When the "State concert", headed by close to ex-producer group "Earthlings" Sergey Kiselev Sergey Bunin decided to buy the country's largest media holding "Russian Media Group", experts have wondered why it is necessary for it. Especially that according to the official reports, in recent years, "the State concert" consistently demonstrated losses. According to some assumptions, Kiselev interested in the country's leadership the idea of ​​creating a "patriotic radio" on the basis of the acquired media group, and even expects to receive for the project about $ 120 million from VTB Bank. Other sources suggested that the station needed to promote Kiselev Produced by implementing them, including family members. As shown by the recent very complicated story, Kiselev's ambitions go even further.
According of Forbes, March 14 leaders of the leading organizations for collective management of rights - Russian Authors' Society (RAO), the Russian rightholders Union (CPR), the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (Wais), as well as officials of Rospatent - discussed the document "Conceptual directions of the intellectual property sphere development In Russian federation". In it, among other things, contains proposals concerning the management of copyright and related rights on a collective basis, which were sent to officials and musicians, with reference to the producer and the founder of the Fund "Federation" Vladimir Kiselyov.
The authors of the concept, for example, offer to establish a non-profit organization of the Russian Fund of Intellectual Property (RFIS), which would establish waste and Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State concert" (or Production Centre Vladimir Kiselyov): "The Foundation will act as the Bank's rights: the priority directions of the state policy to fund creation results of intellectual activity and to manage them with the holder of the rights of the exclusive rights. "

At the same time representative of RAO he said that the preparation of the concept of the organization was not involved. General Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State concert" Sergei Bunin ( "Federation" has previously worked under the direction of Kiselev in the fund) said that this document was not he, not Kiselev have no relationship. Forbes Bunin sent a copy of the concept to the email address, but Bunin stopped responding to calls. Clarify this information to Vladimir Kiselyov failed.

The interest in the intellectual property market before Bunin told the newspaper "Vedomosti". "I believe that there should be some structure - and this is not the" State concert "- which would be located between the organizations for collective management of rights and the state. It must be some kind of advisory body and where artists can come ", - he said, complaining about the opacity of the market royalties and quality of radioactive waste and its management. The organization, he said, paid considerable royalties to authors with unknown names in the southern regions of Russia and its head Fedotov bought a castle in Scotland.

According to the director of ATN Andrey Krichevsky, the core concept is the idea of ​​legitimizing withdrawals holders through multiple funds, unions, and other informal structures. The concept states that the radioactive waste, CPR and Wais could join the union or association that would be controlled by the Supervisory Board, in the last would include representatives of relevant ministries, rights holders, producers, artists.

Union of accredited associations could create a fund of funds which will be allocated to cultural and public socially significant projects. "First of all, the patriotic cultural and educational projects," - the document says.

A second similar fund could create another new organization (who will create it in the document is not specified), which would control the charge for copyrights on the Internet. Her name is not given, but it is assumed that she would be able to collect about $ 1 billion a year. Earlier, a similar initiative has performed CPR, which proposed the introduction of the Civil Code of the concept of "global license". The right holder, using the license, in fact refuses to protect objects of his copyright in the network - any internet user can freely use the appropriate product. But instead the user is prompted to pay about 25 rubles per month.
Krichevsky said that "the document is most similar to the demagogic, full of high-sounding statements and pseudo-legal prototype formulations business plan of some professionals attempting, under cover of loud slogans, the subjugation of the industry."

In addition, according to the Krichevsky, author of the concept attempts to gain access to state-owned to the results of intellectual activity, a significant portion of claims is contrary to the current legislation, and some - directly lead to the infringement of the legitimate interests of authors, performers and other rights holders. "Calculation of the preparation and publication of this document may be either on ignorance of right holders and material interest lobbyists, or for any direct access to very high-ranking officials, from which you can try to achieve the required resolution," - said Krichevsky.

Nevertheless, the staffing proposals circulated to the concept of talking about the big ambitions of its authors and RFIS.
Chairman of its Board of Trustees of the Foundation Board is invited to appoint the head of the Presidential Administration Sergey Ivanov, and operational management want to assign to the General Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State concert" Sergei Bunin and General Director of RAO Sergei Fedotov.
Finance RFIS proposed from the budget, as well as radioactive waste and other accredited organizations. RAO receives royalties from all channels, cinemas, restaurants and public buildings, where the sound of music, the Russian Union of holders collects payments from manufacturers and importers of household appliances in the amount of 1% of the cost, and the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization will charge for the benefit of performers and authors of phonograms . During the year, all accredited organizations collect about 8 billion rubles.

The general director of the National Intellectual Property Registry, the director of the creative association "Gasometer" Duksin Nikolai believes that the objectives pursued the concept is not well understood and its theses are described too broadly, they lack transparency and clarity to describe patterns of interaction. "If we are talking about the fact that the default authors must assign its rights, it is the wrong way. I'm not sure that they perceive positively this decision ", - says Duksin.

The concept which assumes active participation of FSUE "Concerto" and RAO appeared on the background of the controversial deal to buy Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Concert" 78% "Russian Media Group" (RMG, it includes the "Russian Radio", "Hit FM», Maximum, Monte Carlo , DFM, etc.) at the IFH "Capital" Vagit Alekperov and Leonid Fedun.

During the transaction there was a conflict between the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Concert" and a group of well-known musicians and producers (among them Joseph Prigogine, Grigory Leps, Nikolay Baskov, Igor Krutoy, Maxim Fadeev, Victor Drobysh). It erupted after Kiselev and Chairman of JSC "Russian Media Group" Olga Plaksina Board of Directors decided to create a patriotic media holding on the basis of RMG. "This will have" at hand "ideologically correctly configured idols million for engaging them in any public actions and events", - said in a joint letter Plaksina and Kiselyov. The presence of the conflict confirmed and resigned CEO of RMG Sergei Arkhipov, who said that Sergei Bunin advised him to take off the air those or other performers. Bunin himself refuted this statement.