The son of the chief technologist crossed ATVs with dog teamsThe eldest son Alexei Chubais Anatoly Chubais with his partner Larisa Selezneva in 2015, helped out by organizing events for automotive manufacturers 100 million rubles.From expedition to tenderFuture business partners met in 2005 on the "Expedition Trophy", which Chubais was one of the participants, and Seleznev - Sports Commissioner (monitors compliance with the race regulations). "In 2006, Alexei was invited as a technical commissioner" Expedition Trophy ", but again I was the sports commissioner - says Selezneva. - We became friends and decided to do something together, because once passed along the race, it was a chance that something we would get. " Since the autumn of 2006 there was a company "Kvadrotavr", which was supposed to specialize in technical support avtomeropriyaty, as well as to engage in the development of sport in Russia kvadrotsikletnogo.The first customer of Chubais and Selezneva became Volkswagen, for whom "Kvadrotavr" designed route across Siberia expedition. "We found the cross-country and helicopter support, pointed out on a map the complexity of the sites tracked places where fuel was supposed to be buried, - says Selezneva. - Customer offered ourselves to collect the car, capable to pass the entire route. But before the start there were only two months to do so in time is not possible, and we refused, so as not to risk the lives of people. As a result, operating time for our project has made another agency, but the car was dragged almost the entire route in a jeep. " Despite the difficulties, according to Selezneva, "Kvadrotavr" continued cooperation with Volkswagen, by providing technical support to the various activities of the automaker.Selezneva explains that "Kvadrotavr" worked as a technical subcontractor large agencies that participated in the tender car manufacturers to organize various activities, so the market was almost unknown. Investments in start actually took - Agency interacted with "Kvadrotavrom" prepaid. "We funded the agency: we do the project, then received his commission - says Selezneva. - Roughly speaking, there was a 80% - advance payment for device events, and 20% - our commission. "For seven years "Kvadrotavr" organized technical support activities of various automakers. But it was not possible to justify the name of the company. "Kvadrotsikletny sport in Russia has always been behind the scenes, there were no championships, exhibitions, - said Seleznyov. - We thought and decided to make it official, but in the process realized that this is not business as a hobby. Engage in a hobby did not have time. "Work turnkeyIn 2012, Selezneva and Chubais decided to move away from subcontracting and create a full-service agency to organize avtomeropriyatiya turnkey. On an equal footing they registered a new company "Avtomaniya" and on the eve of the new 2013 sent his old customers - automakers - a letter, which in addition to congratulations referred to the presentation of the new company. Work under the brand decided Chariot Event.Nissan has become the first client of "Avtomanii". "It was a challenge to hold corporate team building - to take on the same day 350 employees, - says Natalya Vedenyapina, the first director of" Avtomanii ". - On the site of an airport in the Lower Mnevniki we organized a test drive of a team, as decided that it was more appropriate than a charade, and tug of war. " The budget of the event amounted to 6 million rubles, the commission "Avtomanii." - 10%, says Vedenyapina. On the organization of the event it took about two months: in July 2013 was tender and had a competition in September. Nissan spokesman told RBC that the company as a whole satisfied with cooperation with "Avtomaniey", but from the detailed comments refused.Vedenyapina admits, to enter the market with a full range of services has led to the fact that cooperation with "Avtomaniey" refused many agencies with whom Chubais, Seleznyov and used to work as a subcontractor. "But we worked on word of mouth and personal contacts" - said Vedenyapina. For the first full year of operation "Avtomanii" - 2013th - fully justified rate by a full range of services: revenue RUR 23.8 million. almost 1.5 times higher than the best achievement "Kvadrotavra".In "Avtomanii" say they do not put strict limits on budget measures. Normally a check for technical support ranges from 50 thousand. Up to 4 million rubles. Over 50 thousand. Rub., According Selezneva, can provide an event in a city with one instructor and one coordinator. Over 2 million rubles. You can organize the construction of barriers for cars strips. The most expensive in the position of technical support is most often it is production constraints. The average check for a full cycle of projects can begin with a 1 million rubles. But in practice, "Avtomanii" was the budget and 30 million rubles.The cost price consists of the preparation of the site (up to 50% of the budget), living expenses and flight participants (30-40%), food (10.5%), design (5-10%). For example, a test drive for the press can cost 1 million rubles. "This amount is enough to make six journalists went to Nizhny Novgorod for a couple of days, lived in a nice hotel, two days tested the car", - says Vedenyapina. According to her, the budget could be half that if journalists have lodged in hotel three stars, not five, and cultural program would be easier, "But it depends on the car model and the requirements of the customer."In 2015, "Avtomaniya" organized under the key 25 events and 50 technical projects made by the contractor. As a result, the Company received proceeds of 100 million rbl., Has worked with the net profit margin of about 10%. "About 60% of the revenue brought us full cycle of events, 25% - technical support, - said Seleznyov. - Our standard commission - 10% of the budget of the event, but there may be exceptions in large and in the smaller side, if the whole event is 500 thousand rubles, it is not profitable to do for 50 thousand rubles.... Commission. "«Chariot Event - by strong company and the team, one of the four leaders of the Russian market, along with us," Russian drive "and Drive-event», - said Elena Smirnova, General Director of "Avtorazum" agency. She found it difficult to give a cost estimate for conducting test drives and Expedition Service of the Russian market - such research, according to her, not carried out. "In 2015, the market has shrunk greatly due to the fact that automakers have cut spending on marketing, - Smirnov said. - Betting on the market does not grow, in contrast, automakers asked for the money to provide more services. " According to her, the commission agencies are also reduced.From learning to expeditionsIn addition to organizing events for the automakers, "Avtomaniya" earns that teaches defensive driving, driver of collection vehicles and other special equipment, as well as police. In 2015, this activity has brought the company about 5 million rubles. proceeds with a yield of 20-30%, said Seleznyov. Another source of income - renting park obstacles for test drives. "We have different obstacles to crossovers, sedans, SUVs serious", - says Selezneva. In "Avtomanii" have developed their own and disassembled can be delivered to different points of the country. These activities brought the company in 2015 about 10 million rubles. In addition, "Avtomaniya" organizes individual trips to exotic places. Due to organizational work in the "Expedition Trophy", the company has almost contacts across the country. "It can be not only cars, but also ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, dog sleds, - said Seleznyov. - This is an active holiday for people who are willing to spend the money. " In 2015, "Avtomaniya" organized 10 such rounds."Avtomanii" Figures100 million rubles. - The company's revenue in 201560% of the revenue earned turnkey event organization25 people work in the company30 million rubles. - The budget of the most expensive event in the practice of "Avtomanii"36 thousand. Rub. - The budget of the cheapest in the practice of the company's activities