Svetlana Spiegel had divorced and with her second husband, who was Bandera and bisexual

That's for sure, the rich have to cry only in the event that on them the fate laughs. And it is very cruel laughed really does not deserve such an attitude to him Svetlana SPIEGEL. This clever, charming woman billionaire thanks to the ambitions of Pope vlipla in two marriages, which were to be the dynastic, and were pederastic. That is very unfortunate. First husband, Nikolai Baskov, she had to beg for five years, so he gave her the child, and the second spouse, Ukrainian businessman Vyacheslav Sobolev, generally abandoned it on the advice of image-makers.
Kohl and Light regard each other as a mistake of youth
Kohl and Light regard each other as a mistake of youth

The news that the marriage of the only daughter of the King of the pharmaceutical and former Senator Boris Spiegel with the Ukrainian businessman Vyacheslav Sobolev broke up, clambered out through the sleaze war. More precisely, it is a war of compromising forced to abandon the glory of Amy, the adopted son of Bronislaw and native daughter Nina. But all in order.
Political Bloc Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko "Solidarity" Sobolev put forward for election to the deputies of the Kyiv Regional Council. This is roughly the same as if the "United Russia" has taken into its ranks sponsor destroyer battalions Benya Kalamoyskogo. And that's why.
Until recently, Ukraine Sobolev known as a member of the Donetsk clan and friend Viktor Yanukovych. Moreover, he was considered a sponsor of the NPT, that is, as they say in Ukrainian newspapers, an accomplice of the separatists.
The fact that 20 years ago the first time Sobolev married. His choice was the daughter of the vice-mayor of Donetsk, was left a widow after the murder of crime boss Syava. Together with the new relatives Sobolev opened in the city of "Glutton" network of stores, and then rewrote them in his own name and divorce. So these "Beefeaters" and put Vyacheslav reproach.
That's what they say about svidomye "Sobolev - the owner of the Donetsk supermarket" glutton "who work on the separatists. In these stores DNI flags hung at the entrance, even when no one believed in the DNI, and at the box office were propaganda leaflets during the war against the junta and Coin stood with the card without the Crimea in Ukraine. "Beefeaters" unlike other Donetsk shops were not closed for a single day and not nationalized. A Russian products are imported there first, and then for the rest of the points. "
It turns out that a couple of years ago Sobolev, like Franklin Roosevelt said, was "our son of a bitch."
Judging by this, the plans of the tandem-in-law, Boris Spiegel - Vyacheslav Sobolev-law were completely transparent. Counting on a quick expansion of the "Russian world" they were going to grab a large chunk of it.
Spiegel, who himself was born in Ukraine in Khmelnytsky, quite naturally, considering the republic as another platform for businesses. Links allow much. Yes, and resourceful in-law, he put almost everything. No wonder that Boris Isaakovich Sobolev introduced in the leadership of the Jewish community of Donetsk, gave him his beloved daughter, gave them a wedding in the "Metropolis" with singing in Hebrew Lev Leshchenko and Philip Kirkorov.
In parallel with the activities of the pro-Russian "Beefeaters" it was to crank another operation completely opposite properties.
Slavik (center) was very nasty. Photos from the site
Slavik (center) was very nasty. Photos from the site

At the same time, waiting for the connection to the Donbass Russian company Sobolev "Glutton" ceases to pay Prominvestbank, the principal owner of which is Russian state corporation Vnesheconombank, a $ 75 million loan. A few days before the Maidan, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine in general prohibit banks to recover from the "Beefeaters" collateral.
In the Ukraine, said that the scheme at kidalovo VEB invented Spiegel, because he Sobolev with this task can hardly be managed. However, when the situation got out of control, it was he who was the winner.
Russian troops to Kiev did not happen. The project "New Russia" and has not received the status of the intelligible, and Sobolev, not accustomed to stand still, thanks to received money from Russian Vnesheconombank became to establish relations with Poroshenko team. Especially they like to hang out in the "Mario" owned by Slavik trendy Kiev club.
There's a small pereryvchik between the first and second Sobolev joined the "Solidarity" and decided: to break all ties with Russia, to swear allegiance to the junta, and to go along with new friends to the polls.
And then what happens is what we started with. Political rivals dumped on him incriminating evidence, which is the first Russian woman point.

fucking pederast

- Yes, I was married to Ms. Spiegel, but considering the fact that her father was a senator, I have their own position in life, and I immediately suggested, or are you married or do you live where you think better. She says: "I love Moscow."
- And I love Kiev - publicly abandoned his wife and children to continue their careers while Sobolev fascist regime.
Then he disown his Donetsk business and relations with the rebels:
- Do you think that if you live in my house for three months, these rascals, I am with them at the same time? Could I let into my house, where I was not two years, scoundrels who plundered everything?
After that, put a fat point:
- Now, I painted with Inna Wilczynska. I can send you a marriage certificate.
My family past is in Tel Aviv. They have Israeli citizenship.
Statement prepared by the party image-makers, almost otmazatsya him from communication with Moscow.
What a blow for Boris Spiegel. In-law, with whom he was chairman of the presidium of the International Human Rights Movement "A world without Nazism", their future, sworn to the Nazis. And he traded his daughter to the service of Bandera clique.
But the story of the Sobolev did not end there. His political opponents have dug out a second portion of compromising, announcing Slavik homosexual. They found him explicit photographs taken in the Spanish gay clubs.
- How, again, gay? - Probably cried Spiegel family.
SPIEGEL SOBOLEV traded on a career in the junta. Photos from the site
SPIEGEL SOBOLEV traded on a career in the junta. Photos from the site

The fact is that in 2007, a few days before the announcement of the divorce Baskov and Spiegel, producer, singer Rashid Dairabai said terrible things.
- I'm sick of hiding the fact that the Basque Country - the real homosexual - issued while drunk Rashid Yakubdzhanovich. - It complexes related to the topic of homosexuality, it has evolved from the first steps on the stage. That is why he became strongly pushing photos with his wife in the media, hence gratuitous and permanent drop to one knee in front of any woman, which appeared on the scene. From there he became a father only after five years of marriage! He was honored at last!
How Light lives with him? That's what's amazing. He told her that two days - before and after the concert - it is strictly forbidden to have sex. I sat with him in the recording studio to four, five in the morning, we just watched the telly, listening to music and bellow. Nick waited to come, when the light falls asleep.
The whole country then sided with Svetlana. Poor, poor girl. So plunge into his father's whim, to marry his proposed glossy image. It is clear that Boris Spiegel wanted to make his daughter a fairy tale. Make it not only heir to the factory for the production of pills, but his wife and the world of celebrity, go into the best houses in London and Paris. That's why he put Kohl-in-law a lot of money and all his soul. I grow, as they say, as if to himself, and did not pay attention to his strangeness.
Kohl then delivered a speech in reply «Rolling Stone» magazine:
- When a young handsome actor, for some reason, thinks he gay. I can not ... a woman live. My wife - a daughter, God forgive me, the Russian billionaire. On fuck her fucking bugger? This girl could marry any ...
I am ready to ... wherever she is ready to give me. She kisses me, hugs, caresses. My wife is always such an orgasm ... I kiss her breasts, then surely get into it. I so long to finish ...
Even not know what was better: to make on the occasion of coming out or to give out here is.
Not for nothing have the whole family SPIEGEL at the mention of Cole still start retching. Even Father Bronislaw recorded it, and Soboleva.
As a result, today, Svetlana, is raising two lovely kids. But nothing, time flies quickly. They will soon grow up and inherit the kingdom of pharmaceutical grandfather Spiegel, and by the time he realizes that love is important in a marriage, not a benefit. I will not have to build privacy grandchildren as a continuation of his business empire. So much for happiness.