The lawsuit by REMZ

Former State Duma deputy Vadim Varshavsky controlling group "Estar", continues to collect debts. Thus, the "Rostov electrometallurgy plant" (REMZ) filed with the Arbitration Court of Chelyabinsk region on recovery of vicarious liability to OOO "NK Invest" (the structure of "Mechel" - Ed.). The debts of OJSC "Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant" (ZMZ) .

Recall that in 2013, ZMZ is in bankruptcy with the total size of the claims of creditors 13.7 billion rubles. This company previously was part of the group "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky.

In 2009, the assets of the group went for the debts of "Mechel" Igor Zyuzin's group as the main creditor. At the end of 2013 the management of the ZMZ passed to the factory "Red October" (Volgograd). At the same time, Mr. Warsaw regained control of the Ramsey paying the debt "Mechel". Warsaw now needs to "Mechel" ZMZ debts.

Warsaw "threw" Zyuzin?

Now, more will be the fate of the factories of Warsaw. Recall that in 2009 "ESTAR" plants are not able to service the loans, and the holding debt exceeded 17 billion rubles. Then the rescue of the owner of "ESTAR" came the owner of "Mechel" Igor Zyuzin. As a result, it is the "Mechel" has helped factories "ESTAR" with the supply of raw materials.

In July 2013 "Estar" failed to repay the $ 861 million debt to the "Mechel", and he received the right to collect plants holding. However, the press has reported that in 2013 Warsaw redeemed at "Mechel" its factories for a symbolic price.

Already in February 2014 Warsaw became CEO of Ramsey. However, journalists write that the beneficiary is not he, but some Dutch company "Atrix BV", which remains the sole owner of the plant. In the Russian Federation, respectively, have the same name of "Atrix BV" - daughter of a Dutch company, which is 100% owned by Ramsey. They say that for all the offshore companies is the owner of "ESTAR".

It turns out that Zyuzin helped Warsaw in a difficult moment, and now the owner of "ESTAR" literally "attacking" "Mechel" structures, whose bulk and so problems. In general, it seems that Warsaw "threw" his former "benefactor."

Tycoon saved from creditors?

It is worth noting that REMZ trying to recover subsidiary liability not only with the "NC Invest" as with "Mechel" structures, but also with the parent company as part of bankruptcy proceedings ZMZ. In the future it is planned to file similar claims within the bankruptcy of OJSC "Guryev metal works", previously also included in the "Estar" group.

The media have reported that attempts to attract Vadim Varshavsky "Mechel" to the bankruptcy of the Zlatoust plant, probably caused by the desire of a businessman to avoid responsibility "for significant personal loans." In fact, now "by Zyuzin" Warsaw wants to solve their own financial problems and save "Estar" from the threat of bankruptcy.

Igor Zyuzin, owner of "Mechel" holding

Inside "Estar" groups often occur "dubious machinations' of debt. Take, for example, the story of "Metallplat" - modest Dagestan company that has managed to increase the debt to "Estar" to 5 billion rubles. Granted, this is not about bills, but the real, according to "ESTAR", supply of the metal. In this case, the representatives of "Metallplata" may be suspected in the withdrawal of assets.

Fate GMZ

Previously, enterprises belonging to the "Estar", experienced serious problems. For example, in Warsaw debts Guryev Metallurgical Works (GMZ) has doubled.

In 2013, GMZ loss amounted to RUB 684.6 million. When GMZ has entered the Metallurgical Holding "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky, its assets were laid structures of "Mechel" of the loan of $ 945 million. As a result, "Estar" lost GMZ. It seems that it will soon lose control of Warsaw and of its other assets.

As "die" enterprise

At one time in the "Estar" were Rostov, Zlatoust, Nytvinsky Guryev and metallurgical plants, mine "East" in the Rostov region and a few other companies. But over time, the owner of "ESTAR" has lost many of its assets.

Guryev metal works

For example, "mine" Eastern "stopped working in 2012, and the bankruptcy proceeding lasts to this day. It is important to note that the mine - forming enterprise of the city of Rostov region Gukovo with large coal reserves. But Vadim Varshavsky management led to the closure of the mine, and people lost their jobs.

Do not envy the residents and Red Sulima. "Experimental TES" (ETES) Warsaw burdened with large debt and mired in litigation. According to the journalists, because of the difficult financial situation of "ETES" even raised the issue of energy security of the Red Sulina.


Of course, financial problems do not allow Warsaw cares about the environment. Recall that in early February on the planned inspection of "Electro-Rostov factory" holds North Caucasus management Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

The audit revealed violations of industrial safety requirements of the legislation during the identification of hazardous industrial facilities. Initiated cases on administrative offenses. Owner Vadim Varshavsky plant will get off with a fine, as well as the environmental problem was, and remains.

shady transaction

The plants, which are now under the control of, or were previously under the control of Warsaw, there are also financial scandals. Particularly "distinguished" senior managers. For example, General Director of "IUD" Red October "Dmitry Gerasimenko, who became manager of the Zlatoust steel plant.

As it turned out, Dmitri Gerasimenko was involved in the history of fraud in the amount of 266 million rubles. Being at the helm of the company, he made a series of questionable transactions. However, last year the case was dismissed under the settlement with the injured party. Gerasimenko left his post and even claimed to country.

But the prospects are not clear of the plant. A few days ago against ZMZ in Chelyabinsk Arbitration Court entered another lawsuit on bankruptcy. At this time - from the "Siberian Business Union" of the Kemerovo region. Apparently, the debts of heavily pressured the factory, and promises remain promises.

The scandal with prostitutes

There are also "sex scandals" related to the owner of "ESTAR". Warsaw is suspected in the control of one of the underground "brothels", which was located in the heart of the capital. This is a VIP-brothel under the guise of an exotic "Golden Dragon and K", which is lodged right in the historic building of the Club "rubber" of the plant.

The media have reported that the VIP-brothel controlled by Vadim Varshavsky. It seems like checking the activities of the merchant's time to engage in law enforcement bodies.

Raider "in a large scale"

It is worth noting that the Warsaw previously suspected of raiding. A striking example was the raider attacks, for example, the story of the coal mine "Steppe" by the Montenegrin town in the Republic of Khakassia, let's work nearly a thousand local residents and annually producing more than a million tons of high quality coal.

Vadim Varshavsky, owner of the group "Estar"

To organize the capture of Warsaw tidbit sent to Khakassia his nephew Boris and criminal authority to Kuzbass cellular Dmitry, who systematically implemented the classical scheme of "black raiding".

As a result, about 40 armed men led by the cell phone and with the support of bailiffs held fast the physical seizure of the enterprise. At the same time on their hands they had received fraudulent ways illegitimate judicial acts. The Raiders drove to the shareholders of the territory "of the Steppe", and transferred all powers Cell. He immediately appointed his deputy Boris Warsaw, and his wife - a lawyer of the company.

Conclusion assets

Also remember the "debt scandal" from Rostov mine "East". In 2012, it declared bankrupt, and the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region has entered into bankruptcy proceedings against the mine, which is then repeatedly extended.

Accounts payable of the enterprise included in the register, was then already more than 1.8 billion rubles. Last time extension to the debtor issued in mid-November 2015. Surprisingly, the mine owner Vadim Varshavsky revenues grew parallel to the sum of the debt of his enterprise. This fact is clearly hints at withdrawal of assets.

According to experts, a special talent manifested in the destruction of Warsaw. When investigators understood the role that the current at the time the State Duma deputy Warsaw has played in the fate of the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant, in their field of vision came and laid under the loan mobilization reserves, and the mass withdrawal of the released to the plant resources, and the threat of bankruptcy of the main enterprise with six thousand workers.

By the way, Warsaw already bankrupt and was even for this reason, restricted to leave. In 2009, the Warsaw property seized, and he was very limited travel abroad. Novosibirsk Metallurgical Works and trading house "Estar", belonging to Warsaw, while the Bank of Moscow owed more than 364 million rubles, and the businessman acts as a guarantor for these loans. The district courts of Moscow and Novosibirsk sanctioned the arrest of non-residential premises owned by the Warsaw and Moscow imposed a penalty on half of its earnings in the State Duma.

It seems that after all these scandals, security officials should pay attention to the actions of Mr. Warsaw. Especially, now he does not have parliamentary immunity, and the second time in the State Duma it is not allowed. Since that law enforcement officials "untied" hands against "ESTAR" host.