Auditors found overestimation
Former President of JSC "Russian Railways" (RZD) Vladimir Yakunin, even after leaving this state-owned company, continues to be featured in the new "raspilnyh" scandals related to tenders Railways.
As it turns out, have audited the construction of model objects in the framework of the modernization of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) and the Trans-Siberian Railway, the staff Deloitte found that these objects can be built up to 45% cheaper.
Recall that the creation of the "transport facilities" total cost to the state in more than 1 trillion rubles. After examining the estimates of second tracks, sidings and inserts (eight properties worth 19.2 billion rubles.), The auditors came to the conclusion that they can build a 10.7 billion rbl., That is 8.5 billion. (Or 45%) cheaper.
In other words, the creation of BAM and Transsib state spent "extra" for almost nine billion rubles, but the money could be saved. According to experts, inflated estimates of 45% was favorable to contractors.
A mysterious change of ownership of a contractor
Recall that in February 2014 the structure of Railways announced the largest in its history, the tender. A long list of works exhibited a single lot with a starting price of 131 billion rubles. In succession there were three candidates, but the competition for formal reasons has not taken place.
According to media reports, re-auction giant put up for sale in May, but already for 133.5 billion rubles. Participants were two. He won a consortium headed by the Moscow management company "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" (MC "BSM"), to reduce the cost of 13 million rubles. (0.01%).
UK "BSM" at the time of filing the application had registered capital of 13 thousand. Rub., And the annual revenue of the company until 2014 did not exceed 53 thousand. Rub. However, a large part of the building had to deal with the other party consortium - PJSC "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" (PJSC "BSM").
Previously, a long time the master of PJSC "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" was Vasily Tarasenko, but between the first and second "giant" tender Railways, Mr. Tarasenko sold his company offshore, according to rumors, controlled by persons close to the leadership of the Russian Railways.
Contact Yakunin
The media said that officially PJSC "BSM" belongs to the Cyprus offshore, and that - the company from the British Virgin Islands, the beneficiaries of which were not disclosed.
But the directors of PJSC "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" Board after the change of owners includes businessmen Alexei Krapivin, Valery Markelov, Korochenko Yuri, Yuri Obodovskii and Alex Bunin. The last former head of the Central Directorate for Railways repair path, and now runs the UK "BSM". A Obodovskii previously owned a 48 percent stake in UK "BSM".

Vladimir Yakunin, a former head of Russian Railways
We also know that Krapivin, Markelov and Obodovskii control another contractor Railways - "United Construction Company 1520" ( "CCA 1520"). In November 2014 (USC 1520) was the winner of the open tender for the development of Railways electrification and power supply facilities of the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Railway in 2014-2017, respectively. Then the media wrote that the co-owner of BSM partners Railways received a contract for 28 billion rubles.
I wonder if Alex Bunin at Yakunin was one of the top managers of Russian Railways, the Alex Krapivin - is the son of the late Andrei Krapivin (MEŽTRASTBANK co-owner and advisor to Vladimir Yakunin).
"Cutting" in a large scale?
It turns out that the former head of Russian Railways gave a multibillion tender "himself friendly" traders, and estimate the cost was actually inflated by 45%. This situation is reminiscent of an enormous "cut" cost of money (perhaps one of the biggest "cuts" in the entire history of theft in state corporations).
It is worth noting that the "friends Yakunin" (Krapivin, Markelov and Obodovskii) are included in the Board of Directors of PJSC "Lengiprotrans" and subsidiary of PJSC ( "Roszheldorproject") performs extensive design work for the Railways. For 2013-2017 for this area limit funding was provided to 133.5 billion rubles.
It seems that when he was head of the Railways Yakunin literally "away" requirements to your friends. Obviously, now check the activities of these entities does not interfere with the investigation.
Next Oleg Toni
Even with RZD is actively working "Transugstroy" owned, including Anatoly Antipov, a former business partner of Russian Railways Vice President Oleg Toni on construction.

Oleg Toni, Vice-President of Russian Railways for the construction
"Transugstroy" also receives a multi-million tender by the Railways, and Oleg Toni continues to be vice-president of Russian Railways. Incidentally, the Russian Railways management has given the company without competition "Transugstroy" contract worth 29 billion rubles for the construction of the highway "Adler-Krasnaya Polyana".
Obviously, Oleg Toni continues to protect the interests of its "friends of business," actively working with Russian Railways even when the former head of the company. It seems that "yakuninskoe lobby" left in the manual Railways even after the resignation of Yakunin.
Banking scams
Speaking of the late "friend Yakunin" Andrei Krapivin, we note that he was a partner of the infamous banker German Gorbuntsov on "Capital Trade Bank" (STB). Recall that the German Gorbuntsov with its partners acquired Alexander Antonov and his son Vladimir OJSC "Bank" Converse-Moscow "," then renamed in OJSC "Capital Commercial Bank." Together with STB Gorbuntsov controlled Chuvilin Peter (now arrested) and Andrei Krapivin.
After the STB held railway finances. The case when Krapivin placed in "Converse Bank" 450 million dollars (not that funds Railways, Yakunin is not the most, not their overall).
The media says that thanks Relations Peter Chuvilina in STB managed to place about $ 1 billion, belonging to JSC "Russian Railways", but on the basis of the CB inspection found that the STB has a shortfall of about $ 700 million. Experts said that the money Railways could be " sawn ".
The situation when the STB could not return Railways deposit of $ 1 billion., Led to a major scandal that has affected Chuvilina, Krapivina and most Yakunin.
By the way, journalists have become available documents (bank "transaction") in 2014, showing that through the accounts in STB belonging to 10 firms with nominal owners and, in some cases, dummy directors, held $ 2.5 billion in 2007-2013, received contracts from the Railways. In fact, through the STB has been adjusted output of Railways assets.

Oleg Belozerov, the head of Russian Railways
Of course, Andrei Krapivin could tell a lot about the withdrawal of Russian Railways actively, but he was already dead. But Peter Chuvilin is now a defendant in the case of large-scale fraud (by $ 5 million - Ed.).. His judges Tverskoy District Court of Moscow. It is possible that Peter Chuvilin tell investigators how money Railways went through the STB.
Note that Alexei Krapivin (son of Andrew Krapivina) is one of the major shareholders INTERPROGRESSBANK. It is noteworthy that before the resignation Yakunin rating INTERPROGRESSBANK was at "A" level ( "high level of creditworthiness"), but then the rating of the financial institution collapsed.
Fall ranking is quite logical, since 48% of borrowers INTERPROGRESSBANK - the so-called "yakuninskie contractors." It turns out that the former head of Russian Railways held by banks associated with the family Krapivin, the state monopoly money. All of this should be a cause for proceedings on the part of the investigation.
Yakunin has long been suspected of withdrawal of money through banks related to Railways. For example, it bought a share in "Millennium" at the bank Yakunin RZD. Previously, JSC "Russian Railways" owned 35.09% stake in the authorized capital of the bank "Millennium", but recently it has withdrawn the license of the bank.
It is known that the structure of the Russian Railways bought a share in "Millennium" in mid-2013. Then the size of its assets amounted to 11.29 billion rubles., Capital was equal to 765 million rubles. Subsequently, the capital was increased to 1.1 billion rubles., But the volume of assets declined steadily and by the end of 2015 reached 7.836 billion rubles.
Rumor has it that the top managers of the money taken out of the "Millennium", and these funds could come "back" to the most Yakunin. Perhaps soon the security forces to ping the former head of Russian Railways, and the bank "Millennium".
offshore empire
"Swam" money Railways could have a connection personally with Yakunin and his family members (for example, with his son Andrey Yakunin) Wrestlers corruption argue that some offshore company, which, perhaps. Thus, among the offshore companies that are closely related to the activities of the Railways, in the media have repeatedly referred to the jurisdiction of the Cyprus registered vehicles digging Far East Land Bridge and the "Regional Hotel Chain".
Presumably, they were part of the investment fund controlled Yakunin VIY (Venture Investments & Yield Management LLP). The Fund is registered in London, where more than five years living son of the former head of Russian Railways Andrey. It seems that with the filing of "Clan Yakunin," Russian Railways money through offshore Cyprus (and not only by them) "swam" in the UK.

Andrey Yakunin, son of Vladimir Yakunin
Yakunin holds in offshore not only the business assets, but also the earth. Recall that until February 2011, Vladimir Yakunin was officially the owner of the land (7 hectares) in the suburban Akulinin. But then the land was rewritten in Cyprus Mirolo Investments Ltd.
Offshore Company Mirolo - no stranger Yakunin. According to SPARC, the company owns the St. Petersburg LLC "Akulinin", which is headed by Sergey head. He also headed the legal department of Venture Investments & Yield Management, an investment and management company Vladimir Yakunin son - Andrew.
Investigators come for Yakunin?
In connection with suspicions that the money withdrawn from "rail" assets could "settle" in the offshore associated with Vladimir Yakunin, family, law enforcement officers should at least cause for questioning the former head of Russian Railways.
Fortunately, the investigating authorities have already begun to present their claims to associates Vladimir Yakunin. Take, for example, recent searches of the former head of the Corporate Communications Department Railways Sergei Mikhailov (now - the head of TASS). It seems that soon will be engaged in the security forces and by Yakunin. It is possible that the former president of RZD after some time will have to incur criminal liability.