparently, of resentment, he opened fire on the top-managers of "Mont-Company".
contest winner
It is known that the company "Mont Company" Moscow has repeatedly won government tenders for the improvement of the various parks, including "Tsarina", "Pokrovsky-Streshnevo" and "Kuskovo".
However, the quality of this company, in some cases left much to be desired. For example, work on the improvement "Elk Island" National Park were conducted very doubtful that engaged in "Mont-Company".
On the "moose island" so-called "blagoustroiteli" left unfinished track, cracked bare ground instead Malinnikov and trees, two unfinished boat jetty on the Yauza, already trampled lawn with cigarette butts instead of natural meadow grass, two decaying puddles instead Bogatyrsky pond and adjacent backwaters etc. .d.

Aleksandr Velichko, former employee of OOO "Firm" Company Mont "
work and other facilities have been carried out no better. Take, for example, improvement Troparevsky Park. There asphalt employees' Mont Company "laid directly on the fallen leaves, children's slides saved on the railing, were violations and installation of playgrounds. As a result, they received a large fine.
Environmental Prosecutor's Office of Moscow previously found violations Chernevskii pond ecology, after the work carried out there all the same "Mont Company". According to prosecutors, the activities of OOO "Company" Mont-Company "has caused damage to water biological resources (Chernevskii pond - Ed.) And their habitats in the amount of 500 thousand rubles..
Tender fraud
Given the fact that the employees of "Mont-Company" is very doubtful to fulfill their tasks with the improvement of a number of objects, then why is this company has won so many tenders?
By the way, "Mont-Company" LLC acted not only in Moscow. For example, this company had an order for landscaping in the Ryazan region. For this work the company paid 10 million rubles. But then (when all the work has been already completed), the heads of Velichko - Chaly and Yakovin - accused the landscape designer in assignment of all funds and dismissed the scandal.
At the same time Alexander himself Velichko has repeatedly appealed to the court, where he tried to prove that to the missing money has to he is not alone. However, Mr Velichko failed to get justice in court, and then completely shot top managers "Mont-Company".
And once again you wonder how the firm, which is banal steal money, could so often win tenders Moscow government?
As it turned out, the leaders of the company - Nikolai killed Chaly Anatoliy Yakovin murderer himself Velichko, in addition to the "Mont Company" according to the documents owned several other similar institutions. And they all participated in the same tender. Thus, the large orders on gardening received the same people.
Often created the effect of "false competition" when the same tender involving various companies, in reality, have the same owner.
founders Secret
According to media reports, killed the director of "Mont Company" Nikolai Chaly was the principal owner of the company. Nicholas Chalyi addition to "Firm" Mont Company "owns" Mont Company Ltd "and LLC" Green Field. "
Also, the co-founders of "Green Fields" are Yakovin Anatoly Velichko Alexander, who led the company until September, 2014. Ltd. "Green Field" is also engaged in the improvement of territories and construction. Company revenues in 2014 amounted to 89 million rubles. In 2015, this company has won four of the tender for 66 million rubles.

Extract from the register on the "Firm" Mont-Company "is taken from the site« »
The list of assets "blagoustroiteley" does not end there. As it turned out, along with Nikolai Chaly Anatoliy Yakovin he was a member of the co-founders of the construction company "Company" Capital ", which is engaged in the modernization of kindergartens.
In total, the firm, of the co-founders of which included Chaly Yakovin and, in 2015, won 11 tenders amounting to more than 637 million rubles.
Strings stretch to the town hall?
According to experts, even with a fragmented network of "related companies", it is difficult to explain to the owners good luck "Mont Company" for participation in tenders of the Moscow government. Experts believe that Nicholas could Chaly trite to share with officials of "kickbacks" for won tenders.
Now it is necessary to define, what exactly the company "Mont Company" Moscow government structures work. The site Russia opt (analysis of public contracts) it is written that the main purchaser of services "Firm" Mont Company "means the Civil Code of Moscow" Directorate DPiOOS "(with procurement volume per 217 297 389 rub.). At the same time Russia opt in their analysis refers to the official portal of public procurement.
But the monitoring system of the Russian Federation budget expenditures (GosZatraty) reports that a large enough customer service "Firm" Mont-Company "is the Department of Housing and Public Works of Moscow with the amount of contacts at 43,448,243,428 rubles.
However, where more orders (in aggregate form) company "Mont-Company" has received from the institutions controlled by the head of Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevsky. Moscow opposition in May 2014 publicly presented claims Kulbachevsky and "Mont-Company" due to low-quality "improvement" of the floodplain of the river Yauza (Part Moose Island).
Among the customers who use the services of "Mont-Company", there CCU Moscow City "Directorate for the implementation of the Environment and Forestry Project" (to sign a contract in the amount of 13,757,249,938 rubles.), Of the Civil Code of the city of Moscow "Directorate Department of Natural Resources and Environment Moscow city environment "(2 763 692 260 rubles.), of the Civil Code" One municipal service customer for greening works in Moscow "(19 152 770 850 rubles.), etc.

Statement of "Firm" Mont Company "of the monitoring system of the Russian Federation budget expenditures is taken by reference
It is worth noting that the State public institutions of the city of Moscow "Management of Natural Resources and Department of Environmental Protection" (CCU "Directorate DPiOOS") and the Civil Code of Moscow "Directorate Mosprirody" are part of the Department of the Municipality, which is headed by Anton Kulbachevsky.
According to rumors, he was one of the "main lobby" interests "Mont-Company". Also in the "help" of the company turned out to be suspected of Alexander Samsonov, who is the head of the Department of housing and communal services and improvement of the city of Moscow.
Greetings from Rospirodnadzora
The "chief ecologist of the capital," there are many connections at the federal level. The thing is that Anton Kulbachevsky to work in City Hall led by the Department of Rosprirodnadzor in CFA. But the agency in turn subordinated to the then head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev, who had been governor of the Perm region (currently Trutnev "transferred" to the Far East in the rank of the plenipotentiary representative of Russian President - Ed.)
According to the information portal "true green", Anton Kulbachevsky during his stay at the head of the environmental department managed to spend the capital of the Moscow budget of more than 4 billion rubles for the purchase of anti-icing materials (GMP) production of the Ural factory icing materials (UZPM). This plant is rumored to be owned by Dmitry Trutnev, the son of the former Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev.

Kulbachevsky Anton, head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
At one time the company was created with the purpose of processing in the PGM hazardous waste from landfills Solikamsk Magnesium Plant. Now, it is selling at exorbitant prices Russian cities on the basis of GMP dirty rock salt and recycled waste.
Case Gilfanova
In November 2015 it was completed the investigation of resonant criminal cases against co-owner of the Ural factory icing materials Rustam Gilfanova. Previously, the plant supplied 40% of reagents for the needs of Moscow, so that the metropolitan mayor's office was one of the key customers of products UZPM.
But the supply of reagents has not been without criminal machinations. Now Gilfanov accused of "fraud on a large scale" (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) and "legalization of illegally obtained income" (Art. 174.1 of the Criminal Code). Below them is meant 2.5 billion rubles., Received for the supply of anti-icing materials for the needs of the Moscow government.
Recall that UZPM main products are a mixture of "Bionord" and its variations: "Bionord sidewalk", "Bionord bridges", "Bionord universal friction material," etc...
Investigators found that the reagents supplied to Moscow by order of Mr. Gilfanova from 2012 employees UZPM Sodium formate - formic acid. This correction does not affect the reagent properties and above all not conducive to artificial melting of snow and ice, but it gave rise to add significantly increase the cost of goods. As a result, Gilfanov and his associates were able to illegally obtain from the city budget 2.5 billion rubles.
"Roof" of Sobyanin?
Experts are convinced that Gilfanov not brought their own money, and has worked in the interests Trutnev and Kulbachevsky.
It would seem that after this scandal, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin had to oust Anton Kulbachevsky, but this did not happen. Besides Kulbachevsky "lit up" in a "sawing" the funds allocated for restoration Salaryevo. For these purposes it has been allocated 283.3 million rubles.
However, the estimate of reclamation Salaryevo officials including the costs of the purchase of apartments. So, just for reclamation landfills in Salaryevo it has been allocated 235 million rubles, including the purchase of apartments for civil servants - 56.8 million rubles, or 24%.

Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow
But even after the purchase of apartments do not "salarevskie money" Moscow Mayor did not chase Kulbachevsky, which has always been considered "a member of the team Trutnev." But Yuri Trutnev is part of "the federal team," Sergei Sobyanin. Also, this team includes many governors - Viktor Basargin (Perm Territory), Eugene Kuyvashev (Sverdlovsk region), Vladimir Yakushev (Tyumen region) and other officials.
Obviously, the mayor of Moscow will continue to protect Anton Kulbachevsky is "team player." However, if the investigators find the connection head of Moscow Department of Natural Resources with the firms that he "roof", the resignation of the officer would be inevitable, and "sobyaninskoe lobby" at this time can not save Kulbachevsky arrest.
Especially if investigators will check it on the corrupt relationship with the "Mont-Company". It is possible that after this verification led environmental complex of Moscow to be an official of the chair to move to places not so remote.
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