London's High Court turned again to cases involving high-ranking officials of the Russian government. In particular, recently issued a decision obliging the public joint stock company Bank "Saint-Petersburg" and its former president Alexander Saveliev before November 4, 2016 to submit to the court documents on the role of the Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko in the "raider seizure" of "Oslo Marine Group" formerly owned by Russian businessman Vitaly Archangel.
Disclosure of financial instruments above the bank's London High Court requires as part of a counter-claim against him Vitaly Arkhangelsky, who in 2010 escaped from Russia to France, after excitation in the criminal case against him.
Employees SS Division 7 GSU Interior Ministry initially was charged against him under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code - "Fraud in a large scale", and then paragraph "a".. Part 2 of Art. 174.1 of the Criminal Code - "legalization of funds acquired by a person as a result of a crime committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons"
Vitaly Arhangelskiy.jpgPo version of Russian investigators, in March 2009, Arkhangelsk, together with other unidentified persons, has made an illegal decision to get a loan in the bank "St. Petersburg", which was a violation of the law, as the Archangel was not the sole leader of one of the "Oslo branches Marine group "and could not personally make decisions related to the loan. Next, the selected large funds were not spent on business development and acquisition of core assets, as indicated by documents, and for the purchase of real estate for the Archangel and his wife abroad.
In an open criminal proceedings in absentia businessman was arrested and confiscated all his Russian assets. At this point, the Archangel with his family was abroad and France, considered the application of its declaration in the international arrest warrant, refused to extradite fugitive businessman opportunity to their homeland.
Now, leaving the High Court in London for the available documents, the Archangel said that against him in collusion on the illegal seizure of its business involved senior Russian official - Valentina Matvienko.
French businessman lawyers argue that the Russian documents accusing their client rigged, and in particular the signing of the Arkhangelsk forged.
High Court in London, waiting for documents from the bank "St. Petersburg" is going in the middle of this year to organize the cross-examination with the participation of the plaintiff Vitaly Archangel and Russian economist Sergei Guriev is now resident in Paris. Previously, the scientist gave at the preliminary court session on October 23 last year, a report to the bank's actions analysis "St. Petersburg", its former president Alexander Savelyev, as well as other executives and shareholders of the bank that are considered by him as a fraud against the majority of its own shareholders and investors and it is a crime It should have been investigated by the Russian Central Bank. However, according to the scientist, no such actions in Russia are not possible, due to the continuing pressure on the Central Bank on the part of senior officials of the Russian government.
How will the development of further developments will be known in a few months.