One of the main news in March 2016 has become a large-scale operation of the FSS employees in relation to the Ministry of Culture officials and some businessmen. All of them are suspected of embezzlement of budget funds, allocated for the restoration of monuments. However, the absolute general misunderstanding was caused by the fact that several Apps and 72 employees of the Federal Security Service deal with the embezzlers of not highest level. It was clear that the attention of counterintelligence is focused not on representatives of the Ministry of Culture and traders (they are quite capable to develop by the employees of the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation), but some very large figure, which stands up for arrested. Correspondents of talked directly with a number of their sources, but most of them, obviously knowing, what really lies behind the operation of the FSS, went away from the conversation. And only two sources clearly say - this mysterious figure is the head of the Federal Security Service Evgenii Murov. Checking this information was fully confirmed.


Murov and Mihalchenko.


Within the framework of the criminal case searches took place in the structure of one of the most influential businessmen of St. Petersburg Dmitry Mihalchenko. The FSS suspects that he was in control of the company "Baltstroy" activity, which received huge amounts from the Ministry of Culture for the restoration of buildings. Director of "Baltstroy" Sergeev was arrested.

Then Tambov group reigned in the city, its leader, Vladimir Cumarin, had the nickname "Night host" of the "northern capital". A Mihalchenko, in turn, was called the "24-hour master" of the city. Cumarin is sitting in jail for a long time, and Mihalchenko is free and his weight in St. Petersburg is no way diminished.

The biggest rise of Mihalchenko occurred in 2004. By the time "24-hour master" of the city was considered Roman Tsepov, once engaged in Vladimir Putin's security and members of his family. In September 2004 Tsepov held several meetings, including Mihalchenko. And then suddenly he fell ill and died. It turned out that Tsepov was poisoned. Moreover, it is not still established, during what meeting potent substances were slipped into drinks.

All successful business activity of Mihalchenko is invariably associated with the head of the FPS Evgenii Murov. The latter even considered as an unofficial co-owner of one of the largest asset of Mihalchenko - Port Bronco.

In 2003, it was created a FSUE "ATEKS" by the FPS of Russia. The main focus of its work is the construction of facilities of federal significance. FSUE "ATEKS" was repeatedly engaged as the general contractor for construction projects and reconstruction of the landmark federal facilities under the jurisdiction of the FPS, as well as the facilities of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow government and other state structures. Besides, this list of the most significant projects of the FSUE "ATEKS" by a strange coincidence is the same as the list of projects, carried out by the St. Petersburg CJSC "Baltstroy", controlled by Mihalchenko. Projects of "Baltstroy" were often accompanied with loud scandals and accusations of embezzlement of budget funds, and more than the company's close cooperation with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ATEKS" practically was not hide. Both companies were participating in the tender for the construction at the expense of the federal budget of the approach channel to the new port "Bronk" (another project of HC "FORUM", the beneficiaries of which are considered Dmitry Mihalchenko, the former head of FSUE Rosmorport Nikolai Negodov, as well as Andrew and Eugene Murov). The contract value of 10.8 billion rubles received "Baltstroy" and participation has ensured a visible of competition, as all other members the customer in the face of the FSUE "Rosmorport" didn't allow to the competition for formal reasons. And in late 2014 FSUE "ATEKS" of FPS of Russia has once again handed to "Baltstroy" the contract for the reconstruction of the building of the St. Petersburg Ciniselli Circus value of 751 million rubles. Perhaps this was the last straw that thicket of patience, but, somehow, the situation, or rather its publicity, caused irritation in a very high offices.

Structures of Mihalchenko, FSUE "ATEKS" and FPS are literally permeated by close friendship and family ties. For example, the son of the First Deputy Director of the FPS Alexander Belyakov successfully works in one of the structures of Mihalchenko. A current director of FSUE Andrew Kaminov contrary comes from HC Forum, in 2008, he led company "Phoenix", included in the holding - the investor and operator of the port "Bronk" under construction. In addition, Kaminov and Mihalchenko are neighbors on the country house; they own the luxury home ownership on the shore of Lake Nakhimov in the Leningrad region. What is particularly juicy, the local authorities and environmentalists have unsuccessfully suing for many years with powerful summer residents about illegal construction on forestland and the seizure of the coastal strip. A staff of PSC "Magistral" (also included in the HC "Forum") regularly poison dogs of visiting volunteers, reviewers and journalists.

Mihalchenko cooperation with Murov - junior is developing no less fruitful than with the FPS in recent years. Almost simultaneously with the appointment of Andrew Murov as chairman of the board of OJSC "Federal Grid Company UES" in St. Petersburg, the company's namesake of "Baltstroy" was registered - LLC "Baltstroy Energomontazh", which has become one of the largest "FGC UES" contractors just in a year and entered into one of the leaders in the market of construction of energy facilities.

Official data of the financial results of "Baltstroy" are more than modest. According to the database "Spark", the company net profit in 2014 amounted to 207 million rubles, in 2013 - 507 million.

However, at the moment, the company carries out contracts for tens of billions. And the most important of them is the restoration of the Moscow Kremlin. The contract, worth 870 million rubles, the company received without competition, as the sole supplier of the military unit, which is part of the FPS.

By the end of this year "Baltstroy" should complete the repair of six towers of the fortress - their facades, roofing and communications. And also - ruby stars and one of the symbols of Moscow - hours from the Spassky Tower, which batters the New Year for the whole Russia.

The Ministry of Culture has entrusted the company to create a new art gallery. Barton of Vyazemskys-Dolgorukov in Maly Znamensky lane will be restored for the showcase of the works of Tician, Rubens and Rembrandt. The contract value of 3.1 billion rubles "Baltstroy" received in 2014.

She also reconstructs another museum building - in the same Maly Znamensky Lane, for 2 billion rubles. Also in the asset of "Baltstroy" there is a restoration of Maly Theater in the capital for 3.5 billion rubles, the reconstruction of the student complex conservatory - another 3 billion rubles.

In St. Petersburg, almost all the sights can be recorded in the company's assets. In the field of restoration, it has replaced another, already departed from the market giant - "Intarsia". Now the company adapts Admiralty Staff for the needs of the Navy, and reconstructs the housing of the Higher School of Economics on Vasilyevsky Island for 2.5 billion rubles.

Previously, "Baltstroy" was reconstructing the Emergency home of the Hermitage, restoring the Kroonstad Naval Cathedral, led stretching BDT repair and worked in the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Circus on Fontanka and St. Petersburg State University.


Pirumov and Murov.


The largest figure, arrested under the case of FSS is the Deputy Minister of Culture Gregory Pirumov. As counterintelligence believes, it was he who organized all schemes of embezzlement of budget funds.

Before joining the Ministry of Culture, Pirumov worked in the business sector, in particular, he was (and continues to be, not officially) the co-owner of the bank "Alliance Oil". And the bank is a direct participant in many FPS contracts and private firms. "Oil Alliance" in the last two years was or acting as a guarantor or account servicing of a dozen companies that have signed contracts with the Federal Protective Service and its regional offices. For example, with "IPC Vladimir" LLC, LLC "Fordekar", LLC "Inter-Mail-Region", LLC "M-Service", etc. Oil Alliance had a direct bearing on the movement of funds on contracts with FSUE ATEKS and on latest contracts - with the Ministry of Culture.

The FSS employees, investigating "the matter the Ministry of Culture," have information about several legal persons, involved in the embezzlement of budget schemes, accounts of which were in "Oil Alliance" commercial bank. CB "Oil Alliance", despite the grandiose name, is a small capital bank, located on the border of the second and third hundred in Russia's ranking on terms of assets. However, it has very close, almost family, links with the Swiss (or rather, Liechtenstein) bank VP Bank AG.

It is easy to outline the scheme, which employees of FSS build now. Stolen budget money under contracts with the Ministry of Culture and the FPS were going to the "Oil Alliance", and from there to Liechtenstein. And the strings from all the major figurants of the theft led to the head of the FPS Evgenii Murov. According to some reports, the corresponding reference is already transferred to the head of state for review.