Forbes was able to find three boats escaped from Russia to Monaco, who was arrested in absentia in Moscow, co-owner and head of the collapsed Vneshprombank Russian Federation of Bobsleigh George Bedzhamova. As it turned out a gem flotilla Bedzhamova is shestidesyatishestimetrovaya yacht Ester III (a displacement of 1350 tons), which was made on one of the best shipyards in the world of German Lurssen and launched in 2014.
His name was in honor of the yacht Bedzhamova daughter - Esther. The yacht can comfortably in six luxury cabins accommodate 12 people and also it has a gym, a helicopter pad, a spa and swimming pool. The design of the boat - the most expensive in the history of Lurssen. It is decorated with precious wood, gold and bronze elements. Ester III was a finalist of many prestigious awards and winner yacht Monaco Yacht Show Awards 2015 prize for interior design, which was carried out by Reymond Langton Design. According to the geo-services, Ester III was moored in the Monte Carlo harbor.
The cost of such boats could reach up to $ 1.1 million per square meter (about $ 72.6 million), told the publication Managing Partner THR Marine Construction Management Peter Wilson.
Ester III - is not the only boat Bedzhamova, he was the owner of at least another two boats with a similar name - Ester and Ester II. First tridtsatipyatimetrovaya boat made in 2007, the Italian shipyard Falcon and by the standards of billionaires refers to non-prestigious. Bedzhamov tried to sell it. Ester II (51 m) was manufactured by Codecasa Shipyards and put up for sale for $ 15.8 million.
Also yachts Bedzhamov also owns two aircraft - Dassault Falcon 900 and Gulfstream G550, sources say Forbes.
According to project manager Dmitry BizavNews Petrochenko, the value of Dassault Falcon 900 LX starts at $ 42mln, and the Gulfstream G550 - from $ 55 million.
Milliardery29.05.2015 06: 00Hozyaeva Riviera villas and yachts of billionaires from Russia on the French Riviera
The hosts of the Riviera: villas and yachts of billionaires from Russia on the French Riviera
Who are the participants in Forbes list got housing and yachts in one of the paradises of the planet - on the Mediterranean coast of France →
In addition Bedzhamov owns 33% of the elite five-star hotel Badrutt's Palace Hotel in Switzerland overlooking Lake St. Moritz, as well as apartments in Paris, London, New York, Israel and Latvia, the houses in the south of France and in Italy, shop in Monaco and wine bar Wine Palace. In which, by the New York Times, and he was last seen.
Sources Forbes claimed to have received the property of the bank creditors will not be easy - boats, planes and real estate pledged for loans to European banks. "As a general rule, mortgage lender always has priority over other creditors with foreclosure on the collateral. It can be considered "priority" creditor, but in some jurisdictions, investors or bank employees will also be able to claim some part of the asset. Similarly, we can say only based on the fact in any jurisdiction laid asset "- says partner Tertychny Law Ivan Tertychnyi. At the same time, he said, if we assume, the yacht is registered and incorporated, for example, in Panama, and is actually located on the Cote d'Azur, you will solve the problem even more difficult.

At the end of last year Vneshprombank who controlled Bedzhamov and his sister, the bank's president Larissa Marcus, the problems started. First, the bank's clients are faced with difficulties in obtaining deposits, and the bank has been disconnected from the system of banking electronic payments. December 18 the Central Bank appointed interim administration in Vneshprombank six months, explaining the decision sharp decline in bank's own funds and a violation of one of the regulations of the Central Bank December 21, Marcus was in jail on suspicion of fraud in large scale.
A month later - on January, 21 - the bank's license was revoked. After the revocation of the license of the Central Bank, the bank acknowledged that the bank's management has built a "reporting system rigged on the basis of primary documents, including statements of the correspondent accounts of non-resident banks, credit profiles of customers, transactions on the accounts of customers." "Hole" (the excess of liabilities over assets) in equity Vneshprombank rose to 210.1 billion from 187.4 billion rubles as a result of the currency revaluation, reported recently deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Sukhov.
Igroki24.12.2015 01: 23Neboevye loss: in Vneshprombank hung money Sergei Shoigu wife
Non-combat losses: in Vneshprombank hung money Sergei Shoigu wife
Among the VIP-depositors of troubled bank turned out to be relatives of high-ranking officials →
Tens of billions of rubles was placed BIG "Rosneft", "Rosneftegas", "Transneft", the Olympic Committee of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Gazprom" structure, the Ministry of Defense, the Orthodox Church and Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port.
In addition to them nearly 30 billion rubles in the bank kept VIP-investors. Among the clients were relatives of high-ranking civil servants: the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak Natalia Kvacheva relatives Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, son of the head of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev Andrey Bolotov, family member of the board of "Transneft" Artur Chilingarov and others.