All the matter in Badakhshan

In recent years, more and more Russians complain about the products of the pharmaceutical company "Evalar." As a general rule, consumers are dissatisfied with the biologically active additives (BUDS), which produces the company. While complaints of "Evalar" spilling employees Rospotrebnadzor and Roszdravnadzor, the company continues to expand its pharmaceutical business.

A March 21, 2016 the general director of the company "Evalar" Larissa Prokopyeva even entered the top 20 most successful and influential business women of Russia.

However, if you look at the number of complaints "Evalar" in recent years, the success of Mrs. Prokopieva can be called into question. Here are just some examples of claims to "Evalar" authorities and supervisory authorities.

For example, in the mid-2000s, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has accused the company of unfair competition due to the acquisition of exclusive rights to the name "Red Root", and in 2008 in Badakhshan, produced "Evalar" mold found.

After that, the FAS continued to put pressure on "Evalar." So in April 2009 Antimonopolschiki admitted improper advertisement "Transit" drug "to create the impression" that the BAA has healing properties. And it was then recognized by the improper advertising of two "evalarovskih" dietary supplements.

false promises

In the future, the situation has not changed, and the company, which is headed by Larisa Prokopyeva again caught in violation of Russian law. For example, the FAS in 2011 accused the "Evalar" in violation of the law "On Advertising". As it turned out, when promoting "Glycine Forte Evalar" "impression" that BAA is a drug. As a result, "Evalar" was fined 100 thousand rubles.

Then the FAS continued to put pressure on "Evalar." All in the same 2011 Antimonopolschiki gave us Larissa Prokopieva injunction to stop the spread of false advertising of dietary supplements "Insulin Forte Evalar" and "AD minus".

This ad was created the appearance that dietary supplements are treated, even though it is not. Already in February 2013 the company received a warning from Rospotrebnadzor.

Arsenic in tablets

Experts believe that the products sometimes use "Evalar" a danger to life. The fact is that the regional Rospotrebnadzor in 2013 found in the product "Evalar" hazardous substances.

For example, the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Sakhalin region, by analyzing positionable as "vitamins for the eye" supplements, "Bilberry-forte with lutein", found in the "blueberries" deadly poison - arsenic.

Later, he attracted the attention of Rospotrebnadzor drug "Milo-9", which is positioned as a "means for the heart and blood vessels." Dangerous pills supervisory authority officers found in Cherepovets. Rospotrebnadzor has decided to ban this drug because it recorded ionizing radiation.

Following these scandals, there was talk among consumers that "Evalar" "poison" and "illuminates" the Russians.

"A cure for cancer"

It affects not only the product quality problems "Evalar" and the presence in its formulations of harmful substances (one arsenic "blueberries" that is), but also a blatant lie about the "medicinal properties" manufactured by Prokopieva dietary supplements.

In May 2013, the deputy Anton Belyakov at a meeting of the State Council listed the names of some drugs produced "Evalar" and briefly described their properties. The MP said: "" Ovesol "- removes toxins, prevents the formation of stones. "Endocrinol" - the apotheosis! - Adjusts the level of hormones. "Triad Evalar" - about it we are with you every day talk on all TV channels continuously - has parazitogonnym effect, although it is proved that it is not. Finally, aerobatics, "Shiitake" - cancer prevention. Well, the conscience is ?! "

It is noteworthy that really say in advertising "Shiitake Evalar" of the drug that he used "to ensure the prevention of cancer," but it does not hide that this drug - a common dietary supplement.

It is not clear how dietary supplements can cure cancer, if BAA - it's not even a cure. But with such a "loud" slogan as "the reduction of cancer risk," the hostess "Evalar" can receive millions of rubles from the desperate Russians cancer patients who are willing to believe any tale. Including in the supposedly "cure for cancer" produced "Evalar."

"Raider cosmetologist"

I wonder if Mrs. Prokopieva ashamed for false advertising means "Evalar", which regularly expose the FAS? However, the advertising - it is the main way to "Evalar" keep up the pace of its sales on the Russian market.

By the way, originally Larisa Prokopyeva it never engaged in pharmaceutical business since she graduated from in 1974 Altai Polytechnic Institute. Polzunova, began working in the Altai Research Institute of Chemical Technology, and later became a member of the Federal (FSPC) scientific and production center "Altai".

On FSPC she worked as a senior researcher and managed process group that developed the cold gas compositions for defense purposes.

In 1991, Larissa Prokopyeva founded the company "Evalar" and began producing color cosmetics. Thus, initially she did not even engaged in the pharmaceutical business.

The "Evalar" was created based on the FSPC "Altai" after Larissa Prokopyeva headed corporatized enterprise that is running (archive link, an alternate link).

According to experts, Ms. Prokopyeva actually able to "squeeze control" of the state of the large industrial enterprises of the military character and "convert" it to release at the beginning of chewing gum, and then - cosmetics. Pharmaceutics Ms. Prokopyeva became involved later.

The story of how, instead FSPC "Altai" formed "Evalar", experts compare with the raider seizure. As a result, the state has lost the possibility to manufacture products for military production. But Ms Prokopyeva gained control of valuable assets, and, most importantly - property and industrial complex.

How to "scroll" budget?

In the media there is evidence that "Evalar" was created at a defense company and the beginning of it and subsidized. In other words, it turns out that Ms. Prokopyeva working on FSPC, was able to send to your company part of budgetary subsidies.

But as far as legally "upload" budgetary funds in firms producing in the early stages of gum and cosmetics, dietary supplements and then?

Still, defense finances is clearly not intended for "gum". It seems that over the legality of the infusion of public funds into the business of Mrs. Prokopieva should think investigators.

Between the "Herbalife" and MMM

It is foolish to think that Larisa Prokopyeva could create "Evalar" alone. It is known that in the creation of this enterprise (even at the time of the development of cosmetic business) took an active part, one of the top managers of the Polish company Polena Eva Dambrovska. Even the name "Evalar" - a combination of the names of Eva and Larissa.

However, long makeup Ms. Prokopyeva not having been occupied by switching on the pharmaceutical business, namely - on dietary supplements. In this business, Larissa Prokopyeva, in fact, did not focus on the product quality more, and "advertising component." In fact, "Evalar" followed the path of "the kings of advertising 90" - "Herbalife" and MMM.

In 1996, "Evalar" began to advertise in federal publications, which increased revenues doubled to 17 million rubles. In 1997, revenue has doubled again.

In 1998 it rose to 78 million rubles, and in three years amounted to 138 million rubles. The company invests in advertising revenue 12-15%. In 2013, marketing 2.5 billion rubles were spent, putting "Evalar" on 21-th place in the ranking of the largest Russian advertisers.

Such mass advertising is clearly alluding to the fact that Larissa Prokopyeva well remember the lesson of MMM (in the early 90's advertising this "Ponzi scheme" was everywhere - Ed.)

This dietary supplements from "Evala" advertised as medicines, mislead consumers. Although, according to the law "On Advertising", dietary supplements and nutritional supplements advertising must not create the impression that they are drugs or have medicinal properties.

It turns out that Larissa Prokopyeva literally "drives" the Russians "by the nose", "vparivaya" gullible citizens (especially pensioners) Supplements under the guise of medicine. By violating the law on advertising (in their "promotion" in the media) were the following drugs: BAA "Glycine Forte Evalar", "A / D Minus", "Inulin Forte Evalar", "Turboslim" etc.

Deputy Prokopiev broke the law?

However, the hostess "Evalar" developed not only to the pharmaceutical business. Previously, the pharmaceutical company "Evalar" owned by "Siberian Media Group" (SMG) different proportions of Gorno-Altaisk weekly "Postscript" and TV company "Planet-service", but in June 2015 the company Larissa Prokopieva start to get rid of their media assets .

Journalists wrote that the 30-percent stake in the "Postscript" to pass under the control of Senator Vladimir Poletaeva, and 51% of "Planet-Service" will return to the founder and co-owner of the television Yuri Ilyin.

At the same time allegedly by a member of the Federation Council Vladimir Poletaev the acquisition of Altai Senator SMG share in the "Postscript" negotiated a State Duma deputy Alexander Prokopiev (Larissa Prokopieva son, ex-director of strategic development of JSC "Evalar").

It is worth noting that no member of the Federation Council or the State Duma deputy did not have the right to participate in managing the business. However, the promotion of transactions on the "redistribution" of media assets - is not directly involved in running the business? How could Poletaev Senator acquire SMG's assets, as a member of the upper house of parliament? And who is entitled to the deputy Prokopieva "rotate" commercial transaction?

It seems that the son of Larisa Prokopieva involved in running the business, and it means, apparently, violates applicable law and is not worthy of the deputy mandate.

Communication with the governor

Having "Evalar" media assets plays an important role in the alignment of political forces in the Altai. Recall that the CMS controls the newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet projects in the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic.

Having multiple media assets Prokopyeva family gave an additional political weight. Especially in the pre-election time. Recall that the September 14, 2014 the election of the governor of Altai Krai won acting head of the region Alexander Karlin.

Less than a year before the elections (in December 2013) was finally completed the formation of controlled Larissa Prokopieva "Siberian Media Group", which includes media FPG "Sibma" assets during this period. The "Evalar" media group considered close to Carlin (archive copy).

By the way, earlier media reported that deputy Alexander Prokopiev bought media assets from businessman Anatoly Bannykh (about 500 million rubles) to provide information support to the Governor of Altai Territory Alexander Karlin in the election of the head of the region.

This proves once again that Prokopyeva family has a good relationship with the current governor, and the Karin suspected of lobbying interests "Evalar."

Corruption in the "United Russia"

The fact that Alexander Prokopiev, being the deputy of the State Duma, was directly involved in the purchase and sale of media assets, clearly demonstrates the fact of its participation in the management of the business.

It would seem that the leadership of "United Russia" has long had to deprive of his mandate for the combination of an MP and commercial activities, but United Russia "for some reason" did not notice that the son of the mistress "Evalar" involved in commercial transactions. But why did the party of power "turn a blind eye"?

As it turned out, the pharmaceutical company "Evalar" in 2012, has become one of the largest sponsors of the party "United Russia" (indicated by a financial report, posted on the website of the CEC - Ed.)

As it turned out, the producer of dietary supplements in 2012 donated the party neither more nor less, and 10 million rubles, becoming the fifth largest contributions to party funds among entities.

In the media there is information about the "political support", which is produced by the sponsors of "United Russia". There is once again touch on the problem of advertising of dietary supplements, which introduces consumers to confusion about the medicinal properties of this product.

It is no secret that the advertising of dietary supplements have long wanted to ban, but the legislative initiatives of the total ban on advertising of dietary supplements "fail" Duma United Russia. Instead, offer "half-measures", for example, to indicate in the advertising supplements, they are not a cure (the fine print - Ed.), Etc.

The experts have a version that the leadership of the faction "United Russia" in the State Duma "serves" the interests of the "Evalar" in exchange for a generous "financial contributions". In fact, here it is a question of bribery of deputies of the State Duma, and then - on the scale of corruption conspiracy, which involved a deputy Alexander Prokopiev and his mother (housewife "Evalar") Larisa Prokopyeva.

Indignation medical community

Occupational therapists have long been suspicious of the activities of the company "Evalar". So, for example, a cardiologist and a rheumatologist Sergey Agarkov criticized "Evalar" for these serious violations: lack of information about qualitative evidence of effectiveness of products; representation in the advertising of dietary supplements as drugs; lack of information on the quantities of the active ingredient in the product.

Moreover, according to Sergei Agarkova, some names of their products "Evalar" released in two forms (as a medicine and as a dietary supplement) that could mislead consumers. That is, the medical community recognizes that the company "Evalar" actually deceives consumers.

From the findings of the cardiologist Agarkova difficult to argue. Obviously, the credibility of the "Evalar" no longer have any professional doctors nor their patients. Of course, Larissa Prokopyeva can spend on advertising their dietary supplements fabulous money, but soon they will not buy one, because no one wants to "poison" your body. And if the security forces will prove the story of bribing members of "Evalar" leadership of the faction "United Russia" in the State Duma, the Larissa and Alexander Prokopyev could face criminal liability.