Businessman and oligarch Sergei Yanchukov in 1990 started work at the Odessa Privoz. Next to the two-story, nailed plywood Pavilion "Vegetables fruits" currency exchange. Many remember what frank scam while held in exchange, and even in tricky to fudge the port of Odessa. Here and there he built his 18-year-old son, Sergei, First Deputy Chief of the Odessa branch of the National Bank of Ukraine Valentyn Yanchukov.
But currency exchange young man did not last long and soon, together with fellow students at the Odessa Polytechnic Institute organized a small wholesale trade in water and food. However, this small-scale employment is not like his father and soon Sergei turned head of the department in the newly "Aval" bank has set up branches. Department served a pension fund, Ukrposhta and several other government agencies. But especially newly banker interested in working with government securities and promissory notes of the National Dispatch Center of Energy of Ukraine. They can be bought at a discount of 40-60% and then extinguish them on nominal debts for electricity Odessaoblenergo.
Also in Ukraine, as in Russia at the time, took place the privatization of everything and Sergey started privatization compensation certificates - a kind of analogue of the Russian vouchers. The mean of the population and converting into shares of Odessa TPP, Sergey made his first millions and bought a red sports car Honda Prelude. This sports car, he went to conquer Kiev.S.Levochkin, D.Firtash.jpg
There Sergei Yanchukov settled into an organization that engaged in mutual offsets of excise duties and VAT, and by the early 2000s with his partner Sergey Surovtsev created a financial company "Clearing House". Similarly, by a strange coincidence, the bank called the former head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Serhiy Lyovochkin and Ivan Fursin - the partner of the largest Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash.
But all these matches and the presence of a sports car did Yanchukova Jr. involved in the new Ukrainian elite, and in 2011 he married the daughter of the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky. Now he developed important new acquaintances.
In early 2004, "Clearing House" bought on the market about 30% of mineral fertilizers Cherkassy plant "Azot". After this transaction, which the workers considered raider seizure, Ukrainian businessman will never go outside alone, now accompanies him everywhere imposing armed guards.
Later Yanchukov and its partners have created on the basis of collected privatization certificates controlling interest "Crimean Soda Plant" and sold it to Dmitry Firtash. The net profit from this transaction amounted to about $ 3 million..
Then the businessman developed a scheme resale of oil - his partner Sergey Surovtsev agreed with "Ukrtatnafta", "Naftogaz", Ukrainian customs and tax and Yanchukov - with "Transneft". "Clearing House" bought Russian oil directly to "Surgutneftegaz" wells and "Rosneft" and then she went for processing to Ukraine Kremenchug refinery and then finished petroleum products were exported abroad through the port of Odessa. Thus organization Yanchukova earned more than ten million dollars per year.
But at the end of 2004 in Ukraine there was a "orange revolution", changed not only the government, but also the heads of the oil companies, customs, the port of Odessa. With the new players in the market to build relationships he failed Yanchukov and decided to settle in Russia.
In 2006, Sergei Yanchukov bought oil companies "Quantum Oil" and "Fobosneftedobycha" with deposits in the Nizhnevartovsk district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Proven reserves were estimated at 1 million tonnes, but these cheap, by Russian standards, the assets of the Ukrainian oligarchs do not have enough of their own money, and he borrowed about 5 million. Dollars.
To pay its creditors immediately failed, and in 2007 Rostekhnadzor Tyumen region Yanchukova accused of violating the license conditions. Against the well owner preparing a criminal case, but it has never been opened, in 2009, he sold Yanchukov "Quantum Oil" at a reduced price.
Now deal with Russian oil business newly agreed only with the support of local "sharks" and in addition to the former partners attracted to a new deal just retired as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexander Ryazanov. Together they bought from the municipal property Krasnoselkup district of Yamal oil and gas company "Mangazeya". This organization was 3 license for the Yamal deposits, reserves of which are estimated at up 624 million. Barrels of oil equivalent. But for development and business development partners of their money is still not enough and they began negotiations with "Gazprom", "Novatek" and other major players in the oil market, to attract any of them as a strategic investor. However, long talks were unsuccessful and soon Yanchukova right in the airport met Krasnoselkupsky outfit MIA and local prosecutors. New oil tycoon was in jail on a charge of failure to pay employees 'Mangazeya' salaries over a long period vremeni.Finskiy.jpg
Yanchukov was forced to pay all the money from his own pocket and therefore at odds with the partners. As a result of various transactions, he was the sole owner of "Mangazeya" and in the summer of 2014, said the bankruptcy of the company. Losses amounted to more than 90.1 million rubles, accounts payable -.. 1.7 billion rubles, but the businessman managed to conclude a peace with the creditors and the court approved their representative employee-owned offshore Yanchukovu Sezaria Ltd. And now, after the very near future "Gazprom", not without obtaining important for themselves the assets connected one of the fields "Mangazeya" to its main gas pipeline. At the moment, the investment of the "national heritage" in the well Yanchukova estimated at more than 120 mln. Dollars.
In the oil business Russian-Ukrainian oligarch is now remote control and everything is in order, can not be said of his other enterprises.
In the mid-2000s, in one of the secular parties Sergei Yanchukov met with Maxim Finnish - a young entrepreneur from the circle of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. Businessman involved in several large projects and is engaged in mining of valuable minerals - nickel, silver, gold. Male friends, together with their families went to rest.
At some point, a new friend suggested Yanchukovu invest it very profitable business and the oil tycoon began to buy up shares "Ildikanzoloto", "Daltsvetmet" and other mining companies in the WTG group, belonging to Finland. But it turned out that the gold business brings no money, and headaches, expenses exceed income and Yanchukov by finding out how many experts estimate the deposits of minerals in areas WTG, soon decided to withdraw from other businesses.
It happened, but not immediately, very high price, Yanchukov lost most of the money. Then he learned that the deposits are estimated not true, the company's shares on the stock exchanges are growing up and oligarch decided to expand trade.
This Yanchukov used the influence of so many dignitaries and financial pressure to lend WTG bank to take a majority stake at the lowest price. And when it happened, it became clear that on the eve of the Finnish company took another giant for credit and the money repaid completely foreign debt. As a result, a group of mining companies, which began to hold Yanchukov, was once again on the verge of bankruptcy. The oligarch has filed a lawsuit against a former friend, Finland has been charged with fraud and he was under house arrest. Even electronic bracelets and continuous monitoring of the home did not prevent him to escape from Moscow to Minsk and from there via Europe to move to Ameriku.Telman Ismailov.jpg
Now, in the courts of Canada and the British Virgin Islands of Finland filed lawsuits against the company and its Yanchukova "Mangazeya Mining", in which the group was renamed WTG. Gold production increased to the limit and it certainly bears some fruit. However, the situation with the international courts are not happy, and it is not clear what the outcome of this case.
In addition to the oil and gold markets Yanchukova interested in a very favorable housing and for this, he began to buy up land in Moscow and other cities.
This business tycoon started also due to friendship, he met with the sons of the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov and they are "helped" to get the first authorization of the capital town-planning commission on the construction of residential houses. Yanchukov even was one of the invited guests at the grand opening of a luxury hotel in Turkey «Mardan Palace».
Further, oil and gold tycoon and without collateral "under the personal guarantee" only some 10% per annum, Telman Ismailov lent 100 million. Dollars. For a while, Caucasian man, to give "serious vows and assurances" on its financial obligations, pay required interest and then stopped. Then he signed the contract on pledging Yanchukovu hotel "Ast Gough", valued at 14.5 million. dollars, but the contract is not officially registered.
Mardan-palace.jpgYanchukov went to court in Cyprus, Russia and London, but some assets were frozen Ismailova, «Mardan Palace» for the debts of the bank withdrew the Turkish and now to get anything from the owner of the property demolished "Cherkizon" is almost impossible.
But in spite of the serious financial losses that accompany business Yanchukova, he still remains afloat, because now enjoys a very influential support. Sergey Yanchukov part of the board of trustees of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and the Moscow Theological Academy. This highly respected charitable organization is a kind of a closed "club" of the most "important" people of the country. They support each other close business relations and jointly decide what, where, and how it will develop in the domestic business. Here are just a few "members of the club" - St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, Senator Victor KhMAO Pichugov, vice president of "Lukoil" Leonid Fedun, bankers Alexey and Dmitry Ananiev, and many others.
To continue happening in the economy, the oligarchs, losing millions of dollars, will always find a way to compensate for them, because the period of "wild capitalism" in Russia is not yet over, but he gets his conservative traits.