continues to publish the materials of the criminal case of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. In the fourth article we present an operational reference of General Directorate of Criminal Investigation of Interior Ministry on Ruslan Muhudinov and an interrogation report of accused Anzor Gubashev, which took place on the last day of the investigation.

Muhudinov have been declared an international wanted and RIC calls him a "customer" of the crime. However, this status is clearly exaggerated. Muhudinov only provide killers (Zaur Dadaev, brothers Gubashev and Beslan Shavanov) with all necessary: machines, pocket money, rented apartment, and weapons. It was he who gave the executor of the murder Dadaev a gun, and after the execution of Nemtsov, took him and hid somewhere. On the role of the "customer" Muhudinov "doesn't pull" at all desire.

His main task in recent years has been to provide everything necessary for his boss - commander of the battalion "North" Ruslan Geremeev. Muhudinov served as Geremeev driver, picking up a house in Moscow for him, carried out different assignments of chief and so on. It is clear that assistance to Nemtsov killers in the murder was one of those errands. But the charges could not be brought against Geremeev, he is not declared wanted.

In their reference employees of General Directorate of Criminal Investigation of Interior Ministry indicate that Muhudinov was born May 13, 1987 in the village of Starogladovskaya Shchelkovo district CIASSR, registered in the same village on the Shosseynaya Street house 1, on hand, in addition to the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, he has an international passport, issued to him in March 16, 2011 of the year. "Currently General Directorate of Criminal Investigation of Interior Ministry disposes of information that the citizen Muhudinov R. G. located outside Russian Federation in the United Arab Emirates, where he went, using fake documents ", - noted in CGDC.

Anzor Gubashev during interrogation, made an unexpectedly announce in the last days of the investigation that not Dadaev shot Nemtsov, but Beslan Shavanov (died in detention). According to its "fresh" version, 27 February 2015 Beslan Shavanov asked "to mess him around the city of Moscow" by car "ZAZ Chance". Anzor agreed and "in the morning until the evening of that day carried Shavanov" in the places, he specified.

"Closer to 23 hours of February 27 Shavanov rang me on my mobile phone from his mobile phone and asked me to drive to the Great Moscow River bridge, which I did, - said Gubashev, interrogated in the RIC. - When I drove onto the bridge, I saw that a man falls on its footpath. At this point, Shavanov retreated from the pointed man, he immediately set down in the car and we left. "

According to Gubashev version, he learned later, that the "falling man" was Nemtsov, but Anzor says that he himself is not relevant to the crime.