Corporate conflict

large corporate conflict began in the military-industrial sector. Part of the "Rostec" Concern "Constellation", which produces communications for military and civil purposes, filed for bankruptcy in microelectronics producer of "Angstrom."

Analysts believe that the "Constellation" began bankrupt "Angstrom" on the initiative of "Rostec" Chemezov. However, officially in the "Constellation" say that the factory owed 15 million rubles, and allegedly this was the reason for the initiation of bankruptcy "Angstrom."

However, experts do not believe that the "Constellation" top managers have decided to "deal" with the "Angstrom". Most likely, the decision was made to "Rostec" manual.

The origins of the confrontation

Earlier, the "Constellation" provided for "Angstrom" certain services. What kind of services, the company did not disclose, but, apparently, they were linked to the defense industry.

During the work the factory had to pay concern to 37.7 million rubles., Of which transferred an advance of 22.6 million rubles. However, in January 2014 the partners terminated the contract and "Angstrom" concern owed 15 million rubles.

The "Angstrom" could suffer because of the position of the defense department. Next, between the "Constellation" and "Angstrom" conflict broke out, started legal action and, finally, a subsidiary of "Rostec" began to seek bankruptcy "Angstrom."

The arrests of top managers

Previously on "Angstrom" actively pressured the security forces. For example, the arrest of Deputy General Director of "Angstrom" Alexei Tabolkina and former CFO Nikolai Pereverzev.

They are suspected of large-scale embezzlement. According to the investigation, and Pereverzev Tabolkin allocated under one of the contracts of 100 million rubles., Then these funds were transferred to an account-by-night firms subcontracted and cashed. At home Tabolkina and Pereverzev were searched, in the office of the Civil Code "Angstrom" conducted seizure of documents.

In this case, the "Angstrem" and he called the arrest Tabolkina Pereverzev unfounded. Independent experts then put forward the theory that the attack on the security forces to "Angstrom" may be either the Raiders or competitors.

Factor Reiman

Zelenograd manufacturer of microelectronics, "Angstrom" is a profitable enterprise.

So in 2014 revenues, "Angstrom" amounted to 2.3 billion rubles, and the loss of -. 1.6 billion rubles. After three quarters of 2015 the plant received revenues of 1.43 billion rubles. and net profit in the amount of 86.1 billion rubles.

The group "Angstrom" companies include OAO "Angstrom" (the parent company, the design and production of electronic products and semiconductors); JSC "Angstrom-T" (under construction factory on manufacture of IC topology 130-90 nm) and the NGO "Angstrom." According to media reports, the GC "Angstrom" belongs to the ex-Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman.

ordinary raid

Earlier Reiman had great political influence, but then he lost it. Now the political and administrative resource owner "Angstrom" is no longer enough to "compete" with the head of "Rostec".

Recall that in recent years "Angstrom" concluded a number of major contracts with the Defense Ministry. Market participants believe it is a consequence of good relations with Reiman Anatoly Serdyukov, who was previously defense minister. Among the contracts were contracts regarding communication tools.

For example, the defense ministry had to pay "Angstermu" 1.6 billion rubles. for the creation of unified communications repeaters automated digital communication systems on aircraft lifting equipment, the company also developed a new generation of military radio "Passion-PM."

However, deciding to take military communications, "Angstrom" crossed the road enterprises "Rostec". The fact is that the "Angstrom" started to produce the same portable radio that "Constellation".

Experts believe that the security forces attack, searches involving OMON fighters, a claim for bankruptcy - it's all the stages of the "hidden war" "Rostec" against the "Angstrom". Rumor has it that at the moment "Rostec" does not just want to remove a competitor from the defense industry market, and allegedly trying to under the threat of bankruptcy to get the "Angstrom" joining it to the Joint instrument making corporation (one of the structures "Rostec" where concern "Constellation enters ").

Apparently, now there is the active phase of a raider seizure of one of the largest manufacturers of microelectronics in Russia.

The attack on the "Saturn"

Earlier, the head of "Rostec" has repeatedly accused reydertve. Here it is worth remembering as against the ex-mayor of Rybinsk George Swallow was filed the case in the interests of "Rostec" to force him to sell shares of JSC NPO "Saturn" a subsidiary of the State Corporation "OPK" Oboronprom "" (full title of the structure of JSC "United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom", at 58.32% is owned by JSC "Rostec").

As a result of the attack on Chemezov Swallow "Saturn" I went to "Rostec" and the ex-mayor of Rybinsk was on the bunk.

Absorption "titanium"

Previously, "Rostec" was captured by JSC "Corporation" VSMPO-Avisma ". After privatization and consolidation of the assets of major shareholders "VSMPO-Avisma" Vladislav Tetyukhin steel (then director of the company) and businessman Vyacheslav Bresht (a native of the KGB).

However, when the plant "VSMPO-Avisma", the largest producer of titanium in the world, has attracted Chemezov, the Tetyukhin Bresht and had to part with their shares. On the media page, you can find a mention of the fact that in the end of February 2006 the two co-owners of "VSMPO-Avisma" called in "Rosoboronexport" (the predecessor "Rostec"). In the office, we are told friends and Tetyukhin Bresht, sat a few people - the head of the FSB, assistant to the president, the deputy head of the Interior Ministry and Chemezov. In fact, we read out the terms of surrender. "The decision was made", - reportedly said the then head of "Rosoboronexport".

In fact, the current head of the "Rostec" put rightful owners "VSMPO-Avisma" an ultimatum: "Either give to the company, or go on the bench." The day after the dialogue Vyacheslav Bresht immediately flew to Germany.

Behind him in Frankfurt "raided" the then Deputy Chemezov Aleksey Aleshin and head of the "OboronImpex" Michael silk. From the top managers of state companies was followed by a threat, so Bresht was forced to give up their shares in the "VSMPO-Avisma". At the moment, he never returned to Russia.

Of course, Vladislav Tetyukhin resistance was not there long. He also sold his stake. Thus he Tetyuhin says he has received much less than half. His friend said that Tetyuhin received about $ 150 million.

But where are gone for nearly $ 200 million., Which based on the market value of the shares "VSMPO-Avisma", had to pay Tetyukhin? Obviously, the answer to this question knows Chemezov himself and several of his assistants.

Now "VSMPO-Avisma" under control "Rostec", which is headed by Sergei Chemezov. The story of the raider seizure of the corporation "hushed up", and the question of nearly $ 200 million to anyone left underpaid Tetyukhin., Investigators "some reason" did not set out.

Invaders from "Rostec"

In general, the raider attack on Chemezov "VSMPO-Avisma" and "Saturn" have much in common. For example, the pressure in the respective companies, the use of administrative resources and the involvement of the security forces.

According to this same scenario "Rostec" seized and other structures. However, not only Chemezov appears in the "raider scandals," but also his subordinates. For example, the former head of the "Rostec" Advisor Aynitdin Karzhauv held defendant in the case of a raider attack on the OJSC "SIC" Atom "" (subsidiary "Rostec"). Experts believe that Karzhauv could be directly involved in trying to "squeeze" the "Atom" building worth 500 million rubles.

The reason for suspicion Karzhauv raider attack on "Atom" was, among other things, its "dark past". Earlier, the journalists wrote about the raider attack on the grocery store "Novoarbatsky". As a result, in 2001, the actual owners of the deli became co-owner of the company Aynitdin Karzhauv and Dmitry Chernik, who brought the trading house the assets to other firms controlled by announcing "Novoarbatsky" bankrupt.

It seems that Chemezov adviser, in some circles known under the nickname "Ainash" decided to recall its "military past" and with the help of his friend the lawyer Victor Meschenkova wanted to "overcome" in SIC "Atom" his building. However, it did not work out, and Meschenkova operatives were detained and put on trial.

It seems that the top managers of "Rostec" and their "accomplices" used openly raider mechanisms in their work. But is it then Chemezov should not be removed from the leadership "Rostec"?