Wines convicted of a crime in the 15 years of crime boss Oleg Lomakin ( "Prokop") still is not in doubt, but in recent months, the guards of the law received information about newly discovered facts of the case. These circumstances make it possible to think, not too hastily released from the detention center partner Panteleimon - the future owner of PJSC "Uralkali" and the current main shareholder Bank of Cyprus Dmitry Rybolovlev?
TsitataDmitry Rybolovlev is preparing to return to the quotes rodinuKonets In turn, the tycoon has long attended to obtain a passport of some Western states, where it will not give an exacerbation of the situation. Post decided from the very small (except the Vatican) European countries - the Principality of Monaco, which is estimated to knowledgeable people, it has invested nearly $ 1 billion.. To begin in 2011 bought for $ 300 million. Comfortable penthouse, previously owned mysteriously perished in a fire financier Edmond Safra. Then, unexpectedly smitten with love for football ...
Football suffering
To get vozhdelёnnoe citizenship Rybolovlev decided to save the club "Monaco", which is owned by the Government of Monaco, led by Prince Albert II. The team in the last 7 times champion of France and five times won the football cup it has remained without any medals from 2006 and the 2011th at all relegated to the second league, generating significant losses for the budgets of shareholders.
Ex-owner of "Uralkali" decided that it was his hour. In December 2011, affiliated with the oligarch company Monaco Sport Invest (MSI) acquired from controlled Albert II of Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club 66,7% stake in the club. Purchase cost Rybolovlev in the symbolic sum of € 1, but subsequent expenditure repeatedly exceeded all planned to estimates. Promises to invest in the team € 100 million, the new owner was forced to invest three times as much.
Mean football stars to the right and to the left, Rybolovlev managers were able to return to the team in the first league, but Albert II still was not satisfied. Silver medal of the championship in France in 2014, and bronze in the championship 2015th - certainly not bad, but in the past, it was gold!
Tactics rybolovlevskih managers did not promise the acquisition of gold medals. Hardly famous footballer mastered in "Monaco", as it is rented out to another club, then taken back again inferior or even resold. For example, powerfully launched in 2013 (5 goals in 6 matches) Emmanuel Riviere appeared in the middle of next year in English "Newcastle United". The best player in football history Colombian Radamel Falcao, once in the "Monaco" in 2013, an excellent performance in the first half of the season. Over 19 games scored 11 goals, then retired because of injury before the end of the season and, having recovered, was transferred first "Manchester United", and then "Chelsea" ...
Not surprisingly, the current results are not encouraging. At the ongoing French championship after 24 games of the 38 "Monaco" comes in second with 42 points. The team behind leader - "Paris Saint-Germain" 24 points, and she herself on the heels of "Nice" and "Kan" (respectively 39 and 37 points). The first place has been lost, and the second in question.
Inhospitable America and Britain elusive
The image of the owner of the main football club Monaco in the country in addition to the old Russian murder scandal badly damaged with the acquisition of antiquarian Yves Bouvier stolen Picasso paintings. Rybolovlev antique dealer accused of falsifying documents in order to inflate the price of the painting. In response, Mr. Bouvier and his interpreter Tanja Rappo said that the oligarch himself forged the documents and organized the illegal wiretapping. The lawsuit is over, it is not clear, but in Monaco citizen with such a reputation is clearly necessary not to the court.
Against this background, Albert II very disappointed in Rybolovlev. As a result, the process of registration of the citizenship of Monaco is first delayed and then, despite the numerous requests tycoon, has been completely stopped. And perhaps, the Monegasque authorities initially did not think to give their nationality to the businessman with a very dubious reputation, both in Europe and in Russia.
Dmitry began to seek refuge elsewhere. Primarily interested in its United States, where Rybolovlev bought luxury properties. In the current presidential candidate Donald Trump bought for $ 100 million mansion in Florida, in a black movie star Will Smith bought for $ 20 million villa in Hawaii, and New York has looked wonderful penthouse. Desyatikomnatnye apartments in the 15 Central Park West in Manhattan area cost of $ 88 million to 626.5 square meters.
It would seem that such a reputable investor can go forward, but suddenly refused Rybolovlev not only in obtaining citizenship. US authorities have blocked for an entrepreneur visa. So now the New York property is for sale, and the failed manhettenets again looking for a warm corner in Europe.
As variants considered Switzerland, where Rybolovlev owned two residences, along with others acquired $ 604 million after a divorce to his ex-wife, Elena Rybolovleva. However, the passport application process was not fast, but the residence permit did not remove the threat of extradition to Russia. There was an option to move to Greece - there Dmitry for $ 100 million bought for the daughter of the island of Skorpios, Sparti and Tsokar owned by the granddaughter of the legendary shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, Athena Onassis de Miranda. The Greeks seem to support the idea, but given the traditionally good relations with Russia, especially in the current left-president Alexis Tsipras, the Greek asylum seemed unsafe.
Who is the most likely place for the completion of wandering seems Kingdom. But how easy is it to get on the misty shores of the Thames? Beneficiary "IIB" Sergei Pugachev thought he could not just hide in the British capital from the Russian investigation, but also to sue the former home to a significant amount. And seriously wrong. The High Court in London has frozen its assets, demanded their disclosure, and after the failure of the banker decided to arrest for contempt of justice and lying under oath. Pugachev barely had time to move to the French Nice, but whether it will last a long time there? And in view of the doubtful prospects Rybolovlev conflict with Bouvier such an option is not very suitable. What then can be the immediate prospects for the Russian oligarch?
If at the request of the Russian investigation of Mr. Rybolovlev announced an international arrest warrant, it is hardly necessary to hope for patronage of Prince Albert. He not only lost interest in Russian partners because of the pale of the game "Monaco", but also long been linked with friendly relations with the Russian leadership.
Also, do not count on political asylum in other EU countries, including the UK, where Rybolovlev zasobiralsya unexpectedly. The accusations from the Russian justice can not be made for political and not even for economic crimes and criminals on the net - the above mentioned murder of director general of "Neftekhimik" Eugene Panteleimon. After the Perm investigators will be able to talk with Dmitri, he is considered by knowledgeable lawyers, risks being charged under Article 33 of the Criminal Code (part 3) and Article 105 of the Criminal Code (part 2, items "g, h".) - Organization murder committed by a group of persons by prior agreement, which envisages imprisonment from 8 to 20 years. And he is not alone. It is possible that in the course of the investigation, along with the new oligarch Rybolovlev resurface the names of other persons involved in the crime and tried to hide from justice the perpetrators of these.
Sergei Tarasov