In December 2015, a criminal case had to be prosecuted in Moscow. The most influential "thief in law" Zachary Kalashov (Shakro young on photo) and a large group of current and former security officials, including those with the rank of general, should be the main defendants in a criminal case. However, the investigation has not been initiated because of the position of individual representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office. What is not surprising. In the case of initiation of the criminal case there are many questions to General Attorney Advisor Nicolay Atmonev and his long-term curator Alexander Zvyagintsev, until recently held the post of deputy general prosecutor .

In December 2015, GSM RF IC for Moscow initiated a criminal case with separated materials against Zacharias Kalashov, his associate Leon Lann and "unidentified persons" (the very security forces), which had "taken control over the activities of" casino "Crystal" and " Golden Palace " in 2000, neutralizing the owners of these establishments in different ways. Methods of neutralization were both peculiar to mafia - murder, and criminal proceedings, which were opened by then-investigator of the Prosecutor General Nikolai Atmonev in 2000. Thanks to his efforts more than 15 years ago prosecutions were charged to survived casino owners. Moreover, Atmonev stopped an investigation into one of the murders, committed by Kalashov order.

In December 2015, GSM RF IC for Moscow handed materials for legal action in SB RF IC for Moscow's Central Administrative District, who "threw" them into SB RF IC on the Tagansky district, where they lost safely. The reason of happening was simple - Atmonev Nicolay and Alexander Zvyagintsev are blocking all criminal proceedings with all the "levers", available to them. To understand why they do it, you have to travel back to 20 years ago.

By 1996, the casino "Crystal" and "Golden Palace" belonged to "Optical" company, which was owned by four people: Alex Crane (70%), Karlen Azizbekyan (10%), Zurab Tsereteli (9.5%), Musayelyan (9, 5%), Vladimir Dukhno (1%).

Alex Crain was born in Georgia and at the birth his name was Alexander Arutyunov. He became Crane when in 1980 he moved to the United States. He engaged in frauds with the insurance with his friend Leon Lann there. The couple was so inseparable that even a girlfriend they had, was general, we can say. The former Lann's wife - Victoria, became the wife of Alex Then the FBI announced Leon wanted; he moved to Moscow and told Crane about the unprecedented opportunities that have opened in the capital of Russia. As a result, Alex decided to organize two most expensive casinos.

Buildings under them were given by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli- great friend of then-mayor Yuri Luzhkov. And all the legal issues, involved in a lawyer of sculptor Vladimir Dukhno. As a result, they both received the shares in the "Optical". Karlen Azizbekyan in times of USSR served in one of the secret units of the security special services, and then created a number of private security companies, whose fighters were like a small army. He ensured the safety of the casino and at the same time was its co-owner.

Musayelyan was a "junior partner" both of Crane, and Azizbekyan.

Leon Lann was put to manage the "Golden Palace", and Victoria Crane was appointed a general director of "Optical".

Those years it was impossible to work in Moscow without cooperation with mafia. As a result Zachary Kalashov became a partner from criminal world. There was an agreement with him, that he receives a significant portion of the profits from the "Golden Palace", actually controls the casino, and does not climb into "Crystal".

However, all arrangements were kept shortly. By early 2000, Leon Lann gone over from Crane to Shakro, and "Golden Palace" was not enough for the last one. He also wanted "Kristall". Numerous "arrow"(bandit disassembly) and "dismantling", including the military, did not lead to the desired result: all incursions of Kalashov's fighters were "fought off" by fighters of Azizbekyan- former members of Special Forces.

And then security forces appeared in this story, first of all it Atmonev Nikolai and General Alexander Orlov, who was an adviser of Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo at the material time. History keeps silent the fact, who specifically drew them to take part in the capture of the casino. But it is not difficult to guess. All contacts with law enforcement agencies are engaged by Shakro's "authority" Konstantin Manukyan. Both then, and now he is well received in many security forces offices. Manukyan was also communicating with Alexander Orlov. Most likely, an agreement with Atmonev was not direct, but through his older friend and curator - Deputy General Prosecutor Alexander Zvyagintsev.

Further events were unfolded rapidly. In January 2000, Vladimir Dukhno left office with the original shares "Optical" of Crane, Tsereteli and Musayelyan, which had to be given on their hands. After that, the lawyer disappeared, since it was never seen again. It was not a secret that Dukhno was murdered. Stocks also fell into Shakro team hands. The prosecutor's office initiated a criminal case on the fact of Dukhno murder.

A month later, few dozen employees of Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, headed by General Orlov and Leon Lann, rushed the "Crystal" building. Azizbekyan was overpowered and took away for interrogation; all Karlen's fighters were kicked out of casino. Their place was taken by the Shakro soldiers. During a search a gun was planted to the casino. It is known that Orlov's raid on the casino cost Kalashov in $ 800 thousand. It is unknown how many took prosecutors, but the amount is clearly considerable too.

The investigator of the General Prosecutor's Office Atmonev began churning out one criminal case after another in the interests of Shakro. First, he began an investigation at the request of Victoria Crane.


By the time she returned to Lann and, on his orders, accused the owners of the firm (Crane, Tsereteli, Azizbekyan) in a kind of fraud, as the former General Director of "Optical" company. After that Atmonev initiated a criminal case against Azizbekyan on that same one gun, found in "Crystal". And then he showed the top skill in serving the interests of mafia. Atmonev requested materials about Duhnov murder to him and closed the case with the wording "the lack of information about a crime event. »

Besides, Atmonev was almost openly acted on orders from Mafia. Crane and Azizbekyan continued to fight for the casino, and then it was decided to eliminate them finally. In June 2000, "thief in law" Zachary Kalashov called Alex Crane, who was in Georgia, and offered him to meet in the hotel of "Sheraton Metehi Palace" in Tbilisi to discuss the situation. Crane has been abducted there. Criminals demanded a ransom of $ 1.2 million from US citizen relatives. And then Alex was murdered.

On that day, when Crane was abducted, Atmonev caused Azizbekyan for questioning. An investigator from mafia wanted to indict Karlen and send him to detention facility. Sensing something was wrong, Azizbekyan set off on the run.

So the "Crystal" casino, with the help of General Orlov and investigator Atmoneva, finally moved to Shakro. Shortly thereafter, Kalashov moved to Spain, where he was arrested for money laundering and condemned to a long term. Managing the casino passed to Shakro's "right hand"- Konstantin Manukyan. A series of criminal cases had been initiated on Alexander Orlov in Russia, from which he had taken refuge in Israel.

Only Atmoneva career "went up to the hill." He became an investigator for particularly important cases of the Genera Prosecutor's Office, he was investigating a number of resonant cases, including in relation to Boris Berezovsky. When the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was created, Atmonev became one of the few "vazhnyakov" (important persons) of GP of Russian Federation, which were refused to take by Alexander Bastrykin, head of the UK. As a result, Zvyagintsev has attached Atmonev to the position of General Attorney adviser.

And in 2012 there was a new in trouble on Atmonev. Azizbekyan representatives were on a personal appointment with Alexander Bastrykin and he became interested in the 15-year-old story. Representatives of the RF IC GSM in Moscow took the old case, initiated by Atmonev and horrified by the fact, how openly he acted in the interests of mafia. Moreover, the current adviser to the General Prosecutor was "covering his tracks» in every way. In particular, he put a "secret" stump on "contract" case, and due to it a very limited number of law enforcement officers had access to that case.

As a result, it was decided to close the case, but for three years both Atmonev and Zvyagintsev have organized a cancellation of the decisions to dismiss the case. Only in 2015 "Atmonevskaya zakazuha" (Atmonev control case) was finally buried. Identified materials were brought out of the closed case to separate procedures, materials that had to do Shakro, Orlov and Atmonev as main defendants. Then the representatives of the Russian GP began to insert the investigation "a stick in the wheel" with even greater zeal.

It's very clear why do they do such way. Firstly, not to get behind bars themselves. Secondly, Shakro returned to Moscow after his release from Spanish imprisonment, and took the "chair" of the leader of all the "thieves in law". Kalashov is "on the horse" again and in money. So, how can you not remember about the former assistant in the face of Atmonev?

It is worth noting that in January 2016, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on dismissal Zvyagintsev from the post of Deputy General Prosecutor. Apparently, his protégé Nikolai Atmonev will not stay long on his current position.