Employees of "Novaya Gazeta" were parallel and several other investigative journalism (the strange "Kazakh transactions" on trade and gas condensate, and about the circumstances of the murder of Boris Nemtsov), the fate of the characters who suddenly crossed at one point - on the runway at the airport of business aviation "Vnukovo- 3. " One of them, coincidentally, turned Kirill Seleznev.
As we already reported (№19 dated February 24, 2016), "New" features information obtained from the representatives of law enforcement agencies, that the suspect in the murder of Boris Nemtsov Tamerlan Eskerhanov, as well as - deputy battalion commander BB MIA "North" Ruslan Geremeev (his charge is not shown) a few weeks before the policy murder, allegedly participated in some military action on the territory of the airport Vnukovo - from the business jet was withdrawn man, like the Board of OJSC "Gazprom" a member of the General Director of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz "Kirill Seleznev.
Upon receiving information that a person, like a top manager of "Gazprom", went to Vnukovo, according to our data, the tactical group of Chechen security forces, stationed in Moscow, he immediately went to the airport, but at the Minsk highway got stuck in traffic.
We do not know to whom to contact the team leader (if desired, it is easy to install on a mobile phone billing, for example, of the same Ruslan Geremeeva), but our source in the customs service of the state: the day he supposedly "top let down" order - to delay the departure of business -dzheta on which a person resembling Selezneva, intended to go to Moscow. Of VIP-passengers was already on the plane, and, according to our sources, the customs officers had to stall for time under the pretext of checking baggage clearance.
"Brigade Geremeva", arriving at Vnukovo, as might be expected, becprepyatstvenno drove to a parking lot and the aircraft climbed aboard an airliner. Inside, they remained for a long time and do not come out from there, it seems to be with a man like Selezneva.
According to our information, the police have records from surveillance cameras recorded the incident. However, the potential victim is a statement about the crime are not addressed. Moreover, a few days later to the accounts referred to "the power of the public Chechnya" were transferred money from an account opened in the Geneva branch of the bank ING Belgium Brussels (details are available edition).
On this account, presumably accumulated income derived from the sale of financial schemes through which gas condensate produced in Kazakhstan, delivered via pipeline to a processing plant in Orenburg (and pipeline and refinery owned enterprises included in "Gazprom") and finished raw materials delivered to Murmansk, from where is exported to Europe. The "Gazprom" has been virtually excluded from this scheme and, according to the documents, had nothing to do with gas condensate.
This scheme, as can be seen from the documents, began work in 2003 and for the period up to 2014, in Orenburg processed 12.6 million tons of gas condensate produced in Kazakhstan. At the same time the Kazakh proposal to supply the raw material directly, without intermediaries, left indifferent leadership of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz". According to experts, the Russian budget could be damaged in the amount of not less than 150-200 million dollars a year. Recall that this structure was headed just Kirill Seleznev, who we sent a formal request: on the subject of "Kazakhstan transactions", and about the possibility of what happened to him during the incident "Vnukovo".
Details - "New" in the next room.