As previously reported, "Criminal Russia", famous raider Vladimir Palikhata with the assistance of "recruited" top management of the company bankrupt shoe holding "TsentrObuv", bringing the remains of assets to the controlled structure.

One of these subsidiary companies was sold to OOO "Feshnshuz" registered on Svetlana Young (now - Meshkevich), previously specialized in legal assistance to prisoners.

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Manual "Feshnshuz" carries weights Victor, who had previously tried his hand as a leader in the "TC-TNP", the owner of which, in turn, has had time to visit the notorious Plazia Consulting Ltd.

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Stock "TsentrObuv" shop stand:

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Recall that Plazia Consulting Ltd. - The Cyprus offshore company, which is virtually the sole owner of OOO "Center".

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Source "Criminal Russia" by visiting the shop "TsentrObuv" located on Kashirskoye, gave exclusive photographs that speak for themselves. It has been re-arranged virtually "discovery" magazine: sign "TsentrObuv", located at the entrance to the store was closed beautiful arch of balloons. All products have been updated price tags with bar codes (but the packaging has remained the same - the "center" in the company colors).

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After the control purchase and receive a check there is no doubt that the outlets' TsentrObuv "were simply reissued for another company.

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As previously reported, Vladimir Palikhata already has made several attempts to withdraw assets of the group of companies "TsentrObuv" (1.5 bln. Rubles, equipped with several hundred outlets, trademarks, etc.), And this time he succeeded.

Source "Criminal Russia" shared exclusive information about how Vladimir Palikhata wastes derived for the personal use of the company's assets. Not long ago, the entrepreneur has been seen in the famous resort of Courchevel, where the next incident happened with him. At the same time in the resort rested representatives once powerful gang "Izmailovskaya". What is not shared and raider "Izmaylovo" is not known. However, during the showdown Palikhata injured his jaw.
According to available information, the general director of holding company "TsentrObuv" Leonid Venzhik according to the instructions received from his friend Vladimir Palikhata, signed a number of agreements, and overnight Ltd. "Feshnshuz" became the tenant and the owner of the premises of a number of cash balances.

The next hearing on the case of bankruptcy of the group of companies "TsentrObuv" is scheduled for March 29th. Prior to the introduction of procedures for monitoring the action director general lie in the plane of the law, but under one condition - if the funds received from the sale of assets received on the settlement account of the company and included in the bankruptcy estate to satisfy creditors' claims, including a number of major Russian banks.

What is left to cover the requirements of numerous lenders - the big question.

Before the publication of this article revision "Criminal Russia" asked for comments to Leonid Venzhiku. But he categorically refused to comment on the illuminated subject, so the article is published in its original form.