Dmitry Rybolovlev - one of the few businessmen who started his business in the 1990s, but trade-Varenko jeans or a beer at the kiosk, and the right securities. After graduating from medical school and learn in Moscow broker, he returned to the Urals and opened investment company "Financial House". While across the country went shareholding factories, and even giants of socialist industry, the workers of the enterprise also received their vouchers, but few, even among the directors realized that with this more can and should do. Rybolovlev has created an electronic depository program and for maintaining such a registry received from the shareholders a lot of money. And then followed by new stages of privatization, competitions with investment conditions. Perm residents still remember the trams with the inscription "For the" Stone Belt "- like a stone wall" - this was a voucher investment fund Rybolovlev and he actively buying vouchers from the population. Uralkaliy.jpgK pass industrial giant wagon was fitted with Lada and people showed Rybolovlev working machines - that's Zhiguli, and here you have a voucher that you will choose?
The outcome was a foregone conclusion of transactions, the firm Rybolovlev bought vouchers so as to take possession at once at least 10% shares of the company, to enter the board of directors and then sell the company has a controlling package of businessmen who want to, and a lot of money. And these funds were once again on the purchase of new shares, but now other industrial giants. Then Rybolovlev managed to convince 17 Perm enterprises to create "Credit FD" bank, and they moved their cash flow into it. Chairman of the bank's board of directors was, of course, Rybolovlev, and then he used the resources of its financial institution to buy up shares of these same plants.
Thus, the businessman received and management "Uralkali" - the world's largest producer of potash. But few of the businessmen of the time do without the bases, threats, and generally without the involvement of criminal elements in its commercial activities.
In 1995, Rybolovlev created on the basis of "Finance House" and the bank "Credit FD" company "Trading house PD" forcibly moved under the guidance of local bandits. Through this financial institution cash flows were another major enterprise - JSC "Neftekhimik". He led them to a certain Eugene Panteleimonov and affiliated organizations Dmitry Rybolovlev owned 40% shares of this company. Trying to bring "Neftekhimik" out of control "Trading house PD" and bandits, and at the same time, to get the property whole company Rybolovlev was the first suspect in the murder of St. Panteleimon and its 30th anniversary billionaire met already in jail.
Rudnik.jpgArestovanny on suspicion of murder by Panteleimon crime boss Oleg Lomakin nicknamed "Prokop", told investigators that it was Rybolovlev customer crime, then their testimony rejected. Even at the stage of the investigation the case was falling apart, a year Rybolovlev managed to get out of jail on bail of 1 billion. Rubles, and later the Perm Regional Court acquitted him.
Businessman again engaged in his usual activities, to build bridges of friendship with the governors and other provincial and federal officials, but in 2006 became a defendant in a major scandal.
The production of one of the mines "Uralkali" start water flow. In general, this area is still in Soviet times was deemed unsuitable for development, but Rybolovlev thought otherwise. However, the inflow of water into the mine turned out to be so strong that it was impossible to pump, rescue equipment located on the workings and the company also decided to flood the entire production. Due to the erosion of the rocks at this place formed a giant failure, railway, power facilities, and even part of the nearby town of Berezniki was damaged. It was necessary to restore more than 53 km of railway lines, relocate residents. And then rebelled shareholders - and who will reimburse the damage caused by the loss of potash reserves, remaining in a flooded mine and stop the placement of shares of "BRIC" on the London Stock Exchange?
In 2009, the State Commission under the leadership of the Minister of Energy Sergei Shmatko re-investigate the cause of the accident, which among other things resulted in the region is also an ecological disaster. It was found that the flooded mine minerals mined without a license, identified huge losses incurred by the state, but the leadership of "BRIC" has refused to take on all the costs of their coverage. So there were too many complaints from all sides. Soon Rybolovlev went abroad.
House Trampa.jpgS that time until now, the oligarch who owns in the United States alone, which he purchased from a presidential candidate Donald Trump for 100 million. Dollars, villas in Hawaii, which he sold to actor Will Smith for 20 mln. Dollars, and 10-room penthouse with an area of 626.5 square meters. meters with a view of Central Park in the west of Manhattan in New York, trying to get a residence permit in the country. However, such a reputable investor, even the United States blocked the entry visa. The FBI has information on the case of murder of St. Panteleimon, and apparently they do not agree with the decision of the court of Perm.
Rybolovlev tried to become a citizen of Monaco for the purpose of 300 million. Dollars bought in the principality comfortable penthouse apartment, and then for the football club "Monaco", which is owned by the Government of Monaco, led by Prince Albert II of, began to recruit football stars to bring the club the first league. Purchased oligarch football masters in 2013 led the club to the silver and bronze medalists at the championships, but Monaco citizenship since billionaire and has not appeared. A new scandal broke out, and this time he was involved with the arts.
Rybolovlev made no secret that it is not an expert in the world of painting, but nevertheless, sees this as an excellent investment. Thus, through the art dealer Yves Bouvier oligarch bought the works of Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Rothko, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse and Auguste Rodin. But suddenly during dinner in the Caribbean with one of the largest art advisers, Rybolovlev learned that for the painting Amedeo Modigliani's "Nude on a blue cushion" he overpaid more than 20 million. Dollars, in contrast to its normal value on the art market. Russian tycoon has filed a lawsuit to Bouvier, and so it turned out that in his collection, there are many paintings of dubious origin - missing and stolen from their current owners. Trouble started proceedings. Prince Albert II turned out to be terribly disappointed, and Rybolovlev is now forced to look for another country which has granted him citizenship and protection against possible extradition to Russia.
But it is doubtful whether it would be Greece, where Rybolovlev owned island of Skorpios, Sparti and Tsokar, once belonged to the granddaughter of the legendary shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, Athena Onassis de Miranda. Penthouse in New Yorke.jpgPrezident Alexis Tsipras is very good attitude to Russia.
Britain, too, after the beneficiary has frozen the accounts of "Industrial Bank" Sergey Pugachev, and the High Court of London ordered him arrested for contempt of justice and lying under oath is no longer considered the oligarchs as a safe haven.
There are Switzerland, where Rybolovlev owned mansion were 2, but with 600 million. Dollars after the divorce moved to his ex-wife Elena.
How will the "golden tour" World Russian oligarch - is unknown. After all, if the FBI is guided by some data about its old crimes in Russia, and therefore will not let Rybolovlev in the United States, it is unlikely that this information is not available for the FSB. And at this moment in Russia, by all indications, held violent campaign to "weaning illegally acquired means" criminals oligarchs. Rybolovlev could easily be a defendant in an old, but new to a criminal case. And apparently he knows it.