New information emerged in the investigation into the attack in the center of Moscow to the daughter and son Mikhail Barshchevsky. There is increasing suspicion that the incident occurred at a surprising omission of law enforcement personnel, associated with businessman Resentment Yasinova activities and his son, Parviz.

The testimony of witnesses Andreeva Abdulkarimova and featured not only a business conflict, theft and threats, but also more serious crimes under investigation by law Russian Investigative Committee. In general, the case seems to illustrate how could cynically ignored and violated federal laws greedy officials and how brazen bandits behave in these conditions.

Roads and Fools

Recall that the story started on July 6, 2011, when three young men of Caucasian appearance attacked the car in which sat the daughter of the plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Government at the highest judicial body of Mikhail Barshchevsky Natalia and her husband, businessman Kirill Meshcheryakov. How to write the media (in particular, the Internet portal PRAVO.RU, strangers to "Porsche Cayenne" first jeep chased them along the Garden Ring, and then opened fire on him from travmatiki. Fortunately, the bullet only damaged the windshield on the passenger's head level . The driver and his wife escaped with fright, and the attackers fled the scene.

The video of the attack was shown on television newscasts. Footage of how the bearded young man jumping like a grasshopper, on the hood, "Range Rover", and then shoots a gun at the windshield of the jeep to head Natalie Barshchevskaya level, accompanied by angry comments in-law and father of the victims. Plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Government in the highest judicial body Mikhail Barschevsky vowed that "those who did this, not much big trouble." At the same time, in an interview with television channel REN TV on the same day, he said the attack could be linked to his son-in activity, which is engaged in real estate.

In a statement to the police that Meshcheryakov had left only a few hours after the incident, he indicated only that he fired "unknown Caucasian appearance", and Natalia Barshchevskaya mentioned "three bearded men." At first it looked like a road conflict in which hot Caucasians hooligan attacked accidentally zadevshih their hood of his car good citizens. It remained unsolved for more than two weeks, and consisted in the special control of the senior management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

But neither in the media nor in the court did not get the main evidence, damning the true instigator of the crime remain at large - a video camera surveillance initial stages of committing a crime on the street. Little Nikita, 27 near the home.

This entry was completely breaks the story of the banal hooliganism, on Malaya Nikitskaya, 27, and argues that this case falls under the more serious article - Article 126 of the Criminal Code "Abduction", the investigation of which is carried out by the Investigative Committee of Russia and do not fall under any amnesty acts . This video, seized in the course of search operations, will never show up in the media and did not appear in court. What was it who saw her and why she disappeared? - The main question, the answer to which will allow to understand the essence of what was happening.

What video?

Within 19 days after the accident, namely 25 July 2011 operatives MUR asked his former colleague, retired police colonel Abdulkarimova Marat Umarovich that dismissal from the internal affairs from 2007 to 2010, he was deputy general director of a large and widely known at home and abroad, the construction company CJSC "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5" on security, and asked him to come to them - "to revive old customs", to help the investigation.

Invitation to Petrovka he explained that one of developing a hypothesis was the version that the crime may have committed people, related to "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5." Operatives knew Abdulkarimova - he served for 29 years in a variety of criminal investigation departments of the country, including two and a half years in the criminal investigation department of Moscow.

The investigator's office showed him a record of street monitors, which was recorded everything that happened on Malaya Nikitskaya near home 27. "I immediately recognized one of them Parviz Yasinova, son of general director of" Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5 "Resentment Yasinova what and told the investigator, "- said Marat Umarovich. He said that he was on the video. First, it is clear that Yasinov Jr. found near the car was Meshcheryakov with three bearded Caucasians, friendly welcome them according to Muslim rites, and noticing the Jeep "Range Rover", he begins to actively waving his arms at his side. After this expressive pantomime bearded men running toward the jeep, his driver starts to move sharply and starts to move, jump and bearded in his "Porsche Cayenne" and arrange the chase.

The next day, July 26, at the initiative of Abdulkarimova in Moore was invited by another witness, a former branch manager UMIAT CJSC "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5" Alexei Andreev. He also was presented video and he also recognized her Yasinova Parviz Obidovicha. Next, with the help of two witnesses were identified and bearded person. They are, as it turned out, often visited the office "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5" in the company of Yasinovym Bush. They were born in the village of Urus-Martan, the Chechen Republic Khatuev HN, Avkhadiev AT and Gebertaev UI

Abdulkarimov and Andreev investigation expressed a strong belief that Meshcheryakov clearly saw the car Parviz Yasinova and recognized him, because he has repeatedly met with him and his father on business matters. The fact that Meshcheryakov slammed on the gas, speaks eloquently about what the developer was very frightened.

Phobias Meshcheryakov

Interrogated as a witness, Andreev was completely convinced that the crime was committed in order to "knock out" from Meshcheryakov 6% shares of CJSC "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5", bought the last of his 5 mln. US dollars shortly before the crime.

He also said that shortly before the attack on Meshcheryakov, Yasinovyh family actively sought the sale of these shares by Andreev. Parviz Yasinov repeatedly called Andreev and demanded to give him the shares. Otherwise, he threatened to "bring to it the Chechens, who quickly sorted out with him and his life." The fact that these threats are real and feasible on request monetary Yasinovyh little family can not be doubted. Parviz since 2011 demonstratively visited and accompanied by the above-mentioned Urus-martanovtsy.

Witnesses were obvious (and consequently is fixed) that it was not a hooligan attack and attempted kidnapping for the purpose of "pressing", intimidation, and possibly eliminate Meshcheryakov. A customer of all this, it seems, was Parviz Yasin, who is very anxious to get these shares for a pittance, and knew that Meshcheryakov will not do. Simple logic suggests that if Yasinov Jr. would honestly buy shares, he would quietly set up a meeting in the office, and it would be quite handy bearded escort, armed travmatiki. Witnesses believe that if Meshcheryakov not agreed to sell its assets, it would be physically destroyed. And, most likely, Meshcheryakov he knew about it.

Parviz court

These witnesses in conjunction with other evidence obtained during the search operations, pointed to the guilt of Parviz Yasinova and his bodyguards of a felony, and the case had to be referred to the Investigation Committee of Russia, but it somehow "braked" and left GUS in the Moscow police.

They soon operative-search measures have been initiated, which resulted in the August 23, 2011 Parviz Yasinova arrested and sent to a detention center. His detention was like a Hollywood thriller. Yasinova Jr. filmed with night flights to "Sheremetyevo", when he almost sat on a charter plane, fully redeemed and paid for a single passenger. However, his lawyer Dobrovinsky tried to convince the judges that his client was just sitting in the airport cafe and drank coffee with a friend.

All the three months that Parvez was sitting in prison, he was silent, without giving evidence. Meanwhile, journalists remembered that his son Yasinova not only has long been familiar with Kirill Meshcheryakov, but also led the business with him in the construction business. The names of the two mentioned in the story of the attack on the director of the construction company "FTSSR" Ivanov, when two Caucasian businessman ambushed near the office and shot him in the face. The victim stated that the attack on him is directly related to the conflict between his company and the company Yasinova "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5", reported by a number of publications, and in particular the newspaper The Moscow Post. In December 2011, after three and a half months after the arrest, Parviz Yassin was released.

The question arises. Even without one, but a lot of questions. Why, if Yasinov Jr. was innocent, not prosecuted, or at least not questioned again witnesses Abdulkarimova and Andreeva, who gave incriminating testimony at Yasinova? Why did the investigation did not consider the very record the scene, where there is no Pyle in sight? Why so no one knew on what basis of law enforcement officers were kept in captivity Parviz Yasinova silent solitude three and a half months (from the state budget), and then just let go? After all, if any man in the street to capture and imprison, it must somehow be justified? But it was seized, put, trumpeted in the media, and then quietly hushed up. What is the secret?

And further. At what point since the detection of crime and the arrest of Parviz Yasinova and whose supply in a criminal case, a new witness - a Kadiev, allegedly the first and the only one shown in Parviz Yasinova as organizer of the crime. This "Fuchs" -Kadiev apparently was comfortable lomschikam charges against Parviz Yasinova, unlike these witnesses - Abdulkarimova and Andreev. It is likely that Kadiev the period of detention Parviz Yasinova, he was in jail as a prisoner in custody for another offense. And it was used as a dummy witness constrained to give a "damning evidence" on Parviz Yasinova. And "identify" him in the video, made on Malaya Nikitskaya.

These so-called "incriminating documents" (it seems that in fact falsified), seem to have been prepared in order to create control structures have reasonable visibility of arrest Parviz Yasinova. It is not difficult to understand that more than three months spent Parviz Yasinovym on the bunk, turned out to be sufficient for it of solvent parents to think twice and "hurry up." Five days after the arrest of Parviz Yasinova, namely 28 August 2011 Yasinov Obid Mamatovich, using his official position, it draws on the JSC "Msstroymehanizatsiyu-5" loan from the bank in the amount of 240 million rubles. Then the person takes possession of this huge amount, framed her as "financial aid" through the board of directors. What the money went from Yasinova hands, not owned at the time and 20% of this company, you can easily guess - by rescuing his son from prison.

It seems that when the "ripened" Yasinovy ​​"eyeballs" to satisfy the appetites of officials and events pertaining to the investigation of the criminal case №365175, the case as a matter was to line up so that the construction business heir Yasinovyh as white and fluffy, was free. Former prosecutor Kadiev suddenly changed his and turned into a man who was tortured remorse for slander "honest" Parviz Yasinova. In fact, a fake Kadiev was necessary to first give the same testimony that Abdulkarimov with Andreev, and then abandon them. After all, in the fact that two former employees "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5" will not go to such under any circumstances, people are investigating the case, no doubt.

Why such a conclusion is not reached then the TFR Russian workers in the Moscow region, instituted on the fact of this "material assistance" November 26, 2014 №62704 criminal case on grounds of crime under Article 159 Part 4 of the Russian Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale" ), to put it mildly, is not clear. And because there are new questions to the law enforcement system. In particular, the staff of the anti-corruption unit of the Moscow Region division of the investigative committee of Russia, which is investigating the criminal case said. Why do not you have any desire to advance and check the version in their minds: "Money in the amount of 240 million rubles credited bank JSC" Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5 ", received the General Director Yasinovym Obid Mamatovich as financial assistance for the purpose of bribing a particular government, police and prosecutor officials for the removal of his son Yasinova Parviz Obidovicha from prosecution and leniency of his accomplices followed their release under amnesty fact, as well as compensation for the fact that the blame for the act committed themselves?

I think that if the eagerness of workers Anti-Corruption Unit to simulate this version would be manifested properly, the Joint-Stock Company "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5" there would be bona fide witnesses who would show, whose bottomless pockets flowed money received Yasinovym as financial assistance .


In that investigation operatives that had relevance to the investigation of the criminal case №365175 about the attack on the car on Meshcheryakov, might be interested to "break" the case and expose all so that those responsible receive the minimum, may prove the fact he recognized the three Caucasians, gunmen in a car Meshcheryakov, quietly wandered through the fields of the Urus-Martan more than a year engaged in animal husbandry. They had not been touched, even though they were officially on the federal wanted list. Only April 15, 2013, when the horizon began to dawn amnesty light (it was announced on the occasion of the anniversary of the Constitution) of the Urus-Martan in Moscow was delivered Avkhadiev and placed in a Moscow detention center, detention frames which have been shown to channel. The next day, in Moscow police were GUS and the rest of his two accomplice. They came to confess, having laid his pistols on the table.

September 27, 2013 a trial was held, which identified three Chechens for two years, but in fact they have stayed only six months - because of the amnesty. In court papers present evidence of all the participants of this absurd comedy.

The victim Meshcheryakov, which witnesses Abdulkarimov Andreev and urged "not to succumb to provocations and cash promises from the little family Yasinova and be fundamental to the end", also changed his testimony. He pointed out that driving to meet with his friend Pyle, and saw him, and Nikita was frightened because Pyle at first tried to open the car Meshcheryakov, and then saw a bearded, approach to his car. Parviz Yasinov in his testimony at all missing. By the way, as it became known from the data register of securities holders of JSC "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5", and later bought from Andreev shares Meshcheryakov profitably resold Yasinovyh family. And presumably, the benefit was very good!

Pyle himself, who is actually on Malaya Nikitskaya, 27, physically absolutely could not be questioned in fact as a "rigged" the witness revealed that an appointment he Meshcheryakov, but persuaded him to go with him Parviz Yassin explained that "the situation tense" and therefore it is better to take a three "guards". But the fact that the three men attacked the car Meshcheryakov himself Parviz Yasinov (who also gave evidence, but the court as by the witness and the casual observer, even though three and a half months of complete silence in the detention center), he can not explain could. He merely suggested that they just were angry because the car Meshcheryakov touched their hood. In other words, "the guys got excited." Meshcheryakov And he did not know personally, and no indication of an attack on him, he did not give.

The story, which was pulling on the high-profile case of kidnapping, apparently turned into a slapstick comedy, in which the main organizer otvertelsya from liability, and its performers have stayed for six months, and again began to walk in freedom.

Tests and injured father Michael Barschevsky, initially threatened to perpetrators "kuz'kinu mother" probably also was glad to hush up the scandal. After all, Andreev, and Abdulkarimov know that Yassin and Barschevsky met, and the father suggested that the officer to "forgive" the son of Parviz. However, the terms of this "forgiveness" and known only Yasinovu Barshchevsky ...

But the question remains, who somehow did not raise any Murovtsev or media. "Innocent" Parviz Yasinov sat three and a half months. Who is responsible for this?