E4 The former owner of the company - a senior official Abizov - may lose not only his position, but also freedom.

As it turned out, the criminal case against the leadership of the group E4 at the request of "Alfa-Bank" resumed.

Recall, the bank in January 2014 submitted an application to the prosecutor. After that it was a criminal case under article "Fraud in the area of ​​lending." While the case was opened in "against unknown persons."

Note that the phrase has been inserted into the security forces because of the complex control scheme in the E4 group, which recently got rid of Abizov.

Back in mid-2015 E4 Group reported that 100% of the company purchased by private investors, one of which - a former employee of "Veles Capital" Sergei Sudakov. Prior to this, the beneficiary company was Michael Abizov.

In the period from June 2012 to July 2014 the leaders of E4 Group OJSC "Bureyagesstroy" and JSC "Dalmostostroy" under the pretext of financing R & D activities received in the "Alfa-Bank" loans for more than 10 billion rubles. 30 billion rubles - Total group debt.

At that time, the organization was an affiliate with Abyzov as E4 are in control of the group Ru-COM through offshore Eforg Asset Management.

"I think that for all major contracts worth Abizov E4 Group. Let it formally has no relation to the company, but I'm sure that the managers who will be summoned for questioning, very quickly it will indicate "- said earlier the chief researcher at the Institute of Economics Academy of Sciences Nikita Krichevsky.

Michael Abizov Minister

The claimed work had not been carried out, and loans were not repaid. According to preliminary version, the company has gained credits to steal! In a criminal case appears embezzlement of loans in the amount of 1 billion rubles, but investigators suspect that the remaining 9 billion rubles as raspihali pockets Abyzova managers. Earlier, the media claimed that the Minister for Relations with the "open government" continues to combine work in the Cabinet with the management of its business branched.

"Neither give nor take"

Structures in the E4 actively concluded state contracts and actively participate in the tender.

And since the company was considered abyzovskoy, the "Alpha" gave money.

It is worth noting comment Igor Dolgusheva - presumably members of the Board of the regional branch of the party "Fair Russia" Smolensk region, who posted a message that "the wife of M. Abyzova, which is engaged in open government when Medvedev government, and who claim to leadership of fuel and energy complex, E. Sirotenko, Cyprus holds office Eforg Asset Management Ltd., which is the sole shareholder of OJSC "E4 Group", which is engaged in business in the field of Energy. " The same information was confirmed and in the media.

"Brother to Brother"

Neighbors on the list Forbs Viktor Vekselberg and Mikhail Abizov began in 2015 seriously interfere. Even in 2014, Minister for Open Government filed a lawsuit against Viktor Vekselberg half a billion dollars.

The official says that the owner of "Renova" has not executed an option to purchase his shares IES Holding. Claims Abyzova and firms Romos Limited and Fresko Financial Limited (located in trust by the Minister) to Vekselberg, Renova Industries and six other companies on December 8 were sent to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the British Virgin Islands.

Viktor Vekselberg, a billionaire

The Minister argues that the structures Vekselberg in 2006 and 2011 were made oral agreements relating to the share option IES Holding (Vekselberg - its principal owner) that the businessman allegedly violated. Oral agreements or look ridiculous bordering on "gangster ethics."

We emphasize that the value of a put option (right to sell), according Abyzova amounted to 451.57 million dollars, and another 13.06 million dollars - Abyzova personal contribution to the work of CES after 2011.

Abizov had to get a part of the company's assets, but, apparently, the official "missed." Note that earlier (in 2013), Mr. Vekselberg filed a lawsuit, demanding to invalidate the option Abyzova that billionaire received in September 2011!

But the company, representing the interests of Abyzova in due time - at the end of June 2013 - presented this option, despite attempts by staff to prevent this Vekselberg.

Question by SIBEKO

Money and assets from Abyzova are found. It should be noted that in mid-2015 OAO "Siberian Energy Company", affiliated with the Minister for Open Government Mikhail Abyzov, a profit of 1.1 billion rubles.

A number of financial and political analysts say that the success of the company depends on the influence Abyzova. We emphasize that only in 2014, Mr. Abizov reported a 221.9 million rubles of income in 2014. The official owns flat area of ​​135.4 meters.

In addition, the official declare the two land areas section 1337 and 3663 square meters, a house with outbuildings on a 899 sq m house on a 511 sq m apartment in the UK area of ​​341 square meters and two apartments in the Russian Federation - 317 and 85 square meters . Let us add here another cottage on 278 sq m room in a country house in Italy on 180 sq m and a garage in the UK.

Returning to the "Alfa-Bank". Informally, people close to the investigation say that the persons involved in the investigation may be current and former top managers of the E4 Group - Vladimir Kalinin Anton Avazhansky, as well as the founder of the holding, the head of the Expert Council of the Government and Minister Mikhail Abyzov. If Michael A. would be still a defendant, the Government of its "trample". And there, and close to the prison ...