Spain referred to the Interpol secretariat for the organization of the international investigation of the State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik. Previously, the decision was made about his arrest in absentia. Representatives of the Spanish Themis claim that allegedly was a member of the parliamentarian group "authority" Gennady Petrov, who was engaged in "laundering" dirty money in the Kingdom. The evidence base is mainly built on recordings of telephone conversations with some Slava Petrov.

Told "Rosbalt" a source familiar with the situation, December 17, 2015 the judge of the Central Investigative Court number 5 Jose De la Mata Amaya filed charges 26 citizens of Russia and Spain, including "authority" Gennady Petrov, his wife Helen, Yuri Salikova , Leonid Hristoforova, Svetlana Vasilyeva, Juan Antonio, Untoria Agustín, Julia Ermolenko, State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik, his wife Diana Gindin, Alexander Malyshev, Leonid Hasina, deer Boiko, Michael Rebo, Cyril Yudashevu and so on. d. All of them are charged with participation in the criminal association and "laundering" money. The defendants were at the end of January 2016 personally appear in court and, if they want to remain at large, everyone is obliged to pay a deposit in the amount of 133 million euros.

On the appointed day, at the hearing only a few people came. With regard to the rest, including Petrov, Hristoforova, Reznik and Gindin, the judge ordered the arrest in absentia and the international wanted list. According to "Rosbalt", the first in the secretariat of Interpol representatives of Spain somehow transferred files are not on Petrova, who is considered the leader of a criminal group, and Reznik and his wife. Interpol has not yet launched a formal procedure for the international investigation of the deputy, but it can occur in the near future. Apparently, Interpol waiting for the verdict of the Spanish court of cassation - all defendants appealed the decision on his search and arrest.

The record number 321 in the role of a parliamentarian group Petrova described quite blurry, "Resnick maintained a close relationship, both personal and business, with Petrov for their own benefit and for the benefit of a criminal organization." The first evidence is the Spanish Themis is based on recordings of telephone conversations Petrov with a whole group of people, including some with the glory which calls Petrov during conversations "our caudillo" (translated as "leader" - Rosbalt). Law enforcers believe Spain, thereby Fame recognizes the fact of their subordinate status in the grouping Petrova and certain personal role in its hierarchy.

According to "Rosbalt", Reznik himself during interrogation (one was held in Moscow, where investigators flew from Spain, the other - by video conference) categorically denied the fact that the glory is, talk with Petrov. The MP expressed readiness even personally come to Spain for questioning, if it is promised that he did not immediately take into custody. Such guarantees of judges are not provided, so the deputy's visit to the Kingdom did not take place. Spanish side were invited to phonoscopic examination records of telephone conversations Petrova to establish whether Reznik Fame and the same person. At the same time considering several options for how to organize the whole examination in the territory of the Russian Federation and transfer to Spain parliamentarian voice samples taken in the Russian Federation.

However, the Spaniards insisted only on a personal Reznik arrival in the Kingdom. As a result of "wiretapping," which became one of the foundations of evidence bases, remained in the examination without the votes of Fame and Resnick. The Spaniards, based on data collected by them, insist that the glory - this is a State Duma deputy.

"Frankly, it is surprising superficiality of the Spanish investigation. In conversations Petrov sound names of Fame, Sasha, Kolya, etc. Non-subscribers, which says to Peter, not "their way":.. Do not know to whom they belong and who used them. Phonoscopic expertise votes interlocutors Petrova was not carried out. However, in Spain, clearly indicated some real persons who allegedly are those of glory, and Sashami Kolyami. This in no way explains on which such data are built. And, for example, all the blame wives defendants in the investigation due to the fact that they are composed with them in marriage, "- said the official familiar with the situation.

According to him, in the Spanish case the mass of such inconsistencies. For example, the nearest corrupt communication Petrova Head Set OCD Yuri Britikov. However, no Britikov never was the chief of an OCD, more than that - an employee with such data did not exist in the user manual units to combat organized crime. "The explanation is simple - name Britikova was taken from another recorded telephone conversation, and check to see if such a person exists in reality, did not even in Spain," - said the source of "Rosbalt".

Alexander Shvarev