Finally, the prosecutor's office of the Smolensk region has completed the verification of complaints of the former head of the banking group "Smolensky Bank" Mr. Shitov.

Recall financier wrote a statement on the Smolensk branch of the Liberal Democratic Party and the governor of the region Alexei Ostrovsky demanding the return of 7 million rubles., Listed on the electoral bill the Liberal Democratic Party in 2012-2013.

Agencies have recognized the illegal donations LDPR scheme to embarrass Mr. Ostrovsky, who said earlier that Mr. Shitov transferred to the election fund of the Liberal Democratic Party only 250 thousand. Rubles !!!

"The information that you have in 2012-2013 transferred the money to the account of the Fund's support for initiatives and the party as a donation to the polling by selectively combining the Smolensk branch of the Liberal Democratic Party, confirmed", - says the decision of the prosecutor's office.

It turns out, have gone missing 6.75 million rubles? And perhaps they could stay Alexei Vladimirovich.

Moreover, action to transfer money through intermediaries to the account of the electoral association of Smolensk branch of the Liberal Democratic Party in 2013 are covered by the composition of an administrative offense under Art. 5.20 of the Administrative Code (illegal financing of election campaigns of candidates, electoral associations).

Shitov that the elections to the Legislative Assembly of Smolensk in 2013 was third in the party lists of the LDPR, before the elections, the supreme council of the Liberal Democratic Party rule, followed oblizbirkom excluded him from the list of candidates. In short, the banker "thrown."

"Double kidok" by Ostrovsky?

After that I went to the attack on the bank "Smolensk". At the same time visitors of regional forums, discussing the problem of "Smolensk" bank, back in December 2013 we wrote about the possibility of his raider attacks.

Rumor has it that the governor persuaded Paul Shitova to sell its stake in the financial institution itself loyal people. As a result, control of the bank passed to the "proteges Ostrovsky."

The capture was completed, when December 2, 2013, Mr. Shitov suddenly to the general public came out of the bank's capital and became its new shareholders: Sergey Bykov (17.64%), Sergei Senin (12.7%), Paul Strepkov Svetlana Doroshenko ( by 9.9%), Valery Voronin (9.88%), Catherine Patrushev (9.16%), Elena Guskova (9.11%), Mikhail Yahontov (8.79%), Mikhail Pankratov (8.19% ).

Apparently, taking over his "henchmen" control of "Smolensky Bank", Mr. Ostrowski and could not make a profit, since December 13, 2013 the Central Bank has deprived of "Smolensky Bank" license!

"Ostrovsky, trying to grab my business, organized pressure on my counterparts in the Smolensk region, and he was able to organize and some pressure on my people in Moscow. This pressure he exercised through the agreement with the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Smolensk region, Vladimir Morozov. During the governorship of Ostrovsky Morozov was appointed the head of the central investigation department of Moscow. As a result of these agreements, which I learned from conversations with Morozova subordinates against my people began to bring proceedings on trumped-up grounds, about these matters in the press reports disproportionate information (information about the detention of a bank employee November 4, 2013 was the first news on ORT. ), which led to some outflow of funds of depositors. However, the bank allowed the state to successfully cope with these outflows, "- says the former chairman" Smolensky Bank's Board of Directors. "

On the edge of corruption?

Recall, back in 2013 the deputies of the Parliament and of the Smolensk State Duma from "Fair Russia" accused Governor Alexei Ostrovsky in political repression against his colleague Alexey Kazakov.

Incidentally, this is not the first pressure from the officials of the Smolensk region on the members of the "Fair Russia" through dismissal. Candidate for deputy Natalia Shmakov with guidance removed post in one of the houses of culture.

The opposition in the region believe that the governor's administration is not without his knowledge arranged very real "political repression".

Kazakov, and a number of other politicians continue to criticize the governor Ostrovsky, in which the region gradually becomes scarce, and the officials appointed by them are increasingly suspected of embezzlement of budget funds. In June 2012, Alexei Ostrovsky, appointed head of the Smolensk Department of Health Vladimir Stepchenkova. Then the head of the company "Smolensk - Pharmacy" Igor Bogatov publicly stated that the actions of Stepchenkova as "various frauds, the creation of gray schemes" and the bankruptcy of the attempts in the firm "formed the financial hole in the amount of 100 million rubles." But no checks Mr. Stepchenkova by the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office did not happen.

Note that involved Mr. Ostrovsky and "small elections," the municipal scale, when it is necessary to lobby his friend the oligarch.

Recall that the scandal of lobbying as a member of the Federation Council of the former largest minority shareholder of the national operator "Rostelecom" connection, the head of the investment fund Marshall Capital Partners, a Moscow billionaire Konstantin Malofeeva erupted after the village Znamenka Smolensk region held campaign events under the guise of a solemn meeting devoted to Day of national unity.

How to find a number of media, Ostrovsky lobbied Malofeeva, because the sum of the "drift" of support - 10 million euros. But then Malofeeva withdrew from the election, and soon all began with voter bribery scandal that led to the initiation of the criminal case.

But it seems that the security forces are now obsessed with Alexei Ostrovsky. The deficit of the regional budget in 2015 amounted to 3.57 billion rubles. This is despite the fact that the grant will go to 825 million rubles from the federal budget. Public debt is estimated in the region of 26 billion rubles! Ostrovsky - a failed Governor. And it seems to be in Moscow decided to remove. Assignment Statement 6 million rubles, and the illegal financing of the Liberal Democratic Party - perfect for this occasion.