To the ex-leader "Fosagro" tax office holding Igor Sychev, who has worked in the company Andrey Guriev from 1996 to 2013, the security forces recently raided. The problem is that Sychev says, the company is 90% failed to comply with the obligation to pay him compensation for services related to tax claims to the removal of one of the structures Guryev - "Apatit".

Mr. Sychev claims that thanks largely to his holding was able to not only fend off the claims of 17 billion rubles., And to receive compensation of 310 million rubles! He was promised a reward of 13 million rubles.

But in 2013, one of the minority shareholders' Fosagro "Igor Antoshin that almost always acts in the interests of Andrei Guriev, forced him to resign and suggested that" payback "through offshore. That, again, do not pay taxes.

In 2014, it became clear that any money he did not give. Sychev then appealed to the law enforcement authorities, notified the letters of the independent members of the Board of Directors and Auditors' Fosagro ".

Taxman also filed a complaint with the Commission on Corporate Ethics of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP). After that, with Sychev Antoshin I contacted and offered to settle everything.

But somehow deal stuck again ...

Sychev was forced to turn to law enforcement authorities. But it is unclear the company required him to return the money - $ 5 million, which he received under the contract of employment. Sychev called it blackmail. Next story in general began to develop unpredictably. This month, on March 17 in the Moscow apartment Sychev appeared riot.

As it turned out, the police did not come by accident. On Sychev was instituted in 2015, a case of extortion!

A framework laid down in that same statement, Igor Antoshina in mailboxes "at an unknown time, an unidentified person" has thrown a letter demanding the transfer of the right to Sychev 1% of the holding !!!


Igor Antoshin shareholder "Fosagro"

But it turns out both the pressure on manager. In December 2014, Igor Sychev sent a statement to the Investigative Committee to initiate criminal proceedings for repeated attempted murder of his dangerous way.

Someone gave him an accident, unbalanced suspension. The car flew off the wheels with the frames. Preliminary examination of the application carried out by the Investigation Department of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow. It was not instituted.

"I do it again me again me"

But the favorite shareholders do not forget to spend money. "Fosagro", despite the drop in the international rating agency Moody's to Baa3 up of Ba1, paid its shareholders a 40% profit.

In 2015-2017 years of operating cash flow "Fosagro" is expected to reach $ 1 billion. Annually. Of this amount, 75% will be allocated to finance investments and pay dividends!

By the way, in the year of dismissal Sychev Guryev I bought the biggest after the Buckingham house in London.

The palace with 25 bedrooms repaired since 2008 - build communication with an underground swimming pool, home theater, home to the workers and other people's choice of necessary luxuries. House, according to experts, is worth $ 450 million.

Moreover, according to foreign publications, in addition to the palace, there is a "golden pretzels" and an apartment in London, which also belongs to Guryev offshore. The question is, why in the declarations Guryev, who "served" the senator from Murmansk region for 12 years, none of the declaration did not mention any house or apartment!

Trump Sychev

Note that hunted manager "Fosagro" is a recording of conversations with the leaders of the company. Moreover, he knows how to care companies from taxes.

So, Guriev structure for the past 9 years is not a supplement the budgets of all levels of at least 4.7 billion rubles. Experts believe that the pressure of the supervisory authorities to "Fosagro" may be due to political ambitions Andrey Guriev and its relationship with a number of governors.


Igor Sychev, former head of the tax department "Fosagro" holding

Rospotrebnadzor in the Saratov region in March 2014 confirmed the information on the impact of the plant "Balakovo Mineral Fertilizers" in the quality of groundwater in the territory of the enterprise and Irgiz river. On the so-called phosphogypsum, which is formed in the process of JSC "BMU" (owned by "Fasagro"), composed by the "hazardous waste passport, according to which the salt waste (phosphogypsum) belong to the fourth class of danger."

According to the decree of the RF Government № 343, IV class waste is considered low-risk. For the placement of these waste companies should make "environmental fee", according to the standards is 248.4 rubles per tonne, in the end, this amount is close to 4.7 billion!

And indications Sychev could be the key evidence to justify the payments.

"Behind the scenes"

In addition to taxes, there may be other issues. There is a version that Mr. Guriev involved in the raider seizure of the underlying assets in the interests of "Fosagro» «Metakhim".

Recall that after holding "Fosagro" together with the St. Petersburg Mining Institute (Rector has a 10% stake in "Fosagro") and the Danish company FLSmidth has signed an agreement to develop the project of modernization of the production complex Pikalevo worth 200 million euros, experts are already talking about the imminent raider seizure Pikalevo plant structures "Fosagro". After all, in fact, this is the deal with FLSmidth was the main pretext for raiding operations.

Moreover, the June 14, 2011, the then Governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdyukov general told reporters that the JSC "Fosagro" Volkhov bought the company "Metakhim" and "Pikalevo soda." The media said that the idea to sign an agreement with the Danish engineering company FLSmidth was prompted by owner "Fosagro" Andrey Guriev, the then Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Apatite" Denis Manturov.

So Manturov was not only involved in the raider attacks structures "Metakhim", but in fact prompted Guriev plan of capture. But this "raiding adventures" Mr. Manturova not end there. In Valentine's Day - February 14, 2013 Chairman of the JSC "Apatit" the board director of the Kirov branch of JSC was elected "Fosagro AG" Konstantin Nikitin. Manturov "distanced" from "Fosagro" is in the midst of "raider scandal". This suggests that it may actually fear that the connection of JSC "Fosagro AG" and the American holding Transammonia can seriously blow to his reputation.

Probably the top managers would intimidate Sychev, but instead they have driven to despair by the taxman. According to The Moscow Post, ex-head of the Tax Administration "Fosagro" Holding is preparing to publish the record on which to discuss the direction of the effects of tax evasion.