The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation extended to May 4, 2016 the term of investigation on the case of "protection racket" of underground gambling business by the management personnel of the Moscow region prosecutor's office. This investigation has long been turned into a formality - none of its defendants will appear in the court. correspondent tried to find out what became with the main participants of one of the most high-profile corruption scandals. We start our publication series with the former deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region Stanislav Buyansky.

If all the participants of the "mafia prosecutor" got to the supervisory authority under the patronage of other, more senior Russian prosecutor's office, Buyansky was the "black sheep" in this regard. His professional career has gone up due to the influential lawyer Dmitry Jakubowski, better known as General Dima.

In 2001, 21-year-old Buyansky got a job in Odintsovo district prosecutor's office, on this position he met Jakubowski. Then General Dima beat a local businessman. It did not work to hush up the story, the businessman filed a complaint in the police authorities. Materials of pre-investigation checks lay down on the table of 21-year-old employee of the Odintsovo Prosecutor's Office Stanislav Buyansky, who wrote the decision of refusal. After that, "the general Dima" took Buyansky under his wing, through which, one became the deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region to 28 years. And, part-time, a member of prosecutor party groups, "protecting" underground casinos.

It is worth noting that all participants in this group were related to Jakubowski, helping him in the land business and other projects. And the organizer of a network of illegal casinos - Ivan Nazarov - was actually a relative of Jakubowski one time. He lived a long time with the "General Dima" daughter Dasha. And Jakubowski exactly introduced Nazarov in the gambling business in the fullness of time.

Despite the position of deputy prosecutor, Buyansky was a fairly low level in the hierarchy of the prosecutor's Mafia; in particular, he received the smallest "profits" from criminal proceeds.

Buyansky was a man of ambitious, in 2009, it ceased to hold and own position and role in Moscow Regional Prosecutor's Office. As a result, Buyansky began to prepare a real conspiracy. He began to record conversations with the first deputy prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko and other members of the "prosecutor's mafia", during which they discussed their criminal affairs.

However, colleagues soon learned about such activities of Buyansky. Stanislav rushed for help to General Dima. However, he had his personal interests with Ignatenko and Co., so, learning about the records, he slapped cuffs to Buyansky and put him out. Thus, Stanislav lost his chief patron. Then he decided to take a desperate step - to convey the collected materials to the then President Dmitry Medvedev. Buyansky hoped to improve relations with the first person of the state, to deal with enemies and significantly accelerate his career. In June 2010, through a friend cleric Buyansky tried to go to the chapel on the territory of the residence, which is visited by the head of state. This attempt was unsuccessful. Soon deputy prosecutor climbed to the chapel again, where the Federal Protective Service, who gave the materials to the General Prosecutor’s office, detained him. As a result of inspections of this fact four employees of the FPS, which were responsible for the protection of Medvedev's residence, were dismissed. Buyansky was offered to leave his post at his own request.

After the incident, Stanislav began to get rid of their property in Russia urgently. In particular, he sold a cottage in the village "Grok-1" for $ 4.5 million, which was a gift from one of the businessmen. And with the money Buyansky acquired two restaurants in Latvia (he moved with his family in this country, exactly). And then a scandal bursted with "racketeering protection" of the casino and Buyansky immediately returned to the country, becoming one of the main witnesses of RF IC for high-profile case.

However, when it became clear that none of the accused will not be convicted and they all have "big tooth" on Buyansky, he chose to go back to Latvia. But not for too long. The gambling business has been forgotten and Stanislav went back to Russia. And he got here very well. Now he is the deputy head of the department "Risk analysis and economic security" of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as chairman of the Arbitration Court of the National Association of economic security expert who has created by Buyansky himself.

Buyansky remains the certain connections that allowed him to become a so-called "reshalschikom" (Problem sover).