Condensate billion
Where deposited money losing company "Gazprom", and who ransomed them from Chechen security forces

While investigating the murder of Boris Nemtsov, Reporters card "Novaya Gazeta" investigations came across another series of crimes committed, allegedly, by the same group of Chechen security forces. In this case the victim in one of the stories (de facto, but not de jure) turned out to be the hero of the investigation, which we conducted in parallel, and which, it would seem, it was not due to crime, and complex financial schemes and the operation of state monopolies. But the two stories came together at one point - on the runway Airport Business Aviation "Vnukovo-3". And, as we now understand, not too casual.
Tactical group of Chechen security forces, stationed in Moscow, left in "Vnukovo", barely received information that a man went to the airport, as one might expect, like a member of the Board of PJSC "Gazprom", Director General of OOO "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" Kirill Seleznev.
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"Gazprom" dreams come true: as the resale of the same thing brings "favorites" - the billions, and the government - lossesThe group, according to our information received from representatives of power structures, probably belonged Eskerhanov and Tamerlane, who now suspected in the murder of Boris Nemtsov. A lead group could conceivably zamkomandira battalion MVD "North" Ruslan Geremeev (his charge is not charged).
The group obviously late for "date". In addition to the Minsk highway traffic jam.
We do not know to whom to turn Ruslan Geremeev, but our source in the customs service of the state: the day he supposedly "top let down" order - to hold a business jet, in which a person resembling Selezneva, intended to fly out of Moscow. Of VIP-passengers was already on the plane, and, according to our sources, the customs officers had to stall for time under the pretext of checking baggage clearance.
"Geremeeva Brigade" arrived in "Vnukovo", as might be expected, smoothly drove to a parking lot and the aircraft climbed aboard an airliner. Inside, they did not stay long, came from there, it seems to be with a man like Selezneva, and quickly left the airport.
According to our information, the police have records from surveillance cameras installed in "Vnukovo". They have recorded the incident. However, the potential victim is a statement about the crime are not addressed. Moreover, a few days later to the accounts referred to "representatives of the public power in Chechnya", the money was transferred. Presumably, from an account opened in the Geneva branch of the bank ING Belgium Brussels (details are available edition).
And money is not small. It's about the amount of 1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars). This is the "New" told three independent from each other sources.However, all three were of three different versions of how the passenger, interest groups of Chechen security forces, "a debt" ( "New" and the investigation continues until refrain from voicing these versions).
We assume that the debtor could turn to Rashid Sardarova, owner of "South Ural Industrial Company" (YUUPK) and actual beneficiaries of the company's Industrial Investments & Participations SA, figurant rating of "500 richest people of Russia", which the drafters explicitly for "repayment" Sardarova underestimated condition, he counted "only" $ 100 million.

Kazakhstan transit
The incident in "Vnukovo" I learned when I was a few months engaged in journalistic investigation about the relationship of the Russian PJSC "Gazprom" with the Kazakh consortium Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V. (KPO).
Back in July last year at the disposal of "New" were several agreements and additional agreements concluded between JSC "South Ural Industrial Company" (YUUPK) and a subsidiary of "Gazprom" company "Gazprom Orenburg" (GDO). It was in the papers about the processing of unstable gas condensate at gas processing plants GDO. This YUUPK provided GDO condensate produced in Kazakhstan, KPO consortium and supplied to Orenburg condensate owned by OAO "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat" (100% of the shares also belong to "Gazprom", the details of the consolidation of the company's shares, see. In number 21 of the "New "dated February 29, 2016).
Unstable gas condensate - a viscous, usually colorless compressible fluid, similar to oil, but not having in its composition resins and asphaltenes. Sometimes gas condensate called "white oil".
On gas processing plants is carried out stabilization of unstable gas condensate by extraction of raw methane, ethane, and propane-butane fractions.
Stable gas condensate - a raw material for fuel and petrochemical industries. In the course of further processing thereof, for example, receive a high-quality gasoline, jet, diesel and heating oil ...During a business trip to Kazakhstan I was able to meet with the managers of KPO consortium. From them I learned with surprise that YUUPK also no direct contract for the purchase of gas condensate produced at the Karachaganak gas field. But such an agreement is at the company's Industrial Investments & Participations SA (IIP), which, according to the details, it is considered a Canadian company.
My Kazakh interlocutors argued that all negotiations with KPO consortium on behalf of IIP led Rashid Sardarov. Furthermore, KPO managers repeatedly flew to Moscow to agree on the details of contracts and signing of supplementary agreements. And often talks were held in a family house, located in the Big Three Hierarchs Lane Moscow. In the same historic building that once belonged to a well-known philanthropist Morozov, and now houses the head office YUUPK.
Judging by the contract, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V. delivers unstable gas condensate of Industrial Investments & Participations SA, which, in turn, again according to the documents, reports Raw "South Ural Industrial Company", and already provides YUUPK condensate plants Ltd. "Gazprom Orenburg".
After processing, the finished product, according to the documents, returns YUUPK, which in turn transmits goods companies IIP. In fact, all these programs and the return take place only on paper. In fact, an unstable gas condensate comes from the gas fields in Kazakhstan on condensate at a gas processing plant in Russia, and the processing of the product is loaded into tank cars and transported to Murmansk, where the local port is poured into tankers and delivered to European consumers.

According to the documents, it is in one of the rooms of the building resides in Quebec gas giant IIP
Involuntarily the question arises: why the "Gazprom" can not directly enter into a contract with a consortium Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V.? If it is "Gazprom" - the owner of all parts of the process chain, why he can not sell the finished products to Europe?
Prior to 2003, LLC "Gazprom Orenburg" directly receive an unstable gas condensate from the Karachaganak gas field, processed and sent to the finished products to Murmansk.
The peak of the interaction partners in Kazakhstan now OOO "Gazporm Orenburg" took place in 2002. Then SLTB has processed 4.5 million tons of raw materials.
March 20, 2003 the general director of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" was appointed 29-year-old Kirill Seleznev. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but it was in 2003 began the expansion of "South Ural Industrial Company" to the market of unstable gas condensate while reducing processing volumes of Kazakh condensate GDO facilities.
In 2003 YUUPK put on long-term bonds as the raw materials supplied 852 thousand. Tons of gas condensate in Kazakhstan. In subsequent years, the following amounts of raw materials were delivered (in million tonnes):
2004 - 1,1542005 - 1,0852006 - 1,2282007 - 1,3102008 - 1,3992009 - 1,0942010 - 1,2062011 - 0.8192012 - 0.8382013 - 0,8572014 - 0,718
Thus, in the period from 2003 to 2014 SLTB has processed about 13 million tons of unstable gas condensate produced in Kazakhstan and institutions in Russia as a raw materials company YUUPK. The proportion of condensate in Kazakhstan GDO purchased directly from year to year was reduced, and in 2011 was only 393,000 tons.
The secret of the pipeline
Leaders of Kazakhstan's KPO consortium has repeatedly appealed to the LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" proposals as a direct supply of gas condensate at the GDO and to provide the possibility of processing raw materials to other businesses. However, always received a response that one of the threads of the pipeline GTU 16 GPP is leased from OJSC "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat" and that the GDO is not possible to transport raw materials to the plant.
Juicy details. Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V. monthly informed LLC "Gazprom Orenburg" on the volumes of gas condensate supplies Industrial Investments & Participations SA «Orenburg in direction." That is, in Kazakhstan, in Orenburg, in the conduct of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" could not fail to understand that the Canadian company is inscribed in the scheme as the "operator", as we assume, only documents. But when the documents the export of Kazakh gas condensate in Europe carries a Canadian company, it allows the de jure excluded from the chain добыча—транспортировка—переработка—транспортировка finished products of the company, registered in the Russian jurisdiction. This makes it possible to avoid taxation in Russia, saving on payments to the budgets of different levels of 150-200 million dollars a year.
Besides, "Gazprom" could directly buy from Kazakhstan manufacturers gas condensate, delivering it to the condensate, controlled OAO "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat", is part of the PJSC "Gazprom" on the company's refining capacity, "Gazprom Orenburg".
Experts estimate that the average European cost of stable gas condensate of about $ 700 per ton for all costs of the company Industrial Investments & Participations SA amounted to no more than 300 dollars per ton. For example, under Contract № 1830-70 of December 23, 2010 YUUPK for processing each ton of condensate is transferred to the settlement account of the GDO 611 rubles 40 kopeks (about $ 20). In 2013, the recycling costs rose to 1,100 rubles (about $ 35).
A total loss of PJSC "Gazprom" for 11 years "Canadian" scheme, according to experts, can not be less than four billion dollars.
Canadian phantom
Try to find in the Canadian Registrar of Companies Industrial Investments & Participations SA failed. But we found a company with exactly the same name, registered in Luxembourg, 11 April 2002. Company registration number 886662. However, no signs of the enterprise could not be found. Apparently, the company was soon closed in Luxembourg and "rediscovered" in the jurisdiction of another country. And apparently, not in Canada. Although in all contracts signed with Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V., was indicated Quebec Address: 5300, Boulevard des Galeries 210 Quebec, G2K 2A2 Canada.
At our request, the Canadian colleagues have visited at this address in Quebec and found a completely different entity. We can assume that this is not the address of the enterprise multi-million turnover, and the place of mass registration offices.
We interviewed experts suggested that the office in Canada would be open to "tax optimization". Translated into everyday language, this means an opportunity or do not pay taxes or pay as little as possible.
The presence of Canadian office enables IIP work around the world. And this opportunity the company benefited by opening a current account with the bank's Geneva branch of ING Belgium Brussels. According to our information, it is at the expense of funds received from the sale of recycled condensate.
The direct sale of raw materials to European consumers involved in the company DFN oil, recorded in Copenhagen (Denmark). Interestingly, 100% of the share capital of the company DFN oil owned by another firm consonant with the name, which established the three who came from Russia. From Danish registries we managed to find out that the entire staff of the company - four people. But at the same time it has solid momentum. For example, in 2012, it took 483 million dollars in company accounts.
Back in December of last year, we sent a request to the company DFN oil and received confirmation that the request has been received and referred to management. After that, we have repeatedly called up from the company's office. But a pleasant female voice invariably replied that the company's management DFN oil is not in place.
Uncle, give me a billion
Rashid Sardarov also did not respond to a written request. He would prefer a personal meeting, and invited me to the head office YUUPK located in Three Hierarchs Lane Moscow.
Sardarov the move said that with the general director of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" Kirill Seleznev "practically a stranger":
- I have no partisan relationship with someone from "Gazprom". I was never at the head office, has never participated in parties of Gazprom - said Sardarov. - There is only the relations of production. For example, I use Gazprom's pipeline. It does not belong to us. But I regularly pay for pumping gas condensate.
Sardarov said that "South Ural Industrial Company" since 1994. And today he is the only founder of the company.
According Sardarova, in 21 years of operation the company has built 32 plant for processing of gas condensate. My question is, what was the point in the presence of their own capacity to enter into contracts for the processing of condensate from the LLC "Gazprom Orenburg", remained unanswered.
Asked why the "Gazprom" does not directly buy gas condensate from a consortium Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B. V., Sardarov said that Kazakhs nobody sells raw materials:
- They provide condensate for processing in the form of raw material. We recycle, they take. And they themselves sell.
However, here in the course of the conversation Sardarov said that over the past 20 years, he has not sold a single gram of product, which is itself not processed.
So, still selling? The answer to the question I have not heard.
And Sardarov found it necessary to emphasize that, since the registration YUUPK company never took credit:
- We do not even have a credit history - said my interlocutor.
- Why are you not in the "Forbes" list? - I asked at the end of the conversation.
- We're not in the "Forbes" list, but we are in the list of those organizations that are respected professionals - philosophically said Sardarov.
We do not and can not claim to Rashid Sardarova. He, like any businessman in his place, just took advantage of the situation.
Questions can only be to the leadership of "Gazprom" and specifically to the LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz". Because
it is very strange that "virtually unknown" Sardarova Kirill Seleznev has created for its controlled companies, as can be seen, the most favorable conditions. And it allowed Sardarova since 2003 (when the "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" headed Seleznev), presumably to make more than four billion dollars.And so there is nothing surprising in the version that is to Rashid Sardarova could turn "victim" of the "incident" at the airport "Vnukovo" with a request to repay the "debt" (the origin of which is still unknown to us) in the amount of one billion dollars.
We have sent a request for editorial Selezneva name, in which questions were asked and the incident in "Vnukovo", and the relationship with Sardarov. But the answers to their questions and have not received.