"Gazprom Salavat neftekhim" requires the Court of Arbitration of payment of debt for the reconstruction of the sanatorium worth 18.6 million rubles, carried out for a Directive of the regional authorities in 2002.

Nevertheless, the "daughter" of "Gazprom" demands to collect from the unitary enterprise 14.1 million rubles. alleged debt arose in 2002.

Then the "Gazprom Salavat neftekhim" had the name "Salavatnefteorgsintez", belonging to the Republic, and in 2002 at his own expense reconstruct one of the buildings sanatorium. To control the power of the Republic "Salavat" through JSC "Regional Fund".

Note JSC "Regional Fund" has been "marred" in the scandal, when 54% of OJSC "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat" (SOT), originally belonged to the Property of Bashkortostan, through the "Regional Fund" sold "Bashkirgaz" and then came under the control of ZAO "Leader" (the company that manages "Gazfond 'pension fund).

Wrestlers corruption called the situation "a dirty fighting without rules", which is a prominent representative of the French boxing savate. In this fight without rules may be affected Kirill Seleznyov, head of the "Mezhregiongas".

From Mironov to Selezneva

Here it is worth recalling that in 2011 the businessman Ivan Mironov (half-brother Kirill Seleznev - Ed.) Sold shares of the company STS "IFG" Management. Investments. Development "(" MIR "), which is owned by the partners Selezneva, and in 2012 the firm" MIR "has sold shares of STS" Gazprom ". At the same time a part of the remaining shares of STS (approximately 6%) sold to "Gazprom" and offshore Elandirix Holdings.

Mironov, according to the media, controls the Corporatera Holding Ltd., which is 100% owned offshore Firmon Overseas Ltd., http://stringer-news.com/publication.mhtml?Part=48&PubID=39149 registered in the British Virgin Islands.

He is 92% owned by the CIS Strategic Industries Investment Fund Ltd., which is registered in the Cayman Islands. CIS 100% control Terramart Development Ltd. (Cyprus), which is 100% owned by "Oberon-Estate" Russian firm, which controls part of the shares of bank "Russia".

CIS 100% owned offshore company Elandirix Holdings from Cyprus, which is through the Russian subsidiary "Prombiznesinvest" controlling part of the shares of "Gazprom Salavat neftekhim".

Thus, one of the main offshore structures Ivan Mironov are CIS Strategic Industries Investment Fund in the Cayman Islands, Terramart Development and Exlaribo Holdings Cyprus. Among Russian companies associated with Ivan Mironov, is to provide "Oberon Estate" and LLC "Overpas Invest".

By law Seleznyov can not itself possess those companies, which are displayed "Gazprom" assets, or who perform "Gazprom" tenders. If Seleznev owned these structures directly, it might well have been to blame either the withdrawal of assets, or conflict of interest. Therefore, there was, as participants of business processes write a young man in 1984 - Mironov, who is everything and formalized.

Moreover, the structures are connected and half-brother Kirill Seleznev, and then it can be concluded that the commercial entities that are controlled by Ivan Mironov, have to "Gazprom" and its enterprises a wide range of services - from renovation and major repairs to the transportation of pipes and fuel trade. Their turnover for the years exceeded 100 billion rubles.

The largest of these companies, for example, TD "Alfa-trade" controls the gas station "Gazprom" network (registered in 2010 in Rostov-on-Don). Its revenue in 2010-2012 exceeded 98 billion rubles. LLC "Gazenergoservis" engaged in reconstruction, modernization, overhaul and maintenance of oil and gas complex.

Kirill Seleznev and Ivan Mironov (photos taken from «ym-penza.ru» Site)

"The bulk of the orders accounted for subsidiaries of" Gazprom ", - it said on its website. In 2010-2012 revenue "Gazenergoservice" amounted to 30.24 billion rubles.

A "Spetsenergotrans" was the operator for transportation of pipes of "Gazprom" on the railway. "Spetsenergotrans" was one of two companies that have received a direct contract with the general forwarder of "Gazprom" - "Gazpromtrans", created in 2010. While revenues "Spetsenergotransa" amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. At the same time TD "Alfa-Trade" belongs to the Cypriot company Terramart Development Ltd, which is controlled by Ivan Mironov.

Chechen question

Once Seleznyov got Chechen rebels and Tamerlane Eskerhanovu zamkomandira MVD battalion "North" Ruslan Geremeevu. Seleznev was pulled out of a business jet. Law enforcement agencies have records from surveillance cameras recorded the incident. However, the potential victim is a statement about the crime are not addressed.

After that, the accounts referred to "representatives of the Chechen public power", were transferred money from an account opened in the Geneva branch of the bank ING Belgium Brussels. I did transfers allegedly Seleznev.

The extra money, according to a number of journalists were at Selezneva after the implementation of the financial scheme, through which gas condensate produced in Kazakhstan, delivered via pipeline to a processing plant in Orenburg, and the finished raw materials delivered to Murmansk, from where is exported to Europe. The "Gazprom" has been virtually excluded from this scheme and, according to the documents, had nothing to do with gas condensate.

Russia's budget could be damaged in the amount of not less than 150-200 million dollars a year. And it looks like the Chechens want some of that money. And the most interesting - got them.

Returning to "Salavat"

It is worth noting that the leadership of the Kazakh consortium KPO repeatedly appealed to the LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" proposals as a direct supply of gas condensate at the GDO and to provide the possibility of processing raw materials to other businesses. However, always received a response that one of the threads of the pipeline 16 GPP GPP is leased from OJSC "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat" and that the GDO is not possible to transport raw materials to the plant.

Diagram taken from «novayagazeta.ru» Site

It turns out, the company affiliated with Seleznev, earning tens of millions of dollars a year and, in spite of the Kazakh side the request, "Gazprom" does not respond! But "Gazprom" could directly buy from Kazakh gas condensate producers! deliver it to the condensate, controlled OAO "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat", is part of the PJSC "Gazprom" on the company's refining capacity, "Gazprom Orenburg".

On the situation even aware of the Chechen security forces, who demanded his piece. But for some reason, as long as Russian security forces situation does not cause problems.

Fighters with corruption say that in the situation with the "Sanatorium Krasnousolsk" can go to Kirill Seleznev and his brother. Proceedings can end a career, not only the head of "Mezhregiongas", but also to block diagram perekupochnogo Kazakh transit, getting around the country hundreds of millions of dollars.